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Full name: Rockstar Games

The Rockstar label, founded in 1998 by Sam Houser, Terry Donovan, Dan Houser, Jamie King and Gary Foreman, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Take 2 Interactive.

Rockstar is the developer of the popular yet controversial Grand Theft Auto and Midnight Club 2 and has a bright future in the industry in the coming years. The company is now working with Grant Theft Auto 4 and we wouldn’t be surprised if Midnight Club 3 were to make an appearance in the near future.

Software Highlights from Credited Titles

Rockstar's first work that SPOnG is aware of is the 1999 title, "GTa2" (PlayStation).

The company has been involved titles released on the PS4, Switch, Xbox One, PC, Wii, PS3, Xbox 360, DS/DSi, PS2, PSP, Xbox, GameCube, GBA, PlayStation, Game Boy Color and Dreamcast. Of these, "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas" (PS2), "Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories" (PSP), "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories" (PSP), "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas" (Xbox), "Grand Theft Auto 3" (PS2) has been a best selling title.

The company's most recent involvement was on the 2018 release "Red Dead Redemption 2" (Xbox One).

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12 Jun 2014

GTA V Coming to Xbox One and PS4 AND PC News

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10 Jun 2014

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14 May 2014

GTA Housers to be Honoured News

BAFTA Games section to award GTA makers with gaming gong

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GTAV DLC Brings More to Story Mode News

"The Business Update" DLC brings more than coats and cars

27 Feb 2014

BAFTA Games Award Nominations Are In! News

See the full list here

12 Feb 2014

GTA V for PC Coming: Pre-Orders Friday News

Europe set to get the PC version according to one Norwegian

29 Jan 2014

PS3 GTA V Goes Under Water News

New PS3 mod adds sub mariner fun

27 Jan 2014

GTA Online Gets 10 New Jobs 'Verified' By Rockstar News

All created by players

23 Jan 2014

Rockstar Targets GTA Online Cheats News

Plans to counter with updates

16 Jan 2014

GTA V Beats James Bond and Quentin Tarantino News

GfK Chart-Track, ERA and The Official Charts Company show a winning year for games!

01 Jan 2014

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Finds New Life News

Let's breathe life into a wonderous hit of the past.

12 Dec 2013

GTAV DLC and More Announced for South San Andreas! News

Rockstar making announcements for Grand Theft Auto V today - Free Deathmatch & Race Creators this week

10 Dec 2013

GTA: San Andreas Coming To Mobile Devices News

The biggest GTA of the PS2 era... but mobile

26 Nov 2013

Grand Theft Auto V - New Beach Bum Update Detailed News

Beach Bum update is due to hit next week

13 Nov 2013

At Last! All GTAV Online Bugs Are Dead News

Grand Theft Auto V stimulus package is here!

07 Nov 2013

GTA V Stimulus Pack Still Delayed News

Still.... not... quite.... ready

01 Nov 2013

Tesco Gets Prime Chunk of GTAV Money News

Both ASDA and Tesco have benefited hugely from 'violent video game' sales.

28 Oct 2013

Rockstar Delaying GTAV Payments News

No emergency payouts until all the bugs are fixed

25 Oct 2013

GTAV Online: New Patch Misses Cash News

"Unlimited Money Glitch" right here for Grand Theft Auto V

22 Oct 2013

GTA Online Repeat Payout Cuts Confirmed by Rockstar News

Change snuck out in Friday's patch

21 Oct 2013

Rockstar Compensates For GTAV Online Issues News

500,000 GTA $ each - woo!

11 Oct 2013

How to Earn Cash Quickly In GTA Online News

It's not cheating, we promise... (yes it is)

11 Oct 2013

GTA V Coming To PC Early 2014 News

According to multiple industry sources

10 Oct 2013

Guinness World Records: Gaming is No Longer A Niche Hobby News

As GTAV smashes records left right and centre

09 Oct 2013

Intel Claims Foul Play in No PC GTAV News

Paranoia or hard cold fact as Intel executive calls 'bung'

09 Oct 2013

Rockstar Exploring Lost GTAV Characters News

The online GTAV problems are now getting beyond acceptable.

07 Oct 2013

UK Video Game Charts - Viva FIFA 14 News

More new entries than you can shake a stick at

07 Oct 2013

"You Don't Want GTAV Bringing Your Kids Up" News

So says the man from GTAV

04 Oct 2013

GTAV Online PS3 Patch Live! News

Rockstar moving faster than expected... Xbox 360 patch news soon

04 Oct 2013

Rockstar Hopes for GTAV Patch 'Tomorrow' News

Rockstar also has some ideas for you to get along with while you wait

04 Oct 2013

GTAV - Microtransactions Suspended News

Rockstar still trying to get Grand Theft Auto online working properly

03 Oct 2013

Avoid GTAV Online and Keep Your Game Saves News

Online version of the huge hit is causing death to single-player saves reports say

01 Oct 2013

UK Videogame Charts: FIFA 14 vs GTA V News

Grand Theft Auto V takes big sales drop and STILL performs well

30 Sep 2013

GTA V Pushes UK Retail to a £100m Week News

2.25m copies sold in just 5 days

27 Sep 2013

Rockstar "Hopes" GTA Online Will "All Run Incredibly Smoothly" News

"Please bear with us if it doesn't, and help us fix any and all problems!"

