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Itís almost become an E3 tradition now for the latest Metal Gear trailer to be the talk of the show on day one, and E3 2006 kept up this tradition with pride.

As SPOnG tripped over the assembled hordes sprawled all over the carpet in the South Hall watching the trailer on the big screen, we couldnít help but think that the scene was like some kind of futuristic Woodstock. Watching the viewers watching the trailer was telling Ė they were enraptured.

Indeed, we have to admit that we had one of those rare hair-on-back-of-neck-raising moments the first time we saw it for ourselves.

You can download the full 15 minute mother of a trailer by clicking on any of the links to SPOnG below:

Quicktime (86.5MB)

Windows Media (47.5MB)

Konami made a number of other announcements last week, most of which were overshadowed by this. At their press conference on the Tuesday morning before the show in downtown LA, they announced a variety of new titles for PSP, PlayStation 2, Xbox 360, Nintendo DS, Wii, and PlayStation 3 Ė all of which SPOnG checked out and each of which we will come onto when we get time to give them our undivided attention. But for now, it's all about Snake.

The trailer tells us a little bit more about the plot of the new Metal Gear Solid game, but if youíd rather not see any spoilers (and we assure you, you really shouldnít) then donít read on any further until youíve actually seen it with your own eyes. However, if you are at work and canít watch the damn thing and are just too desperate to know more, read on.

The trailer opens in a ravaged Middle Eastern landscape, mentioning that the events of MGS 2: Sons of Liberty have left the world a war-torn place, where battles are fought with no regard for nationality or loyalty.

Every soldier and every weapon is ID-tagged. Metal Gear-like tanks run wild, randomly killing and maiming people. Cut to Snake, having a crafty fag. And heís old! Seems he only has six months to live. See kids? Smoking is bad!

We then cut to Snake in the back of a pickup with other soldiers, in Middle Eastern guerilla garb, soon caught up in a firefight to reveal his combat suit. Snake takes out a few Metal Gear-like tanks as they attempt to take him out. Classy, especially for an old fella.

One of the tanks then destroys a box which seems to contain Snake! Noooooooooo! Oh, donít worry Ė itís only watermelons. Snakeís awesome camo-suit saved the day.

We then move on to some other returning characters, one of whom advises us that: "We all must atone for our own sins. We must not pass them on to the next generation. We must not leave them to the future." Wise words, mate.

Cut back to Snake, having another fag: "I have to erase my genes. I have to wipe the MEME from the face of the earth. This is my final mission."

He puts out his fag, puts the gun in his mouth, pulls the trigger and the screen goes red, as the closing subtitles read: "Some stories can't be told by words. Some legends must die. Some legends must come to an end."

The trailer then cuts to a Ninja character destroying some of the Metal Gear-like tanks. After dismantling the tanks he flips his mask to reveal Raiden, saying: "My turn to protect you, Snake."

It's due in 2007. Wow!


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