The Sausage Factory Episode 04: Mode 7 Games

Posted 18 Dec 2013
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Frozen Endzone by Mode 7 Games

The Sausage Factory interviews Paul Taylor of UK based outfit Mode 7 Games about Frozen Endzone, their follow up title to the astoundingly excellent Frozen Synapse. The game is a simultaneous turn based future sports title that pits robots against one another to place a glowing ball into the opposing teams end zone. Like Frozen Synapse it relies on the player plotting moves before they are executed and they must sit back and watch to see how their plans bring about success or failure. The game is out in a Beta form and people can buy the game on pre-order and gain early access to it with the aim of helping the developer turn it into something rather special. Much is discussed during this interview with highlights including the musical influences of Mode 7 Games and how they see the trend of early access products impacting on the development and reselling of games.


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