Electronic Arts Pays Money For Online Karaoke

Social networking + music games = the future

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Electronic Arts Pays Money For Online Karaoke
Following recent news of Sony?s forthcoming Singstar set for the Euro PS3 launch next month, Electronic Arts has recently announced the acquisition (for an undisclosed sum) of SingShot Media, a San Francisco-based online karaoke community.

SingShot enables its members to record, share, rate and comment on their own renditions of popular songs, with users also being able to customise their recordings with photos and videos, as well as competing in contests online.

SingShot CEO Ranah Edelin and CTO Niranjan Nagar will each become a Vice President at EA's Sims Division.

Slingshot?s technology is set to be "applied to several different community projects within EA" with the key buzzwords being ?community-building? and ?user-generated content?.

"[SingShot] are tremendously talented, technically adept and true experts in developing user-generated communities through music. We see a bright future for the technology and each of these individuals within EA," said the EA?s executive vice president and group general manager, Nancy Smith.

You can check out Singshot?s website right here, if you want more info or if you fancy yourself as the next Sinatra or, god forbid, the next Robbie!

SPOnG has put calls into EA this morning to try to ascertain exactly what the company plans to do with Singshot, so we?ll be bringing you further news updates shortly.

Following this karaoke development, we are as yet unaware of any company developing an 'Offering your mate out to the carpark after he looked like he was singing Do You Think I'm Sexy to your girlfriend' online community... but we'll keep you posted.



zoydwheeler 13 Feb 2007 13:12
Good to see EA innovating and breaking new ground for a change and not copying/stealing other's ideas wholesale... oh... hang on...
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