Shigeru Miyamoto

Born: Nov 1952

Related News & Nibbles

Miyamoto Confirms StarFox Remake News

Time magazine breaks the embargo... we have the text

10 Jun 2014

Nintendo's Iwata and Miyamoto Take Pay Cuts News

Salary reductions follow poor Wii U performance

29 Jan 2014

Miyamoto Hints at HD Classic Nintendo Titles News

Yes, the game play will be even better in HD... erm

25 Oct 2013

EA on Deadman Jobs and Lazy Miyamoto News

Edginess from EA's chief creative officer on Steve Jobs and Miyamoto

26 Sep 2013

Miyamoto Downscales Major Nintendo Role News

Always has the 'Final say' though

25 Sep 2013

Holy Miyamoto! Nintendo Talks New Game Franchise News

Are Mario and Zelda too old?

10 Jul 2013

Shigeru Miyamoto Discusses Gender Representation News

Wii U's female heroes sparks conversation.

21 Jun 2013

Nintendo's Free-to-Play Game is Steel Diver News

Will be tweaked to adopt F2P model.

19 Jun 2013

Miyamoto: Wii U Will Win Consumers Over in Time News

Compares current sales slump to that of Nintendo DS

08 Apr 2013

Miyamoto Regrets Pikmin 3 Wii U Launch No Show News

Explains reasons for launch lineup.

11 Mar 2013

Nintendo States that Consoles Will "Not Die Out" News

Nintendo also calls on Laws of Physics to Diss Sony's Cloud Gaming

05 Feb 2013

Nintendo Leaps To Quell Miyamoto "Today Might Be My Last Day At Nintendo" Remark News

Nintendo creative makes Nintendo President highly jumpy

04 Jul 2012

Nintendo Confirms Super Mario and Pikmin on Wii U News

Will be showcased at E3 this June.

17 Apr 2012

Miyamoto Not Quitting Just Handing Over Responsibilities News

Nintendo's creative force is preparing

16 Apr 2012

Miyamoto Praises Angry Birds at Louvre in Paris News

As famous art gallery gets 3DSs for patrons

12 Apr 2012

Miyamoto Hunting for 'One Big Hit' News

Stepping away from franchises

31 Jan 2012

Nintendo Gets Wall Street Journal Onboard for Miyamoto 'Resignation' Firefighting News

Nintendo moves ultra fast to clear up fuelled mess.

09 Dec 2011

Nintendo Strongly Denies Miyamoto Retirement News

"This is absolutely not true" says company

08 Dec 2011

Shigeru Miyamoto Announces Retirement from Game Development News

Nintendo creative genius sort of leaves game development but doesn't

08 Dec 2011

Wii U Not Aimed at Online Dominance News

Shigeru Miyamoto lays it out

24 Jun 2011

Miyamoto: Using 3DS More Convenient than Multiple Wii U Controllers News

Researching multiple controllers

10 Jun 2011

UK Politicians Use Miyamoto to Clamp Down on Gaming News

While also managing to spell his name wrong

23 May 2011

Miyamoto Outs Super Mario Bros. for 3DS News

New tech is good real good

01 Feb 2011

Nintendo's Iwata Talks 3DS News

Brings together important Nintendo figures

07 Jan 2011

Miyamoto: Modern Games Need 'Play' Factor News

Needs to be a balance between difficulty and enjoyment.

14 Dec 2010

Miyamoto Changes Travel Plans after Fears for his Safety News

Miyamoto used to bike, now has to drive

14 Dec 2010

Yu Suzuki Talks Miyamoto Differences News

Says it comes down to family labels

08 Dec 2010

Miyamoto on New Characters and Story Importance News

Creator and gamer should learn to love

01 Jul 2010

Nintendo 3DS To Help People Figure the Z-Axis News

Now you can hit question mark blocks more easily.

22 Jun 2010

Miyamoto Defends Nintendo Online Criticism News

"It's unfair" - the failed defence

03 Jun 2010

Miyamoto: Nintendo's 2009 Games Weren't Fun Enough News

Aims to change that by continuing to creating unique products.

25 Mar 2010

Miyamoto: Games Are Not Art Nibble

22 Mar 2010

Nintendo Consoles In Japanese Schools By April News

DS to provide learning aids and teaching tools.

