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UK Charts: We're All Going on a Summer Holiday The first proper week of the schools summer holidays, so what have Mums and Dads been buying?

Linkpost: Strike Fear with the Shinobi Sleep Mask Plus; Dictator sues Activision, old Batman does new Batman game, tamper-free Rapture

Linkpost: Last of Us Dissection! Burnout Toast? Plus PC hardware hotcakes, More Crytek doom, Elite for Consoles and more.

UK Charts: Faithful Watch_Dogs Returns "Now with more Wii U disappointment"

Bethesda: Doom Needs to Prove Itself Publisher views it as similar to Wolfenstein

Microsoft Shuts Ouya Game Server Chess 2 The Sequel taken out of the game via court order

EA Loses Dungeon Keeper Fight Today the Advertising Standards Association has issued a ruling against Electronic Arts over its advertising of Dungeon Keeper - SPOnG writer made it happen.

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