E3 2014 OnFilm: Classic Space Game Elite Anew

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E3 2014 OnFilm: Classic Space Game Elite Anew
Readers of a certain vintage react to the name 'Elite' in very much the same way as Top Gear viewers react to 'Jaguar E-Type'. Even if you've grown tired and cynical regarding space-based trading, logistics and combat games... Elite will still light up your life. So, what happened with the Kickstarted update to the original?

That Kickstarter has raised 1,578,316 and his being developed by Frontier Developments - the company of the game's originator David Braben. Elite Dangerous was taken to E3 as it goes and this is what it looks like.

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config 13 Jun 2014 15:37
I think I might have just happy-messed myself!
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