Sir Howard Stringer

Born: Feb 1942

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Sir Howard Stringer Steps Down at Sony CEO News

Kaz Hirai named as president

01 Feb 2012

Analysts Slam Sony's Multi-Billion Dollar Buys News

Loss Making Sony Spent More than Eight Billion Dollars in 2011 on Acquisitions

14 Dec 2011

Sony's Stringer Hangs onto Job Despite PlayStation Hack News

Sony hacked because it was protecting its IP.

28 Jun 2011

Sony CEO Thought Free PSN was Unlikely to be Attacked News

Because PSN was free

27 May 2011

Sony CEO Bites Back at PSN Outage Critics News

Shows support for Kaz Hirai

18 May 2011

Sony CEO Uses Tsunami for PSN Sympathy News

At least he's saying something

06 May 2011

Sony Boss Asked to be Taken Off BBC List News

Stringer's sticking with Sony

07 Jan 2011

Sony Shows Uncharted 3 in 3D, Hints at PlayStation Tablet News

No official mention of PlayStation Phone.

06 Jan 2011

Chances of Kaz Hirai as Sony CEO Increase News

Sony CEO Rise as Stringer Approached by BBC

06 Dec 2010

All PS3s Get 3D Upgrade News

Firmware update will allow for new capabilities.

07 Jan 2010

Sony's Plans For Google Apps On PS3 News

Company's love interest with open source has them chasing Google.

09 Oct 2009

Yet more "Make. Believe" from Sony and Playstation News

PS3 is key at this pivotal moment

03 Sep 2009

Sony's CEO: Clubbable Quote Nibble

10 Jul 2009

PlayStation Bust-Up: Sony Putting Pressure on Activision News

Still no price cuts though

08 Jul 2009

Sony's Stringer: Rinse, Repeat - PlayStation Network News

We're going to do things we said we were.

11 May 2009

Sony President Steps Down News

Business restructured - Kaz Hirai gets new division.

27 Feb 2009

Sony's Sir Howard Stringer is Londo Mollari News

Sci-Fi fantasy or simple fact?

02 Feb 2009

Sony CEO: One Year Takes Its Toll News

CES keynote sees trimmed down Stringer.

09 Jan 2009

Microsoft Balmer and Sony Stringer for CES 2009 News

Let's hope they've got something interesting to say.

04 Sep 2008

Sony's Stringer: We Can't Make Enough PS3s News

Also missed an opportunity to take on Wii.

28 Aug 2008

Sony's Stringer: Wii is Expensive News

It's a "niche" device?

14 Jul 2008

Sony: PlayStation Profits Tops 'To Do' List News

Plus: why won't Sony's board reveal its salaries?

20 Jun 2008

Sony CEO: PlayStation Home for April 1st 2008? News

Stringer's master plan to be unveiled in April.

11 Dec 2007

PS3 Price Cut Doubles Sales News

“Turning point” passed

15 Nov 2007

Ken Kutaragi Set to Retire in June News

SPOnG pays our respects to the father of PlayStation

26 Apr 2007

Sony CEO Stringer Slams Father Of Playstation As 'Renegade" News

Stringer blasts Kutaragi

06 Mar 2007

PS3 Still, Apparently, On Course For March News

Announcement planned for next week

18 Jan 2007

Sony's Stringer. 'You Are Paying for PlayStation 3 Potential' News

Future-proofed games machine pledged.

27 Jun 2006

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