26 Sep 2013

GTA V Maker Wants to Bully Again News

Rockstar leader wants sequel to the controversial title

25 Sep 2013

GTA Online Microtransaction Details Here News

From £1.99 - £13.49

25 Sep 2013

Rumour: GTA Online Set for Microtransactions News

More cash for Grand Theft Auto Online

24 Sep 2013

UK Videogame Charts: GTA V Outsells Entire Universe News

GTA V quite literally rules video gaming today

23 Sep 2013

GTA V: Vehicles disappearing News

... and losing upgrades

23 Sep 2013

GTAV PC Rumoured for November Release News

And UK retailer puts it on sale... already

19 Sep 2013

Rockstar Warning on Xbox 360 GTA V Install News

Issues 'Optimal installation' guidance.

17 Sep 2013

GTA V Cheats Hit Nibble

16 Sep 2013

GTA V Map: Not So Big After All? News

Can it really be bigger than GTA IV, San Andreas and Red Dead Redemption combined? We found out.

12 Sep 2013

Amazon Lists GTA V on PS4! Nibble

11 Sep 2013

GTA V Online - Mission Creation as Easy as Texting News

GTA V online has 500 missions and you can make your own too!

11 Sep 2013

CoD: Ghosts not GTA V: The "Most Pre-Ordered Game Of 2013" News

The battle for your wallet is burning up!

10 Sep 2013

New GTA V Characters Revealed News

A wall of posters shows even more than the main three in action

09 Sep 2013

Houser - Making of GTA V Like Apocalypse Now News

"In that realm of excitement and misery at the same time."

09 Sep 2013

New GTA V Footage Takes the Mighty P*** News

Men of a certain age and lycra fetish look away

06 Sep 2013

Rockstar Pressures UK Retailer on GTA V News

That's a nice release date you've got there... shame if someone broke it.

05 Sep 2013

The Big One: The GTA V 'Official Trailer' News

Nearly there now...

29 Aug 2013

Sony Apologises for GTA V Blunder News

Grand Theft Auto V Leak has now been patched

27 Aug 2013

UK Video Game Chart - Pay Day for Minecraft News

505 Games comes in big...

19 Aug 2013

Video: GTA V Online Revealed News

Grand Theft Auto V in more moving pictures

15 Aug 2013

Rockstar Launches GTA V 'Interactive Travelogue' News

Plus: new screens!

13 Aug 2013

Whoops! GTA V Coming to the PC this Autumn News

PC version of blockbuster Grand Theft Auto title is coming before Xmas - unless we're hugely misunderstanding an investor call

13 Aug 2013

GTA V Region Lock Info Comes Out News

Beware if you live in Japan though

12 Aug 2013

Hey Look! New GTA V Screens Nibble

29 Jul 2013

More Grand Theft Auto V Details - Replaceable Dog Bling News

Also Jetskis and more.

16 Jul 2013

Grand Theft Auto V - Gameplay Reveal Trailer Here! News

Quick! Come and watch it!

09 Jul 2013

UK Chart: The Last of Us Remains King of the Top 10 News

Animal Crossing sticks to second place.

24 Jun 2013

Grand Theft Auto Sale Kicks Off on PlayStation Store News

Get 'em while they're hot.

08 May 2013

GTA V Lastest Trailers Here Live News

Come 4pm you will be watching

30 Apr 2013

Hey Look! GTA V Cover Art Nibble

02 Apr 2013

New GTA V Screens Nibble

27 Mar 2013

Rockstar on GTA V Delays: 'Conspiracy Theories' are "Nonsense" News

No reason other than added polish.

05 Feb 2013

Grand Theft Auto V Pushed Back to September News

Additional development time required.

31 Jan 2013

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Hitting Mobile Devices Next Week News

Nostalgia-inducing trailer inside.

29 Nov 2012

Rockstar 'Considering' Wii U Version of Grand Theft Auto V News

Nintendo says it "has a responsibility" to invite Rockstar to the console.

19 Nov 2012

GTA V to Major on Multiplayer News

Multiplayer is the "most vital" point to GTA V

14 Nov 2012

Rockstar Sends News of GTA V Trailer Info - It's GOOD NEWS News

But watch the new trailer right here tomorrow...

13 Nov 2012

Missions Will Be Musically Scored in GTA V News

Radio play and Themed Soundtracks to combine

12 Nov 2012

GTA V - the Three Main Characters Described + New Shots News

Tinker, Tailor, Pyscho Criminal ... GTA V goes in new directions

12 Nov 2012

Grand Theft Auto V Gameplay to Feature "Built-Out Series of Heists" News

Dan Houser wants to do a bank job, and do it well.

09 Nov 2012

Grand Theft Auto V's Three Protagonists Unveiled News

Residing in Los Santos.

08 Nov 2012

Hurricane Sandy SNAFU for Second GTA V Trailer News

But Limited Edition pre-order freebies announced... apparently

02 Nov 2012

GTA V - Spring 2013 Release Leaked in Brighton News

GAME Group apparently lets release date loose

30 Oct 2012

Rumour: Leaked Grand Theft Auto V Poster Suggests Spring 2013 Release News

Rockstar and Take 2 have yet to respond.

