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Topic started: Wed, 12 Jan 2011 22:11
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Wed, 12 Jan 2011 22:11
Its two idiiots 1 show thank you very much
Joined 19 Jul 2006
Thu, 13 Jan 2011 11:22
That show was positively... magnetic.
Doing it.
Joined 17 Sep 2010
Thu, 13 Jan 2011 13:32
That Capone adam video "nintendo a sad story" was incredibly disturbing.
Joined 25 Jul 2010
Thu, 13 Jan 2011 21:15
Was Michael on the telly? Was there a certain question involving an abbreviation of a medical term? As I don't believe it was mentioned in this episode ;-)

Seriously though, great episode, and a warm welcome to Shaun, the new presenter. Now Michael can have two people abusing him instead of just Elmo ;-)

Glad to hear that Kinect picks up scratching your arse gestures and wanking, you best believe I'll be doing those tricks. Oh yes, after not intending to pick up a Kinect, my girlfriend kept dropping hints about Dance Central, so my curiosity went "f**k it" and I bought one. Not used it yet, as I've not got 3 foot in my current game room, never mind 6 foot. But we are moving soon so will be a laugh playing with her. Also got Kinectamals as I like cats, and I'm a childish idiot. Sounds like I best pick up Kinect Sports as well.

As for the start of the year being quiet, personally between now and March I'm getting LBP2, Dead Space 2,Child Of Eden,Marvel VS Capcom 3 and Killzone 3.And maybe Bulletstorm. And I'm considering DC Universe...

Anyway, enough rambling. Great work guys.

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