22 Mar 2010

BAFTA 2010 - Stealth Destroys Cinema News

While Modern Warfare wins gamers' hearts

21 Mar 2010

BAFTA To Honour Shigeru Miyamoto With Fellowship News

Mario's maker gets Academy's highest accolade.

24 Feb 2010

No Innovation for Core Nintendo Titles? News

Some choice words from Shigeru Miyamoto

15 Dec 2009

Miyamoto: Why I Won't Make Movies News

Listen to him on posh radio

09 Dec 2009

Miyamoto: Wii Music 'Plus' Possible News

Sales of 2008 music game lower than expected.

17 Nov 2009

Myamoto: Hints at More Star Fox News

Games with little love can still re-appear.

28 Oct 2009

Miyamato Talks New Wii News

Resident genius has never been demonised

21 Oct 2009

Miyamoto Time Travel: Nintendo to Move "in Step" with HD News

Nothing wrong with "pretty graphics"

16 Oct 2009

Shock! Nearly 3,000 Devs Name Miyamoto as Hero News

Industry Top 10 developers inside

15 Jun 2009

Miyamoto on Peach - the Fat Princess News

Back story left on the backburner

14 Jun 2009

Nintendo's Miyamoto: Think of Zelda when Playing Wii Sports News

Quick rundown to the full interview

03 Jun 2009

Time Idiot Poll: Miyamoto's Losing Influence News

Poll of cool people shows how random human life is

28 Apr 2009

Nintendo: Miyamoto's Development Secret Revealed News

Ever wanted to know how all those Nintendo classics were made?

07 Nov 2008

Has Wii Music Gone to Miyamoto's Head? News

Time to calm down some eh, Shiggy?

27 Oct 2008

Nintendo's Miyamoto on Project H.A.M.M.E.R. News

It'll come when it comes

24 Oct 2008

Miyamoto's Downtime Doings Revealed News

Nintendo gags Miyamoto's pastime Talk

12 Aug 2008

Miyamoto: We are Working on Pikmin and Zelda News

Sighs all round

24 Jul 2008

Nintendo: We Are Still Working on Hardcore Titles News

But Nintendo still caters for core gamers (who it doesn't recognise as a distinct group)

18 Jul 2008

Mario to Get Brain Trained? News

How Touch Generation games are influencing Nintendo 'core' titles

17 Jul 2008

Time Magazine Readers Vote Miyamoto Most Influential News

Guess where George Bush is?

01 May 2008

Nintendo's Miyamoto: Get Outside! News

Plus: Nintendo fans NOT destroying their Wiis in Fits of anger

28 Apr 2008

Miyamoto: Nintendo Devs Uneasy About Wii Fit News

Plus: a message for hardcore gamers

18 Apr 2008

World of Warcraft's Morhaime for Academy Hall of Fame News

Blizzard CEO joins august company

12 Dec 2007

How to Sneak a Story Into a Zelda Game News

When a Nintendo dev goes rogue...

04 Dec 2007

Nintendo's Iwata: No DS Phone. No New DS. News

Also mergers, software manufacture, pubs and new Wii remotes

02 Nov 2007

Nintendo's Miyamoto And Millions of Babies! News

TV Program Schedule Channel news triggers infant avalanche

02 Nov 2007

Tommy Tallarico: Miyamoto Gave Me Free Rein On Metroid Prime News

SPOnG interviews ace video game composer - and Miyamoto-san crops up...

23 Oct 2007

Miyamoto: Super Mario Galaxy Crosses The Line News

The time has finally arrived when casual and hardcore come together as one.

14 Aug 2007

Super Mario Galaxy Scans News

Shiggy gets jiggy with Mario in print

10 Aug 2007

Miyamoto: There's Life In The Game Boy Advance News

But don't expect Nintendo to produce any games for it

16 Jul 2007

Nintendo's Iwata: Wii Can Beat PlayStation 2 News

100-million, bah!

16 Jul 2007

E3: Nintendo Conference Round-Up News

Miyamoto unveils Wii Fit... and new controller comes too.

