Medieval Games - Wii

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Medieval Games (Wii)
Viewed: 3D Combination Genre:
Various: Party Game
Media: DVD Arcade origin:No
Developer: nFusion Soft. Co.: nFusion
Publishers: Bethesda (GB)
Released: 20 Nov 2009 (GB)
Ratings: PEGI 7+
No Accessories: No Accessories


We all love a bit of history, particularly when it comes to our own British heritage. There's bound to be historical forums on the Internet, all arguing over which period of history is the best. For the Medieval fanboys, at least you have a party game which outlines how cool the era really was!

Medieval Games puts you in a storybook world where wizards accompany kings, jesters cheer royal crowds up and knights settled petty differences with a Jousting to the face on horseback. You can live out all manner of fantasy-based minigames, including slaying dragons, storming castles and... well, settling disputes with jousts, of course.

A huge array of comical characters from the time period can be chosen as your Medieval Games contestant, from a fat neanderthal-esque knight that looks like a Ye Olde Batman to a blonde-haired snooty nobleman in ridiculous red clothes. As you can tell already, this is one serious game!

Help protect the kingdom of Valoria and its monarch King Falderol as you tackle all the trials that the land faces. Travelling throughout game boards will unlock clues to the exact dangers you need to prepare yourself to face, and in completing noble missions like princess rescuing and troll-beating, you can become the kingdom's greatest saviour!

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