Awesomenauts Assemble - PS4

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Awesomenauts Assemble (PS4)
Viewed: 2D Side-on, Scrolling Genre:
Media: Blu-Ray Arcade origin:No
Developer: Romino Games Soft. Co.: Romino Games
Publishers: Soedesco (GB)
Released: 30 Jan 2015 (GB)
Ratings: PEGI 12+
Connectivity: Network features (recommended), Network play (recommended)


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When the first Awesomenauts hit the PlayStation 3 it delivered something a bit different. It took the format of the multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) genre and stirred in old-school 2D platforming. Now this sequel, Awesomenauts Assemble, brings that same formula to the PlayStation 4, complete with a host of upgrades.

The year is 3587. The stars are locked in galactic conflict, with huge robot armies stuck in perpetual stalemate. There's one way to break the deadlock - bring in the Awesomenauts!

Basically, think of a platformer with an injection of Metal Slug and you're about there. Looks-wise, developer Romino Games has gone for a style that will be familiar to anyone who grew up on '80s cartoons, but don't let the art style fool you into thinking this is light, fluffy fayre.

Awesomenauts Assemble features three-on-three, team-based action. You shouldn't have to spend too much time waiting in lobbies for a match, though. Up to three players can get involved with local splitscreen, and drop-in matchmaking should mean there won't be too much hanging about.

In true MOBA style the game features classes, creeps, upgrades, turrets, bases, plenty of customisation and oodles of tactical depth. The addition of high-speed platforming, however, adds an element of accessibility that players new to the MOBA genre will find appealing.