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PlayStation USA Loses Its Head News

Tretton says it's time to go

07 Mar 2014

Why Is Jack Tretton's Heart Broken about PS4? News

PS4 supply shortages make Jack a very sad man

17 Dec 2013

Tretton on PS4 Shortages: 'No, Sell it, I'll Get one Later' News

Sony's US PlayStation boss talks supply and demand

16 Dec 2013

Tretton Blamed for Last Guardian 'Hiatus' News

Sony America's president gets it in the neck from Sony's Worldwide Studios boss

03 Oct 2013

Caught on Film: Inside Sony's New PlayStation HQ News

Jack Tretton talks food and gyms and multi-million dollar buildings

13 Sep 2013

Jack Tretton: Interest in PS4 Will Exceed Supply News

Better get pre-ordering.

18 Jun 2013

Sony CEO: Pre-Owned Games 'Great for Consumers' News

Sony lawyers currently crying their eyes out

14 May 2012

Tretton: Expect More Hardware from Sony Computer Entertainment News

Core business is still games but...

28 Feb 2012

Sony on a New PlayStation: "Right Now, We're Focused on PS3" News

Jack Tretton on PS4... it's not coming yet.

17 Feb 2012

Jack Tretton Unsure on PlayStation Vita Data Cap News

Is sure that PSN Hack wasn't Sony's responsibility

07 Oct 2011

Jack Tretton Brushes off iPhone Threat News

Uses movie analogy.

28 Jun 2011

E3 2011: Sony Issues Apology for PSN Downtime News

Sorry across the board.

07 Jun 2011

Sony's Tretton Hits Out at Xbox 360 AND Wii News

SCEA top man says competition "starting to run out of steam now "

11 Apr 2011

Jack Tretton: 3D 'Critical for PS3 Owners' News

50 million PS3s by March 2011

11 Jun 2010

PS3 Shortage "Not Ideal" During God of War III Fever News

Many retailers sold out of the console.

17 Mar 2010

Sony's Tretton: We Worked with Natal Tech Pre EyeToy News

But CEO has good things to say about Nintendo.

26 Feb 2010

Sony's Tretton: PS3 Sales Up Despite 'Tight Inventory' News

36% year-on-year rise

12 Feb 2010

Jack Tretton Gets to Show Off PS3 Slim in Video News

Jack's well happy.

19 Aug 2009

Tretton Crows PS3 Slim, Wii 'Wearing Thin' News

Sales before Christmas period don't count, apparently

19 Aug 2009

Sony's Tretton: We Could Have Come Out with PS 2.5 News

And a Wii stab in the front.

08 Jul 2009

Sony's Tretton: Third-Parties Blurt Secrets News

People don't respect confidentiality.

12 Jun 2009

Promises Promises: PlayStation Life Slips into August News

DelayStation hits again

01 Aug 2008

Sony Unsurprised by Final Fantasy XIII Exclusivity Loss News

Sony points to end of the third-party exclusive

17 Jul 2008

Sony: Home 'Disconnected' by Business Minds News

Jack Tretton's backwards compatibility regret

17 Jul 2008

Sony: US April Figures Show 410% PS3 Software Boost News

Hardware sales also take a leap

16 May 2008

Sony's Tretton: 160-Plus PS3 Games This Year!! News

Also claims you'll know if your format has failed in three years.

17 Dec 2007

Sony: We Underestimated PS3 Education Process News

Plus: more PSP multimedia features coming soon?

07 Dec 2007

Sony Boss Wishes Peter Moore ‘The Best of Luck’ News

Of course he does

18 Jul 2007

Sony Confirms Movie and Video Downloads On PS3 News

Tretton speaks

09 Jul 2007

Sony To Announce UK PS3 Price Cut On Thursday? News

US gets price drop, 80Gb model on the way

09 Jul 2007

Sony Boss: We Don't Pay Bribes For Exclusives News

Wise words or vacuous PR nonsense?

04 Jul 2007

Microsoft Sues Immersion Over Sony Deal News

More hilarious legal rumblings

19 Jun 2007

Sony: 100 PlayStation 3 Games By December 31st '07 News

Promises to announce New PS3 Games at E3

14 Jun 2007

SCEA Boss: "We Have To Remember Why We Got Into The Business" News

Fighting talk from Jack Tretton following disappointing financial results

17 May 2007

Sony: A Million PlayStation 3s Doesn't Worry Us News

We're in it for the long haul says Tretton

14 May 2007

Sony: There Are PS3 Shortages. We Will Resolve Them News

But what does 'shortage' mean?

28 Feb 2007

Sony Chief: No PS3 Price Drop Before June 2008 News

PS3 ‘a lot more difficult to cost reduce’ than PS2

23 Jan 2007

Sony – One Million PS3’s Already Shipped News

Plus, 6 million will be shipped by end of March

08 Jan 2007

Sony offers SOCOM success as proof of online dominance News

A million sales and 300,000 online.

10 Mar 2003

Stateside PS2 Sales go through the Roof News

Sony console sits comfortably at the top while new competition battles for second place.

10 Dec 2001

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