Konami, Metal Gear Solid and the Xbox 360

Rumour rumour Xmas

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Konami, Metal Gear Solid and the Xbox 360
With Xmas approaching everybody and their Uncle Dave is reporting that Konami is looking into producing Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots for the Xbox 360. So are we.

The initial report appears to have come from the Tokyo Game Show via analysts at finance house Morningstar. The quote that has been taken from the report comes from Konami spokesperson Yoshitaka Arai and is:

"We're actively looking into a release for the Xbox 360."
- well, that's if you believe ign.

or it is:

"The worldwide demand for an Xbox 360 version (of MGS4) is quite high, and it is something we are currently looking in to."

That's if you believe Kotaku - which links to a story over at Yahoo that doesn't actually have the quote in the first place. What that story actually says in relation to Konami, via Google translation, is:

"While alive characteristics of each platform in the future to deploy multi-platform" (Konami, chief public relations office said Tiaki Nakashima), and several of the company to expand the leading multi-brand to release a balanced and stable performance Aims to expand the body seems to be getting ready."

So, there we go. MGS 4 for Xbox 360... or not says the Internet.


Daz 15 Oct 2008 12:12
they could be talking about anything, the only mention of MGS4 is Kotaku them selves (that is if i understand the brackets)
deleted 15 Oct 2008 12:27
well it will come one day or another, unless konami dont like money?
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headcasephil 15 Oct 2008 12:52
Daz wrote:
they could be talking about anything, the only mention of MGS4 is Kotaku them selves (that is if i understand the brackets)

we all no that mgs4 will come out on other some thing you just have to look at all the other mgs games to see that i feel that MGS4 will fist go to pc but i might be wrong lets just wait and see but then there is sill the rumer that the original Metal Gear Soild will be hitting live arcade
Joji 15 Oct 2008 12:54
Can't rely on that bit of info. Suck on that pinch of salt.

Konami are plain and simple dumb, if they don't get MGS4 onto 360, while the fans are hot for it.

I think the main problem here overall is Konami and those that run it. These are people used to the old nature of exclusives, who don't seem to understand that exclusives don't do you any favours this generation. On top of that, they have fail to deliver enough varied product next to other jap devs (Capcom/Sega/Namco etc.

Come March 09' time, MGS4 will still be a 360 question mark, while Capcom clean house with multiformat RE5, laughing in Konami's direction at how stupid and backward thinking they can be.

Wake up and grow some balls, Konami! If your new Castlevania game shown at TGS, is worthy of both 360 and PS3, why the hell can't you just jump on MGS4 for 360? Four or six DVD9s on 360, we really don't care, just stop cockblocking and do it. We want it, you love money, and the rest isn't nuclear mobile tank launching science.
PreciousRoi 15 Oct 2008 13:56
Castlevaina...hmmm, someone in another thread had mentioned milking a series dry...

As for MGS on the 360, I couldn't care less, about one of the least desireable of all of the PS3 exclusives.
Joji 15 Oct 2008 14:54
Oh yeah Precious, I totally agree that Castlevania has been milked to death (they be strange but fitting words for a Drac based game). It almost seems like Konami has run out of ideas, beyond MGS, Pro Evo, DDR and Castlevania. I find this very troubling, because the Konami I knew were a talent bunch, who used to make varied games.

Zombies Ate My Neighbours, Axelay, Assault Suits Valken (aka Cybernator), Snatcher and Policenauts etc, Konami have a great catalogue. However they barely use it or really do anything new besides. Kudos to their DS efforts, but on home consoles they do so much less now, a real shame.

Rumours are already starting for an MGS5, which is making me believe more that Konami have become a complacent few trick pony. Whoever is running their show seems pretty clueless. And that TGS Castlevania video looked awful, like something on PS1/2.

When Konami sort themselves out, I'll buy more of theirs stuff.
PreciousRoi 15 Oct 2008 15:24
And yet, if they made the right Castlevainia game, it might actually be dece.

I know the faithful would apreciate a going old school with it...say a Wiimote whip cracker in 2D, I know that would wet quite a few panties.
Joji 15 Oct 2008 18:02
A lot of fans have said about a 2d version on console, and that would be cool. However that wouldn't address the problem, that some of Konami's developers seem to have with pushing the Castlevania series into 3d in a good and convincingly fun way.

Two 3d tries on N64 and two on PS2 and there's still problems. There's something strange going on if a polished game like MGS4 can come from the same company, but Castlevania still can't break into that 3rd realm well.

Maybe its Igarashi and his tendency to cling to the Dracula legend, Perhaps it could be Castlevania being so and perhaps too castle based for its own good. With games like God of War, DMC or Bayonetta around, this series is lacking.

I'm sure if Konami just outsourced Castlevania, or rather adjust the series totally with a new name, setting and characters, they might actually make a better action game (perhaps this is the magic bullet needed, because when I mention the Castlevania name, you, the Gamer, already know what its gonna be like, therefore there's little surprise to look forward to, just how many times can well kill Dracula without being bored?). Like Dracula, its very name is the curse that chains it to castle dwelling, which while fun gets stale. I guess that old school japanese design thinking isn't helping either.

Sort it out Konami, though Order of Ecclesia is hitting DS shortly and looks cool, after all these years I find it amazing that you still can't crack a 3d Castlevania. Its certainly your cross to bare, Konami.

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