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EA Exec Hints at New Dead Space Game Senior VP refuses to confirm his own massive hint...

EA: Battlefield Not an Annual Refresh Electronic Arts not being drawn into a yearly war with Activision and FPSs

Halo: Mystery Spartan Revealed Who is that masked man? Or woman? Or robot in Halo 5: Guardians

PS4 Beating Xbox One Again in the USA Console hardware sales stats are in from the USA and Sony is in the lead.

Farewell PS2 and Wii U says FIFA FIFA 15 won't happen for Wii U but it will see another Nintendo format

UK Video Game Charts: Watch Dogs Bite FIFA The World Cup in Brazil still can't kick FIFA 14 to the top of the Chart-Track Charts

Sony Claims Xbox and Wii Owners Switching to PS4 Sony quotes research to back up its claims.

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