29 Oct 2012

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Goes Mobile for 10th Anniversary News

Plus, new merch and trailers coming

26 Oct 2012

GameStop Dates GTA V, Upcoming Preview in Game Informer News

Will be cover star in December issue.

12 Oct 2012

UK Video Game Charts - Tekken for Granted News

Sleeping Dogs keep the old fighting favourite off the top spot

17 Sep 2012

Scottish Government Clarifies 'Worthless Games Industry' Report News

Games represents one third of Scottish creative sector

07 Sep 2012

Hocking: 'Replay Value' Needs to be Redefined News

Red Dead Redemption called out for not having replay value.

02 Aug 2012

UK Video Game Charts - Batman Stays Top News

Not even the 0lymp1c Games on L0nd0n 20i2 can move the Dark Knight

23 Jul 2012

New GTA V Shots - Helicopter! News

One of the GTA shots reminds us of PlayStation Home

12 Jul 2012

UK Video Game Chart: LEGO Dark Knight Rises News

LEGO Batman 2 claims top spot.

25 Jun 2012

UK Video Game Charts: Football Beats Females News

Lollipop Chainsaw is out-scored by FIFA 12

18 Jun 2012

UK Video Game Charts: No One Can Blow the Future Soldier Off News

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier sits at number 1

11 Jun 2012

UK Video Games Charts: Ghost Recon Haunts Top Spot News

A calm chart with little happening as E3 prepares to rage or outrage

04 Jun 2012

UK Video Game Chart: Ghost Recon Storms to #1 News

Dragon's Dogma debuts at #3.

28 May 2012

Report: Activision's New UK Studio Nabs Ex-Rockstar Bosses News

Studio heads from R* Leeds and London to help Martyn Brown.

23 May 2012

UK Video Game Chart: Max Payne Guns Down Diablo III News

Blizzard spanks PC records.

21 May 2012

GTA V is Likely Reason for Bioshock Infinite Delay News

That is if you believe analysts guessing over journalists guessing.

10 May 2012

Max Payne 3 - Game Play Video News

A filthy horrible drug addict with a gun... who needs more!

03 May 2012

GTA V - March 2013 Release Stated News

Next GTA gets street date... just not according to Rockstar or Take 2.

13 Apr 2012

Max Payne 3 Multiplayer Gameplay Trailer Explodes into View News

Bullet Time with Friends.

28 Mar 2012

Rockstar Lining Up LA Noire II News

Keep a straight face ... the game to become a series

14 Feb 2012

Max Payne 3 Tech Trailer Goes Guns Blazing News

Stays faithful to bullet-time and dual-wielding mechanics of originals.

18 Jan 2012

Grand Theft Auto III: 10 Year Anniversary Edition Screens News

Game's available on mobiles next week

06 Dec 2011

Rockstar's Houser: Post 9/11 GTA 3 Changes were 'Cosmetic' News

But offices near Ground Zero almost got game canned

18 Nov 2011

New Max Payne 3 Video Shows "Enemy Intelligence" News

New video of Max Payne 3 shows lots of technical stuff...

17 Nov 2011

GTA V on Sale in June 2012 Predictions Come In News

Rockstar doesn't need the sales this financial year apparently

03 Nov 2011

GTA V: in Los Angeles - Music from the 1960s News

Also look at some of the screens we lifted from the video. Sweet.

02 Nov 2011

When GTA V Trailer Goes Live - Watch It News

It will be here! GTA V trailer .... oh yes.

02 Nov 2011

GTA V: Los Angeles with Multiple Playable Characters News

GTA V gets LA according to 'sources'

26 Oct 2011

Grand Theft Auto V Trailer Arriving Early November News

It's happening, at last!

25 Oct 2011

Daily Mirror Takes Yet Another Cheap Shot At Gaming News

We may expect more from our media but we're not going to get it.

20 Sep 2011

"Grittier" Max Payne Set To Return Next Year News

Been on holiday mate? Go anywhere nice?

08 Sep 2011

Rockstar Launches GTA III on Mac App Store News

Vice City and San Andreas coming soon.

18 Aug 2011

First Artwork of Agent Revealed News

A peek at Rockstar PS3 exclusive.

16 Aug 2011

UK Video Game Chart: Zumba Still on Top News

Legend of Zelda gets big boost.

15 Aug 2011

UK Video Game Charts: Zumba Now Third in Total UK No.1s News

Top 10 totally stagnant.

08 Aug 2011

Japanese Video Game Charts: L.A. Noire Hits #1 News

Leads Western assault on Top 10.

15 Jul 2011

UK Video Game Charts - Zumba Fitness Keeps Going News

But Call of Duty makes a Top 10 return..

11 Jul 2011

PC Mod of GTA IV Brings Liberty City Up-to-Date News

Amazing lighting and graphical improvements.

05 Jul 2011

UK Video Game Charts: Zumba Fitness Retain Top Spot News

It's the summer! Everybody stays in and gets fit... erm..

04 Jul 2011

UK Video Game Chart: Zumba Fitness Keeps Top Spot News

Shadows of the Damned doesn't fare so well.

