West Front Combat Pack - PC

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Viewed: 2D Top-down, Multi-way scrolling Genre:
Media: CD Arcade origin:No
Developer: Talonsoft Soft. Co.: Talonsoft
Publishers: Take 2 (GB)
Released: Unknown (GB)


Point-and-click strategy games are something that many would argue are best left on the PC platform. Not so well received on home consoles, there are few developers that would argue this point. Talonsoft are such a developer and, along with Take 2, has released West Front, East Front 2 and Operation Sea Lion in bundle form on PC. Keeping in tradition with the current state of the genre, the three games in this pack all employ the 2D top-down perspective of play. Fortunately, this works quite well, considering the theme of the game. Set in the Second World War, the ability to see a birds eye view of your map is of vital importance, and this has been duly recognised. Also, controlling the game with a mouse and keyboard makes the experience much more manageable.

For new players to the genre, and to the West Front series, Talonsoft has thankfully included a tutorial in the game. But these games can often prove highly complex, and it may be advisable that even experienced players take on this option. When you are confident enough, you can participate in one of the game’s campaign or scenario missions. But for those of you looking for a little extra freedom, a level editor is available. Here, you can completely customise your environments around a hexagonal grid.

While there is nothing revolutionary about this title, if offers an enormous challenge. It’s massive, it’s comprehensive in a kitchen sink fashion, and remains one of the greatest games of its type.


Project Leader/Producer
Musician/Sound Effects

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