Orgarhythm - PSVita

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Orgarhythm (PSVita)
Viewed: 3D Third-person, floating camera Genre:
Rhythm: Timing
Media: Download Arcade origin:No
Developer: Acquire Soft. Co.: XSeed
Publishers: XSeed (GB)
Released: 16 Jan 2013 (GB)
Connectivity: Ad-Hoc Mode


Sumioni: Demon Arts blends traditional face-button controls with the PS Vita system touchscreen and rear touch pad to create an engaging and visceral 2D platforming experience. Boasting 30 stages and multiple endings, Sumioni: Demon Arts offers gamers plenty of challenge, requiring quick thinking and fast reflexes for success.

Presented in a classical “sumi-e” ink painting style, Sumioni – which is literally translated from Japanese as “Ink Demon” – sees players guiding a lone Inkdemon named Agura through a fictional take on ancient Japan. The apathetic and once exiled Inkdemon has been given a chance to redeem himself by ridding the world of a sinister dictator who’s taken over the capital city and threatens to resurrect an ancient evil.

As players battle through Sumioni’s artistic world, they will be given the ability to directly shape the game’s environment through “brushstrokes,” which are painted on the screen with the drag of a finger. Platforms can instantly be painted into the game’s world, allowing Agura to traverse deadly obstacles and turn the tables on his enemies. Meanwhile, Agura himself is controlled through the face buttons of the PS Vita system, smoothly swinging his sword and leaping with ease through Heian-era Japan’s many deadly locales. The touchscreen can also be used to spawn elemental attacks, allowing players to set fire to opponents or spawn deadly lightning strikes. And if the going gets particularly tough, two Inkgod allies can be summoned to assist: a phoenix and a lion. The accuracy with which players trace shapes onto the screen will determine the length and ferocity of these allies’ attacks.

Orgarhythm also includes both versus and co-op two-player modes via ad-hoc network play. In co-op mode, control of the God of Light’s soldiers is shared, and in versus mode one player commands the forces of the God of Darkness.


Orgarhythm - PSVita Artwork