27 Jun 2011

Aussie Developer Outcry at L.A. Noire Credit Cuts News

Devs claim credits were not properly stated

20 Jun 2011

UK Video Game Charts: Hardcore Nostalgia Unfit for Top News

Zumba Fitness beats Zelda

20 Jun 2011

LA Noire not Keeping Up with Red Dead Redemption News

Rockstar's detective not catching its cowboy

16 Jun 2011

UK Video Game Charts: LA Noire's Hat Trick News

One new entry in the top 10

06 Jun 2011

LA Noire Rockstar Pass Finally Unveiled in Video News

All the DLC that's fit to print.

01 Jun 2011

L.A. Noire DLC Launches Today With Rockstar Pass News

Limited time special offer.

31 May 2011

UK Video Game Charts: Cole Cleans Up News

LA Noire keeps hold of the top spot.

31 May 2011

How Much Did GTA IV Cost to Sell? This Much News

Take Two spills the beans...

25 May 2011

Take-Two Renews Contract With Rockstar Games Creatives News

Publisher gets to live another day.

25 May 2011

UK Video Game Charts: LA Noire Smashes Sales Records News

Amazing numbers of Rockstar game

23 May 2011

L.A. Noire Players Notice PS3 Overheating After 3.61 Update News

Rockstar comments, un-comments.

19 May 2011

McNamara: L.A. Noire Was a Six Disc Game News

Monster detective game was once even more monster.

18 May 2011

HMV Offers, Denies £4.99 L.A. Noire Trade-In Price News

Trade in Brink, get Rockstar's latest for a fiver.

16 May 2011

Team Bondi 'Doing a Japanese One to Make Mr Kojima Happy' News

With LA Noire out the door it's time for new things.

12 May 2011

L.A. Noire Launch Trailer - Good Enough for Cinema News

Detective thriller incoming.

11 May 2011

Blurry 'GTA V' Game-Play Video "Leaked" News

Arm yourself with salt

09 May 2011

L.A. Noire to Come on Three Xbox 360 Discs News

Takes a whole Blu-ray disc as well.

06 May 2011

Rockstar Rumoured for Wii 2 News

And we really mean rumoured

20 Apr 2011

LA Noire and the Racist Language - "N Word" Sparks Rating Mention News

Uses words that will make liberals literally faint

19 Apr 2011

PS3 Exclusive Content for LA Noire News

Apparently so

13 Apr 2011

LA Noire Tech Means "We Can Compete with TV and Film" News

Motion tech company man speaks out.

11 Apr 2011

Rockstar's Dan Houser: Movies of Games are Awful News

And don't get him onto art

06 Apr 2011

LA Noire Trailer Slips Us the Tongue News

Special case for pre-ordering at

31 Mar 2011

Rumour: James Pedeaston for GTA V News

Other characters revealed

29 Mar 2011

GTA V Gets Gottfried as Lead - Says Sacked Adman News

Gilbert Gottfried to play main man

21 Mar 2011

UK Video Game Chart: Black Ops Returns to Top Spot News

Fights Marvel vs Capcom 3 for #1 position.

21 Feb 2011

PS2 Game Discovered on PlayStation Network News

Placeholder listing hints at backwards compatibility.

17 Jan 2011

L.A. Noire Face Capture Video Changes the Rules News

Simply astonishing stuff

16 Dec 2010

Red Dead Redemption Wins VGA Shootout News

BioWare earns several accolades too.

13 Dec 2010

Red Dead Nightmare Sees Japanese Release News

Rising in February

09 Dec 2010

Hip-Hop Man Sues Rockstar over GTA News

S'all about the M'fing Gees

09 Dec 2010

At Last! LA Noire Gets a Trailer News

See it here.

11 Nov 2010

UK Newspaper Pays Substantial Grand Theft Raoul Moat Libel Damages News

Daily Star pays out over lie

04 Oct 2010

Yakuza 4 Producer: 'Quality Over Quantity' Compared to GTA News

Plus: Xbox 360 would 'struggle' with a port.

24 Sep 2010

UK Video Game Charts: Halo Reach vs PS3 Move News

PlayStation Move bringing up the rear.

20 Sep 2010

UK Video Game Charts: Mafia II's On Top of the World, Ma News

Gangster sequel prevails a second week running.

06 Sep 2010

LA Noire Delay Confirmed News

Quality and marketing cited

03 Sep 2010

Rockstar Starting the Red Dead Redemption Ban Hammer News

Some might say, "At last!"

23 Aug 2010

UK Game Charts: Kane & Lynch 2 Kills Woody News

Square Enix's third #1.

23 Aug 2010

UK Software Charts: Woody Keeps It Up News

Toy Story maintains its #1 position.

16 Aug 2010

UK Games Charts: Starcraft II the Very Top News

Long-awaited sequel flies straight to #1.

02 Aug 2010

Rumour: GTA V Location Reveal "Soon" News

At Max Payne event actually.

26 Jul 2010

UK Game Software Charts: Broadway Comes to Pacific City News

Crackdown 2 still #1 though.

19 Jul 2010

UK Software Charts: Crackdown Brings The Smackdown News

Super Mario Galaxy suffers as a result.

