097: Fred Frezzer

Posted 28 Mar 2018
Run time:02:27:22
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and being a pirate

This week Mat lacked the persistence to play Sea of Thieves so David summons the help of James and Jon to talk about it. David could have spoken about it on his own but he really couldn’t be bothered to put all that effort in himself, so instead let the others do it while he sat back and took the credit. Some may think David is a coward for doing this. Actually, most people would. It really shows him up as the sort of person he is. A let down of a man.


Artwork by BigShimmeryWall
Music by Nick Parton


CyberJohn 31 Mar 2018 03:29
I did piracy. My brother and I kept running into arcades in Blackpool and bumping those 10p fall over the edge machines with the pushing wedge-things. we needed to eat chips. chips = 1.50. Requirements: each arcade machine assaulted could generate 0 to 40p. we did not have to answer questions like that one on the tele. Calculate the average number of bumped machines needed to generate coinage for 1 bag of chips. Show your working out. (Ans =7.5).
CyberJohn 31 Mar 2018 03:30
P.S. Has Michael been killed...?
CyberJohn 31 Mar 2018 03:46
P.P.S watching something called Chaturbate; I sometimes do a bit of fishing. But there is just this mad shouty ugly woman jumping around in unmatching bra and panties talking in american. I have one and a half cans of special brew. I am listening to a sad old worn-out man on local radio lamenting that Leeds now play Yeovil. And lose. He is aged 34 years.

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