Topic started: Tue, 29 Oct 2013 12:54
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Tue, 29 Oct 2013 12:54
I have had consoles since Coleco Vision and PC since i was a kid in the early 80's. love both and play both. I perfer using a controller over a keyboard and mouse for all games except starcraft/diablo ish games. Now I bought Homefront on ps3 360 and PC and black ops 1 on ps3/pc. and also tryed black ops 2 free weekends on pc. I get raped on the pc. Say what you will that im not good or what ever but I sure as hell am not a noob to gaming. I have a I5/ crossfire 7950 set up for my main pc and a ASUS ROG laptop with a i7 and a gtx 670mx in it. I have no fun getting raped by you guys. I have no auto aim in pc and I need it to compete with you guys. Me and my buddy's would buy it on our PC's in a hart beat if we could get some kills and get our $60 dollers worth out of the game. The game looks way better on pc. If you are a old school gamer the mouse is not what you came up with for action games. Kings Quest and LSL for sure but run and gun was on my NES SNES GENESIS and so on. So we will have to drop cash on a PS4 if we want to play some Ghosts. Cant stand PS3 graphics any more. Thats the reasion that PC is hurting on duty there are more guys like me then you in the wild. Long live PC (give us auto aim mofo's)

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