Le Mans 24 Hours - PC

Also known as: 'Test Drive Le Mans'
Viewed: 3D First-person / Third-person
Genre: Racing: Car

Related Editorial

Award-winning Le Mans 24 Hours roars onto desktops Press Release

Infogrames’ racing game of the year heads to PC CD-ROM this Summer.

07 May 2002

Sega hits GameCube delays News

Too much too soon? Sega delays revealed...

11 Dec 2001

Infogrames to Release its Largest PlayStation 2 Slate Ever for the 2001 Holiday Season Press Release

Two new Atari titles among six new PlayStation 2 games, support for PSOne still strong with four new games for the holidays.

28 Oct 2001

Up All Night with Le Mans 24 Hours News

What’s coming up around the next corner? More sleepless nights thanks to Infogrames.

22 May 2001

Infogrames Arrives At Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) with Over 35 New Video Games For Xbox, Playstation 2, PC, and Mac Press Release

Second largest third party interactive entertainment software publisher to showcase its strongest lineup ever at E3.

14 May 2001

Le Mans for PlayStation 2 News

Infogrames announced yesterday that Le Mans 24 Hours has gone into development for PlayStation 2.

13 Feb 2001

Infogrames Brings Its Celebrated Endurance Racing Formula To The Sony Playstation 2 with Le Mans 24 Hours Press Release

On the heels of its critically acclaimed Sega Dreamcast game, Infogrames’ Melbourne House brings Le Mans 24 Hours to PlayStation2 gamers this Summer.

12 Feb 2001

Infogrames Sends Sega Dreamcast Into Overdrive with Test Drive Le Mans Press Release

24-Hour racing game challenges players to roar through the countryside at 200 MPH.

28 Nov 2000

Infogrames Brings Day-To-Night-To-Day Racing Action To Sega(R) Dreamcast(Tm). Press Release

Infogrames, Inc. announced today that its 24-hour racing simulation, Test Drive Le Mans, is being developed for Sega Dreamcast.

11 May 2000

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