12 Jul 2010

DLC: Red Dead Redemption's Zombie Nightmare Hell News

Zombies in RDR, of course.

08 Jul 2010

UK Software Charts: Expelliarmus! News

Harry Potter takes the lead for a second week.

05 Jul 2010

Red Dead - Free DLC - Screens and All Details News

Outlaws To The End

22 Jun 2010

UK Software Charts: Mario Can't Leap Over Marston News

Solid Snake doesn't reach the Top 10.

21 Jun 2010

Red Dead Redemption Movie in the Wild Internet Frontier News

From the director of The Proposition

08 Jun 2010

UK Charts - Week 22 - Red Dead Beats FIFA News

Few changes pre-E3 and World Cup

07 Jun 2010

UK Software Charts: Red Dead Redemption Holds #1 To Ransom News

UFC Undisputed 2010 only new challenger to Rockstar's Western crown.

01 Jun 2010

Red Dead Redemption Stocks Replenished Next Week News

Double-edged...erm... gun

26 May 2010

UK Software Charts: John Marston Most Popular Outlaw News

Red Dead Redemption shoots its way to #1.

24 May 2010

Daily Mail Red Dead Redemption Lie Goes Independent News

Now Broadsheet Media Quote False Red Dead $100m Figure

21 May 2010

Red Dead Redemption Experiencing Invisibility Glitch News

Guns, horses and characters disappearing from existence.

20 May 2010

Red Dead Redemption Trailer - Yeeee Haa! News

Please let the game play as well as it looks.

13 May 2010

UK Video Game Charts: FIFA World Cup Scores Big News

Football fever strikes the high street.

04 May 2010

UK Software Charts: Monster Hunter Splits The Top 10 News

Splinter Cell and Just Dance continue to hold on to the top.

26 Apr 2010

UK Software Charts: Splinter Cell Stealthily Claims Victory News

Just Dance claims #2 spot.

19 Apr 2010

Police Back Use of GTA Video Games in Classrooms News

Teaching kids about violence

09 Apr 2010

Aussie Lad's Mag Editor Sacked: Red Dead Redemption Linked News

Zoo Weekly accused of behaving weakly

07 Apr 2010

Hot Coffee Claimants Receive Compensation News

$5? We guess it's more about the principle of the thing.

30 Mar 2010

UK Video Game Tax Breaks Hailed Though Details Scarce News

Game relief could follow the UK film industry model.

25 Mar 2010

Rockstar: Sony to Blame for PS3 GTA IV Liberty City Delay News

Company wanted to make edits

19 Mar 2010

Rockstar's Dan Houser: Western Video Game a 'Technical Nightmare' News

Rockstar attempting the impossible.

18 Mar 2010

Could GTA V Be Announced Before E3? News

Analyst seems to think so.

05 Mar 2010

L.A. Noire No Longer A PS3 Exclusive News

Heading to the Xbox 360 as well.

08 Feb 2010

Grand Theft Auto Add-Ons for PS3 & PC Dated News

Prepare for gay; bikers but not on acid

29 Jan 2010

Rumour: Rockstar Spent Over $20 Million On L.A. Noire Since 2006 News

Has been revamped, ported and delayed four times over.

26 Jan 2010

Finally LA Noire Gets 'Big Cover Story' in February News

No platform specific news though

22 Jan 2010

GTA: Chinatown Wars Hits iTunes Store News

A steal at £5.99 for the whole game - minus multiplayer and PSP missions.

18 Jan 2010

Take-Two: GTA IV DLC Too Damn Late News

Not enough people finished GTA IV

18 Dec 2009

VGA Roundup: GOTY is Uncharted 2 News

Uncharted 2 wins Game of the Year award.

14 Dec 2009

Bizarre: Politician Blames GTA IV for Green Fail News

Scottish minister suggests "environmental" computer game series.

16 Nov 2009

Dan Houser Next GTA's 1,000 Page Script News

Story location has to be decided first.

16 Nov 2009

Modern Warfare 2 Crunches GTA IV's Record News

Crunches a week's record in a day

11 Nov 2009

UK Video Game Charts: Fitness Before Christmas News

Football Manager 2010 gets knocked down to 4th place.

09 Nov 2009

GTA IV: Princess Robot Bugglegum Anime Whore Star News

Just watch the video

27 Oct 2009

You Can Cameo in Red Dead Redemption News

Rockstar's charitable offering

26 Oct 2009

Rockstar PSP Games Coming to PSN, Branded Store News

Grand Theft Auto games to hit US PlayStation Store.

16 Oct 2009

Ballad of Gay Tony Fizzes Nibble

16 Oct 2009

Rockstar Reveal Ballad of Gay Tony Multiplayer Details News

Includes Free Mode for some sandbox-based firefighting.

15 Oct 2009

GTA IV: Chinatown Wars PSP - the First Trailer News

Very confusing...

09 Oct 2009

GTA IV: Fox News Gets Served News

Weasel news hits the headlines

17 Sep 2009

Analyst: GTA V for 2011 News

Still, there's DLC coming

16 Sep 2009

Grand Theft Auto: Meet Gay Tony Plus Swearing News

Gay clubs, swearing, angst...

