Battlefield 4 Teaser Site Encourages Heavy Scrubbing

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Battlefield 4 Teaser Site Encourages Heavy Scrubbing
Are you a bit bored this Thursday morning? Fancy whiling away some time just scrubbing your mouse over a website? Then head to EA's new Battlefield 4 teaser page, where you can scrub to your heart's content!

Users who move their mouse around the condensation-filled page will reveal a small portion of the official Battlefield 4 artwork. The same artwork that was revealed a few days ago. So there's no real 'prize' to speak of. You've seen it all before. But like I said, if you're bored...

You can also log into Origin to reveal more of the "Battlefield 4: The Same Art Piece as Battlefield 3 But At A Jaunty Angle" image, with EA having the power to add more elements to the scene as additional users log in. You can also get an "I Was There" Dogtag for your Origin account. Isn't that nice?

Battlefield 4 hasn't been formally unveiled yet, so there's no solid release date. All bets are on Q4 2013, though.


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