Big Time Rush: Dance Party - Wii

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Viewed: 3D Third person, into the screen Genre:
Rhythm: Dance
Media: DVD Arcade origin:No
Developer: Black Lantern Studios Soft. Co.: GameMill Publishing
Publishers: Funbox (GB)
Released: 18 Oct 2013 (GB)
Ratings: PEGI 3+


Dance the night away! Sing along with the best Big Time Rush Songs! Light up the Dance Floor with James, Logan, Kendall, and Carlos!

Big Time Rush: Dance Party allows players to dance to the beat of their favorite songs by Big Time Rush. Players will follow the boys from the recording studio to Big Time Concerts.

The game has all their top hits, including the new song “Windows Down”! The more accurately the players follow the moves of the boys on screen, the higher the score!

One character is “front and center” with a special highlight visual effect. Keep up with Vocal Duties as the 4 BTR characters shift positions to take the vocal lead. Players duplicate a series of dance moves as accurately as possible. Onscreen icons give the player a visual cue for each specific move and provides a preview of which move(s) will be needed next. At the end of each song, the player will be rated on his/her performance based on how well they did.