09 Sep 2009

Rockstar to Announce New PS3 Titles News

Meanwhile Agent gets dated

07 Sep 2009

GTA 5: Zelnick Tells it Straight News

A non-announcement of an announcement strategy

02 Sep 2009

GTA: Gay Tony Gets Trailered News

First video!

02 Sep 2009

GTA Chinatown Wars Coming to iPhone News

Beaterator also bound for Apple platform

01 Sep 2009

Chinatown Wars PSP Screens News

October 20th for the game

27 Aug 2009

Chinatown Wars PSP Download'n'Disc Dated News

Sony's handheld gets all fighty

26 Aug 2009

GTA Lost and Damned PS3 News is Damned News

Bit of a cock-up on the official front.

21 Aug 2009

Houser: GTA too Complex for a Movie News

But maybe it will happen.

27 Jul 2009

GTA: Episodes from Liberty City Dated News

Borderlands hitting six days earlier

23 Jul 2009

New Grand Theft Auto: November 2010 Earliest News

Take Two reshuffles

14 Jul 2009

Max Payne 3: Screenshots Nibble

24 Jun 2009

New GTA: Chinatown Wars Missions for Sony PSP News

New Missions and upscaled graphics

22 Jun 2009

Max Payne Lets Himself Go News

Max Payne 3 details

10 Jun 2009

Rockstar Games: Sony to Lead the Market News

Ben Feder opens mouth...

08 Jun 2009

Why Rockstar's Agent is PS3 Exclusive News

Take Two president speaks up

05 Jun 2009

New GTA DLC: Pay if you're Glad to be Gay! News

New content to join Lost and Damned on disc

27 May 2009

Video: Rockstar Games Founders Show Off New Company News

If you only read the headline, you'll think it's a Houser... it isn't.

21 May 2009

Red Dead Redemption Debut Trailer Now News

Watch it here

07 May 2009

MCV Awards: The Winners Nibble

24 Apr 2009

GTA: Chinatown Wars' DS Disappointment News

Casts further doubt on DS as mature platform

17 Apr 2009

GTA IV: Lost and Damned Shifted a Million? News

Source says 'yes'

14 Apr 2009

Midnight Club DLC Staggers Late Onto Xbox Live News

DLC available now

27 Mar 2009

The UK Charts: GTA: Chinatown Wars Not Number 1 News

Resident Evil 5 holds the top

23 Mar 2009

Rockstar Xbox 360 DLC Delayed News

Technical hitch pushes back 360 launch

20 Mar 2009

GTA IV Sales: Split 50/50 over Xbox and PS3 News

US weighs in equal to international sales

11 Mar 2009

Hacking and Sniping in GTA: Chinatown Wars News

Fresh video!

09 Mar 2009

Pachter Watch: New GTA Dated Nibble

09 Mar 2009

New Midnight Club LA DLC Vid Nibble

03 Mar 2009

More God of War and GTA for PSP? News

A PSP rumour round-up

02 Mar 2009

50 Cent Options Saints Row Movie News

Maybe Alfie and Chantelle can star

25 Feb 2009

Cock Horror! Naked Man in GTA Xbox Download News

He is what he is.

17 Feb 2009

GTA IV: Lost and Damned Trailer: With Niko News

Riding, shooting, yelling, crashing...

12 Feb 2009

Rockstar: Lost & Damned More than DLC News

Game exec admits to 'jargon'

11 Feb 2009

Free Xbox Live Gold with GTA IV: Lost and Damned News

Other promotions coming soon

10 Feb 2009

Call of Duty 4 Leads BAFTA Nominations News

GTA IV and Fable II close behind

10 Feb 2009

Rockstar Kills the Wild West News

Follow up to Red Dead Revolver announced

04 Feb 2009

Rockstar Cartoonery: England is Full of Homos! News

Fresh Lost and Damned goodies

02 Feb 2009

GTA's Houser: Screw Respect - Give us Freedom News

Games still in their infancy

29 Jan 2009

New GTA IV: The Lost and Damned Debauchery News

Fresh videos here!

26 Jan 2009

US: Nintendo Ruled 2008 News

Xbox 360 outsold PS3 two to one in December

16 Jan 2009

Rockstar Evasive on New GTA Rumours News

Favourite flavour enhancer and seasoning at the ready!

15 Jan 2009

Chinatown Wars Gets First DS 18 Rating News

Mainstream media gets it wrong

12 Jan 2009

'Key' Rockstar Staffers New Studio News

Key employee contracts extended

18 Dec 2008

GTA IV: The Lost and Damned Screens News

Fresh candy for your eyes

15 Dec 2008

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars Dated News

Just scraping into winter

15 Dec 2008

No GTA Chinatown Wars in Spring? News

Nintendo's Spring line-up

15 Dec 2008

GTA IV: The Lost and Damned Trailer News

Right here!

15 Dec 2008

SPORE and GTA Make Time's Top 10 News

Where's the Wii?

08 Dec 2008

GTA IV DLC for Spike News

Lost and Damned to get first showing

08 Dec 2008

GTA IV DLC Hitting Retail News

US pricing revealed

28 Nov 2008

Exclusive Xbox 360 GTA IV DLC for February News

Niko has a small part.