11 Jul 2007

Halo Creators Strike Back At Mario Maker News

Bungie-developed plumbing platformer coming soon...

14 May 2007

Miyamoto More Influential Than George Bush News

Nintendo guru currently Number 2 in Time 100 polls

24 Apr 2007

Sonic & Mario: Miyamoto is “Heavily Involved” News

Miyamoto blesses the team-up

29 Mar 2007

Virtual Console Gets Linked Up (Again) News

This weeks VC offerings

23 Mar 2007

Mario Galaxy Two Player Confirmed! News

But Nintendo doesn't want you to know that

16 Mar 2007

GDC: Mario Galaxy Vid! News

Cosmic plumbing

09 Mar 2007

Cliffy B: Gears For PC PLUS Blowing People's Heads Off News

First looks at SPOnG's interview with Gears Of War creator...

09 Mar 2007

GDC: Nintendo’s Miyamoto Keynote – A History Lesson Not A Future Watch News

Sony wins GDC hands-down… Nintendo's share deal could have gagged new annoucements

08 Mar 2007

GDC: Gears of War Cleans Up At Awards News

Game Developers Choice Awards dishes out the honours

08 Mar 2007

Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto Gagged Due To Share Deal News

Stock no comment at GDC

05 Mar 2007

Ocarina, Icarus For Virtual Console! News

A golden shower of classics for Wii

23 Feb 2007

GDC 2007 Preview: Latest News from Epic, Crytek and More News

Plus, Video Games Live 'crescendo finale'

20 Feb 2007

Shigeru Miyamoto: Wii Is For Mothers! News

Design genius speaks his mind on violence and the opposition.

16 Feb 2007

Miyamoto to Speak at GDC News

Developer to share his "creative vision".

22 Jan 2007

Iwata Picks Up Award For 'Most Influential Videogame Executive' News

With Sony's Ken Kutaragi a close second!

03 Jan 2007

French Culture Mininster - 'Games Have Great Cultural Value' News

A backdoor way of justifying tax-breaks for French games firms?

06 Nov 2006

Miyamoto Touts GameCube WiiMakes News

Not good news, not bad news...

23 Aug 2006

Zelda on Wii: Swordplay Confirmed News

Miyamoto shares some good news.

21 Aug 2006

CNN Deliberately Mis-quotes Miyamoto News

Chris Morris at it again...

26 Jun 2006

Miyamoto Sims-A-Like on the Cards? News

Two and two? About 3.25 right now...

20 Jun 2006

Miyamoto: WiiMote Mic Debunked. Headset Possible News

Designer outlines evolution of Revolution

19 Jun 2006

Miyamoto on StarFox Wii and Super Mario Galaxy News

More words of wisdom from the videogaming god

30 May 2006

Miyamoto - wasn’t too sure about Wii News

Plus, hints at face-mapping functionality

24 May 2006

Miyamoto Brands Sony and Microsoft 'Same Old' News

'God' enters the fray.

22 May 2006

Miyamoto and Spielberg play Wii Sports News

Meanwhile, Moore gets interviewed by Space Ghost.

16 May 2006

Miyamoto IP and Kid Icarus for E3 News

A Revolution rumour on SPOnG.

21 Apr 2006

Nintendo-inspired Museum Opens in Kyoto News

Yamauchi and Miyamoto introduce interactive art.

04 Apr 2006

Life as a Zelda Booth Babe News

Smart, pretty girl, loves Zelda, GSOH.

30 Mar 2006

Miyamoto Interview – Zelda Revolution Functionality News

Arise, Sir Shiggsy!

16 Mar 2006

DS Lite to Hit Europe This Summer News

News follows huge turnout in Japan for coloured DS.

13 Mar 2006

Get Ready for Miyamoto Webchat News

What better way to spend a Friday night?

09 Mar 2006

Mario Creator on Bespoke Console Screen Dreams News

Latest Miyamoto interview sheds light on interesting musings.

01 Nov 2005

UPDATED: Mario Revolution to Emerge on December 2? News

Miyamoto confirms attendance at Rev-focused keynote set.

31 Oct 2005

Miyamoto on Revolution News

Nintendo's creative soul pronounces on the Rev, dogs, Mario, and why Sony and MS play second fiddle to Nintendo.

