Act of Aggression - PC

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Act of Aggression (PC)
Also for: PC
Viewed: 3D Third-person, floating camera Genre:
Strategy: Combat
Media: Download (also on DVD) Arcade origin:No
Developer: Eugen Systems Soft. Co.: Eugen Systems
Publishers: Focus Home Interactive (GB)
Released: Jun 2015 (GB)


Aiming to place itself in a unique spot in the market, Act of Aggression - the new RTS from Wargame creator Eugen Systems - pulls heavy inspiration from other RTS titles hailing from the nineties and noughties, the Golden Era of RTS. In a unique near-future techno-thriller setting and with three playable factions based on both fictional and real military forces, base-building, resources harvesting and combat unit production, Act of Aggression is a more accessible but no less explosive departure from the million plus selling Wargame series for Eugen Systems.

Across large, authentic maps, players will to harvest resources, build bases strategically, defend them, and produce all kinds of units to match the wit of their opponent. Extend your base network with off-base refineries for harvesting resources, and protect supply networks ensuring a stable income of cash and minerals. You'll even fight other players for occupied banks as a supplementary income, and capture soldiers ejected from tanks and planes or wounded on the battlefield to take as prisoners of war.

• Build, harvest, supply, and fight on huge and authentic maps
• Fight with real-life and real-prototype light vehicles, infantry, heavy vehicles, planes, and helicopters - with prototype stealth technology to boot!
• An authentic techno-thriller single player campaign full of political intrigue and immersive battles
• Upgrade each factions base to unlock more technology, and upgrade units to increase veterancy, better their skills, or totally change their abilities
• Defend your supply chains, but don't worry about micromanagement - Act of Aggression is built with macro in mind
• Occupy on-map banks for a supplementary source of income, and take prisoners of war
• Develop super-weapons, and super-weapon defense systems