A Sound of Thunder - PS2

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Also for: Xbox, GBA
Viewed: 3D Third-person, floating camera Genre:
Shoot 'Em Up
Media: CD Arcade origin:No
Developer: Computer Artworks
Publishers: BAM! ()
Ratings: 11+


The year is 2038 and time-travel has been invented, but people quickly find out that not all inventions are a good idea. A mysterious group known as the 'Global Entropy' is creating havoc in Chicago. Their plan is simple, return to the prehistoric past and completely destroy the present timeline. It seems to be working...Chicago is now a menagerie of horrifying hybrid creatures, mutated dinosaurs, and vicious plant life.

As the worlds only hope, you must fight your way across the city to the time portal, and go backwards and forwards in time to neutralize the cultists' plan...

A Sound of Thunder is inspired by the Ray Bradbury classic story of time travel.

Your job is to defend the past to save the future...and time is NOT on your side.

Key Features
  • Time travel game play - player chooses the outcome on how the past links to the future and vice versa with time affected action puzzles. Race back in time to try and intercept the terrorists before they change the course of history, find out what they are planning, and take action...

  • Time Freeze Disruptor weapon allows enemies to be frozen in bubbles of lapsed time. Imagine 'bullet-time' in a bubble. Watch your enemy slow down, recoil, be lifted into the air and flail about...and then take them out.

  • Witness the 'Butterfly Effect.' Certain things you do in the past have an impact on the future. Eradicate the tobacco plant in the past and there will be no cigarette advertising in the future.

  • Twisted modern day environments - witness a literal urban jungle...

  • Preserve the natural life forms, destroy the unnatural. Throw yourself in to full on combat with hulking tree-topping mutated beasts, evil flying creatures, heavily armed crazy cultists and grotesquely altered hybrids...but do not harm the natural creatures!

  • Don't just blast everything in sight - using stealth measures and the time disruption to complete your objectives.

  • Gameplay set in different environments and in different time zones. Explore richly detailed prehistoric environments including jungles, swamps, savannah, rocky canyons, cave systems, and mutated modern day futuristic environments.

  • Unique boss level challenges - use the environment and entities around the boss to defeat it...and use the bosses to defeat your enemies...

  • Utilise powerful weaponry including Machete, Ion Gun, Vulcan Cannon, Sniper Rifle, Oxy-Iodine Laser, Machine Guns, and the OICW with different ammo types.

  • Inspired by famous and acclaimed sci-fi short story by Ray Bradbury

  • From Computer Artworks, the developers of the recent hit "The Thing"

  • Licensed soundtrack from top artists