Casper's Scare School: Spooky Sports Day - Wii

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Casper's Scare School: Spooky Sports Day (Wii)
Also for: DS/DSi
Viewed: 2.5D Combination Genre:
Media: DVD Arcade origin:No
Developer: Blast! Entertainment Soft. Co.: Mastertronic
Publishers: Blast! Entertainment (GB)
Released: 18 Sept 2009 (GB)
Ratings: PEGI 3+
No Accessories: No Accessories


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Spooky Sports Day comes around every year and Casper is determined not to let Thatch steal all the glory. Casper and his friends have been training hard to make that the prizes are shared fairly.

Help Casper beat Thatch in a series of sporting events and stay ahead of the game! Use the Wii Remote to keep the ball in the air in Creepy-Uppies and to pull awesome skate moves in Scare Boarding!

You can also get on your marks for the Dragon Egg & Spoon Race, Frog Lob, People Chase, Gymnasties and more, as well as collect all the underworld characters, including Casper, Mantha and Ra.