04 Oct 2005

Revolution Controller showing confirmed – Iwata keynote to reveal all News

The Secret is nearly out – Let’s look at what we should expect

13 Sep 2005

Miyamoto: "Revolution controller easy to copy" News

Simple yet effective – 'The Secret'...again.

28 Jul 2005

Miyamoto on Revolution controller and games News

Luigi, Pikmin, controller and more

25 Jul 2005

Iwata-san Clarifies Revolution Download Charges News

Games to be paid for, used as incentives, etc.

07 Jun 2005

Nintendo Pledges Full Catalogue for Revolution News

Large selection already exists – third-parties still unclear.

06 Jun 2005

Read the Miyamoto interview in full right here! News

Mario, Zelda, everything – Full Famitsu translation inside

27 Nov 2004

Nintendogs Explained - Barking Mad or Man's Best Friend? News

It's a virtual pet simulator apparently.

08 Oct 2004

Nintendo's World Touch DS Tour To Follow Full DS Press Conference News

Satoru Iwata and Shigeru Miyamoto to answer DS questions

20 Sep 2004

Miyamoto: Wireless Internet Browsing a Possibility for DS News

Third-party assistance sought for Dual Screen emergence proper.

14 Jul 2004

Zelda GameCube Rumours – Round One News

First fantasy ‘details’ emerge.

14 Jul 2004

Nintendo Shock: Mario 128 could be GameCube, Revolution or even DS title! News

Miyamoto makes amazing platform claims!

01 Jun 2004

Miyamoto Sets Sail For Hyrule! News

If you sit quietly, you can almost hear the music.

25 May 2004

Exclusive Details: Iwata Steps Into Developer Breach as Miyamoto Focus Drive Continues News

Confirming reports from this year, Iwata fills gap.

18 May 2004

Miyamoto Resignation Rumours Quelled News

Forever and ever…Amen.

11 May 2004

Miyamoto to Resign? News

Hot gossip from sunny LA

10 May 2004

Exclusive: Miyamoto's duties slashed as 'big game focus' decided for famed producer News

NOJ - 'Miyamoto to be working on significantly fewer games'

28 Mar 2004

Miyamoto’s Sentient Plant Dream Phase 2 - Latest Screens News

Pikmin 2 screenshot frenzy.

19 Mar 2004

Remember the Game That Made the World Say ‘What the…?” News

It comes free with R: Racing Evolution.

03 Feb 2004

Nintendo DS Details Explosion - Screen, Battery, GBA Compatibility and More Inside… News

Nintendo adds meat to bones of NDS announcement.

29 Jan 2004

Pikmin 2 for 2004. It’s about time News

Olimar returns for another RTS adventure.

24 Dec 2003

Nintendo shamed as Miyamoto Pac-Man is relegated to freebie! News

Damage limitation begins in earnest.

16 Oct 2003

Pikmin 2 for 2004 News

Miyamoto follow-up delayed to ensure quality gaming

04 Sep 2003

Pikmin 2 slides away News

US date spells misery for Euro plant organisers.

04 Sep 2003

New Nintendo games revealed News

Nintendo reveals new trademark batch.

08 Jul 2003

Pac-Man's Back, Man… News

And he's still a big yellow circle who eats little yellow circles

13 May 2003

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles details emerge! News

More hitting, less magic.

09 May 2003

Kojima and Miyamoto on Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes News

In a kind of PR release style.

02 May 2003

Game Boy Advance camera and animation software looms News

Miyamoto in more ‘talking when he shouldn’t’ action!

06 Mar 2003

Nintendo news round-up News

Pokemon Stadium, new Zelda GameCube and more.

03 Mar 2003

Nintendo cleans up at AIAS Awards News

Animal Crossing, Metroid and Mario lauded. And then some.

03 Mar 2003

Brand new Zelda GBA revealed News

At Capcom, no less!

25 Feb 2003

Miyamoto: ‘These days I ask seriously; what is the true meaning of dog?’ News

King of Nintendo signs all – marathon marker pen session astounds London

24 Feb 2003

Gaming Legend Shigeru Miyamoto Visits London News

Over 1,000 fans from the UK and Europe meet the Nintendo genius behind Super Mario Brothers and The Legend of Zelda

21 Feb 2003

Quarter of a million bonuses for the US News

Wake that wind! Free gold not on offer...