20 Nov 2008

GTA IV PC Video Editor in Action News

Trailer-loads of fun for all with baseball bats.

19 Nov 2008

Chinatown Wars to get Nearly all GTA IV Map News

Plus: fresh gameplay details

17 Nov 2008

Xbox 360 GTA IV New Content New Timing News

China Town Wars also delayed

14 Nov 2008

Mark Walhberg: Max Payne Film All About the Gamers News

Maybe he doesn't like the gamers so much...

16 Oct 2008

GTA: San Andreas Gets Xbox Original Treatment News

Microsoft and Rockstar hold hands some more

16 Oct 2008

Manhunt 2 Finally Dated for UK News

Coming nearly a year after US release

06 Oct 2008

ELSPA: MP Vaz Rockstar's Greatest Marketing Man News

Plus: 'the magic 18' effect

03 Oct 2008

Grand Theft Auto Drugs Mini-Game Maxi-Pictures News

Plus: what does The Sun have to say?

25 Sep 2008

GTA Chinatown's Narcotic Mini-Games - Real or Press Fodder? News

Reactionary mainstream media, start your engines!

24 Sep 2008

GTA IV PC Exclusive to Games for Windows News

Microsoft crows

23 Sep 2008

Midnight Club: Los Angeles Goes all Knight Rider! News

New video right here

22 Sep 2008

Fresh GTA Chinatown Wars Details Emerge News

Full sandbox play and a 'Mature' rating

19 Sep 2008

Grand Theft Auto Film Rip Off On the Way? News

Casting call goes out

04 Sep 2008

Rockstar: GTA Hate an Honour News

Plus: no big expansion plans

14 Aug 2008

Now Malaysia Calls for GTA IV Ban News

If it's on sale in Malaysia, anyway

08 Aug 2008

GTA IV Cover Shot Out Windows News

Box shot unveiled

08 Aug 2008

Political Madness Gone Correct: GTA IV Hits PC News

Just in time for Christmas

07 Aug 2008

GTA Pulled from Retail Following Thai Taxi Murder News

Taxi driver killed

04 Aug 2008

Develop 2008: The View From the Pier News

A report from SPOnG's man on the ground

01 Aug 2008

Midnight Club - Clubbable Trailer News

Yo, yo, yo... and all that guff.

31 Jul 2008

GTA IV Coming to PC Gone Mad News

Rockstar not commenting

25 Jul 2008

Official: Rockstar's Bully Does Not Portray Bullying News

You work it out...

09 Jul 2008

Comics Censorship Scholar - GTA Harming Society News

Should we worry?

04 Jul 2008

Rockstar's Midnight Club: Los Angeles Slips News

Release moves closer to Greedmas

03 Jul 2008

GTA IV Inspired 'Mob' to Crime Spree News

Youths form mob to an go like hell's Bellic.

27 Jun 2008

SEGA and Rockstar Deny Nintendo Release Dates News

At least no Manhunt 2

26 Jun 2008

UK Tabloid's GTA IV Paedophile Scandal News

Stupid comes from both sides

16 Jun 2008

GTA IV Episodic Content Delayed News

To provide balance.

06 Jun 2008

Rockstar and Ninja Theory Lead Develop Award Nominations News

Frontier and Criterion close behind

05 Jun 2008

Take Two Takeover: EA Still on the Case News

EA agrees to delay purchase

05 Jun 2008

GTA IV's Niko and Roman Bellic Actors Call Foul Play News

Blame your agents lads.

21 May 2008

The Charts: Is GTA IV Fit Enough to Survive Sales Drop? News

Nintendo takes 40% of Top 10

20 May 2008

Microsoft: GTA IV Exclusive DLC 'Not Possible' for PS3 News

Microsoft joins the buck passing

16 May 2008

Sam Houser Happy as a Smaller Fish in a Bigger Pond News

Even though he was turned down for a job there...

12 May 2008

Microsoft: Xbox 360 Claims GTA IV Victory News

UK figures announced by the Big M

07 May 2008

GTA IV: Has Take Two Overstated its Case? News

Apparently so...

07 May 2008

Rockstar: GTA IV Bigger Than Music and Film News

But is it bigger than Christ...

07 May 2008

The Charts: GTA IV Fit to Take the Top? News

The many facts of GTA IV's success

07 May 2008

Take-Two Sues Chicago TA Over Pulled GTA IV Ads News

Publisher claims free speech violated

06 May 2008

GTA's Houser: F*ck Casual Games News

You know that you're making money when...

02 May 2008

Stand Off! Microsoft vs Sony in GTA IV Sales Wars News

What the platform holders have to say

02 May 2008

Rebellion CEO: UK Should Celebrate GTA IV News

Plus: the ratings system debate rages on

30 Apr 2008

GTA IV Freezing on PlayStation 3? News

Xbox 360s also affected?

29 Apr 2008

Guinness World Records Eyes Up GTA IV News

World record chroniclers expecting Rockstar game to be "phenomenon"

28 Apr 2008

Can Grand Theft Auto IV Stay the Course? News

Analyst questions GTA IV longevity

28 Apr 2008

Confirmed: PlayStation 3 GTA IV Bundle News

Price and date revealed

23 Apr 2008

Xbox 360 Discs Won't Hold GTA V? News

Rockstar co-founder raises concerns over Xbox 360 disc space

23 Apr 2008

Electronic Arts: Not All About GTA IV? News

EA changes bid and date.

