Sony Fixes PS3 4.45 Firmware With New 4.46 Update

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Sony Fixes PS3 4.45 Firmware With New 4.46 Update
Huzzah! Sony has released a brand new firmware update for its PlayStation 3 systems, that fixes all the issues that cropped up with last week's 4.45 version. Those with affected consoles can install the 4.46 patch and rid themselves of bricked, XMB-less machines!

For most people (especially those that held off last week after we suggested that it was probably a bad idea), you simply need to update the system software as you usually do. For those who unfortunately got their consoles bricked, you'll need to download the update to a USB stick and boot your PS3 into Safe Mode before installing. Full instructions are here.

The 4.46 update will improve stability on the PS3, as well as allow for the option to turn off trophy notifications.


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