14 Feb 2003

Miyamoto spills more Mario beans News

AAA line-up for this year!

11 Feb 2003

Miyamoto to attend signing in Europe News

Take your Shigeru-related stuff to London and let the man scrawl.

07 Feb 2003

Miyamoto confirms AAA sequels News

Short but good.

06 Feb 2003

Miyamoto speaks! News

To us. Yay!

29 Jan 2003

Maximum evil! News

Animal Crossing never to make Europe.

28 Jan 2003

Nintendo Japan reveals devastating release schedule News

Full power gaming from Pokemon-powered Kyoto firm

03 Jan 2003

Nintendo Miyamoto interview part 2 News

On inspiration, voice acting and the future

24 Dec 2002

Nintendo Miyamoto Zelda Interview part 1 News

On the inception of a modern classic.

24 Dec 2002

Give up everything! News

First Animal Crossing 2 details unearthed! It’s online!

16 Dec 2002

Mario 128 and Pikmin 2 revealed! News

Glee as Miyamoto spills sentient beans

11 Dec 2002

Famitsu rates The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker News

Manages to ignore silly name.

11 Dec 2002

Miyamoto: ‘It’s the game that troubles me the most.’ News

Mario Kart for GameCube heads online.

28 Sep 2002

New Mario and Zelda already underway? News

Miyamoto in 'no holiday yet' rumour

17 Sep 2002

Nintendo management structure fully disclosed News

All under the watchful eye of Yamauchi

07 Jun 2002

Iwata, Miyamoto on the year ahead News

What does the next 12 months hold…?

29 May 2002

Mario Sunshine: New title and first Western Release date Revealed! News

Nintendo of America has released the first concrete details of the wildly-anticipated Mario update for GameCube.

26 Mar 2002

Miyamoto and Iwata speak out on adult oriented gaming News

Nintendo bigwigs comment on GameCube's target audience.

18 Mar 2002

Shigeru Miyamoto Interview Part 2: The most complete interview anywhere on the web News

This is the reason you've been wishing the weekend away. We ask, Miyamoto answers - the conclusion.

25 Feb 2002

Miyamoto Reveals all in Exclusive Interview! News

Miyamoto exclusive part one: Creator of all things Mario speaks on future developments and Nintendo's European strategy.

22 Feb 2002

Miyamoto: GameCube Zelda graphics finalised, and Mario Sunshine for Europe in 2002 News

Your most pressing questions answered inside

19 Feb 2002

PlayStation BB third party line-up revealed! News

Details have emerged concerning third-party support for Sony Computer Entertainment’s dedicated PlayStation 2 broadband network, PlayStation BB.

14 Feb 2002

Nintendo Update! Here! Now! News

Mario Sunshine and GC Zelda in playable form, a secret title from Miyamoto and the lifespan of the GameCube revealed

28 Jan 2002

Has Miyamoto gone mad? News

Take a close look at Pikmin for GameCube

27 Dec 2001

Miyamoto and Iwata are going to Vegas! News

DICE summit to host Nintendo heavyweight speeches

20 Dec 2001

Miyamoto talks GameCube launch, Mario Sunshine and Zelda News

And his dislike of the sequel!

04 Dec 2001

Miyamoto speaks on GameCube launch News

Plus online GameCube strategy and possible SquareSoft dig inside!

19 Nov 2001

GameCube will wait for online until the time is right News

Miyamoto on Internet future

13 Nov 2001

Judgement Day for Nintendo News

GameCube launches in Japan.

14 Sep 2001

Nintendo Elvis Talks of GameCube Controller and Possibly a Mario and Luigi Team Up News

Perfection and possibilities discussed at Nintendo.

30 Aug 2001

Miyamoto speaks on all things SpaceWorld News

Nintendo savior give a glimpse of the inside

24 Aug 2001

SpaceWorld promises new GameCube titles News

New Mario likely

25 Jun 2001

Miyamoto talks about the transition to GameCube News

Elvis of games talks on Game Cube switch

19 Jun 2001

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