Pepsi Pimped Rock Band Guitar & the Art of Advertorial

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Pepsi Pimped Rock Band Guitar & the Art of Advertorial
Pepsi is running a competition with MTV/EA called 'Drink Up Rock Out'. It's your standard 'get with your mates and make a video of yourselves playing along to a track in Rock Band, then send it to us and you can win stuff... and we get hits" sort of a thing.

You can see some of the pix here that we got via a site called notcot from a 'story' that isn't straight advertorial because it's not marked as such. It does, however, include lots and lots and lots of images, links and information about the competition and such youthful, "hey guys!" bloggy gems as: "beyond the pretty fun campaign going on (i think you have till Sept to rock out and make a fun music video!)"; you 'think'?

"stepping back and checking it out ~ i just love that this is art + video games + music + UGC + ad campaign"... please.

And the most sugary of all, "could the rock band guitar be the new tshirt/skateboard to customize for artists?" We're going to say... "No, no it isn't, however, it could be a really good idea for a competition and some clearly marked advertorial."


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