Treyarch: Slow Down Black Ops Trailer for Treats

There's loads of Call of Duty: Black Ops information out there already, apparently.

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Josh Olin, Community Manager (L) and Mark Lamia, Treyarch Studio Head (R)
Josh Olin, Community Manager (L) and Mark Lamia, Treyarch Studio Head (R)
Call of Duty: Black Ops might seem to be shrouded in as much secrecy as you'd expect from the Cold War era, but Treyarch boss Mark Lamia has suggested otherwise, asking fans to pick through the release trailer for clues on various story elements.

"We've actually already given you a lot of information to piece together, about how we might tell a larger period of time's story. We just want players and fans to take it in even our teaser trailer shows quite a bit of gameplay," Lamia told SPOnG in an interview that has just been published.

"Our teaser trailer, if you dissect it, shows quite a few images they may flash quickly, but if you slow it down, they're there. What I can tell you is that [the game doesn't take place in] just 1968, and that was important because what we wanted to do was show how the player changes a little bit over time, especially those who have been working in these Black Operations," he added.

Have a rummage around the trailer. What can you find? Let us know in the comments section below. And don't forget to read the rest of the fascinating interview, which covers a lot of background to the game and history of the events that inspired the project.

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