18 Apr 2008

Downloadable City for GTA IV? News

Crikey, we thought there might not be any GTA-related news today.

17 Apr 2008

GTA IV Edited for Weapon Insertion in "Private Area"? News

Australia and New Zealand news

16 Apr 2008

Official GTA IV Multiplayer Details Revealed News

Plus: New videos, screens and radio stations

14 Apr 2008

Official GTA IV + PS3 Bundle on the Way? News

European retail listings spotted, Sony yet to confirm

10 Apr 2008

Rockstar Criticises GTA IV Edit News

Australian ratings systems questioned again

10 Apr 2008

GTA IV Set to Smash Halo 3 Record? News

EA might like to reconsider its price?

07 Apr 2008

Rockstar Acquires Mad Doc News

Enter Rockstar New England

07 Apr 2008

Sony Blase in Face of GTA IV 360-Exclusive Content News

Marketing VP says gamers don't care

31 Mar 2008

Rockstar Partners with Amazon for GTA IV Music Downloads News

Plus: Rockstar Games Social Club revealed

28 Mar 2008

GTA IV - Guns, Cars, New Trailer! News

Get the goods here

27 Mar 2008

New GTA IV and Byron Review on Same Day News

'Everyone's A Rat' apparently...

21 Mar 2008

GTA IV Clear US Rating Hurdle News

Will be able to go on sale

20 Mar 2008

The Charts: Mario and Sonic Fight Back News

Army of Two lives up to its name

18 Mar 2008

Rockstar's Lawyer Hints at Byron Review Details News

Criticises Video Appeals Committee

17 Mar 2008

GTA IV Multi-Player Details Revealed News

Vrooom and bang!

14 Mar 2008

Manhunt 2 Gets 18 Rating - Can be Sold in UK News

Video Appeals Council wins appeal

14 Mar 2008

Electronic Arts: We'd Make GTA Without Rockstar News

Everyday somebody walks in and somebody walks out.

14 Mar 2008

BioShock 2 Confirmed, Extra GTA IV Episodic Content Coming? News

Take-Two giving downloadable content a big push, or just ambiguous wording?

12 Mar 2008

Guess the Cute Chick for the Max Payne movie? News

Clue: Little Jackie gets all growed up...

11 Mar 2008

The UK Charts: Two on Two News

EA shoots its way into the Top 10

11 Mar 2008

GTA IV: The Importance of Liberty News

Plus: touch that dial

10 Mar 2008

Rockstar's Xbox Bully Failings: Fuel to EA's Bid? News

Any storm from a port?

06 Mar 2008

GTA IV Maker Advises You to Keep Calm News

It's not worried and neither should you be

29 Feb 2008

Coca-Cola's Grand Theft Auto Cash-In - Again News

Why keep an old ad down?

22 Feb 2008

GTA IV: Inside Liberty City - Two New Trailers! News

And more screens!

22 Feb 2008

GTA IV Downloadable Content Coming In Autumn News

Listen... it's the sound of 17 million Xbox 360 owners cheering...

21 Feb 2008

Rumour Bust: GTA IV Online Multiplayer Xbox 360 Exclusive News

PS3 fans can breathe a sigh of relief...

13 Feb 2008

GTA IV Website Overhauled News

Video and screen goodness inside!

11 Feb 2008

GTA IV: New Teaser Packaging Art Right Here News

Girl enjoys lollipop videogames shocker!

07 Feb 2008

GTA IV - Niko Wanted In New York City News

Plus: Rockstar gears up for media outcry

04 Feb 2008

PS3 to Get GTA IV Downloadable Content? News

So sayeth the rumour mill

28 Jan 2008

High Court Slaughters Manhunt 2 News

Ramifications for censorship in the United Kingdom

25 Jan 2008

PlayStation 3: Did Contribute to GTA IV Delay News

Plus: will there be Hot Coffee to love the smell of in the morning?

24 Jan 2008

Official Confirmation: GTA IV Set for April Launch News

Worldwide launch.

24 Jan 2008

Brand New GTA IV Screens Right Here! News

Thievery's in the air... with new Grand Theft Auto IV screens.

23 Jan 2008

GTA IV: Launch Date is April 25th News

Get your controversy barriers up and your feet to the floor.

21 Jan 2008

UPDATED: Rockstar Gets Steamed Up News

But not just yet

07 Jan 2008

Xbox 360 NOT Getting Unannounced GTA IV Content News

Episodic content has slipped

20 Dec 2007

Grand Theft Auto IV for April Release? News

Take Two "convicted" on second quarter

19 Dec 2007

No Sale: Manhunt 2 Going to the High Court News

UK video games really under threat now.. .

17 Dec 2007

BBFC Speaks: Manhunt 2 Still No Sale News

Video Appeals Committee clears appeal... BBFC has to rule

10 Dec 2007

Steve 'Interesting' Davis On Manhunt 2: "All Bollocks!" News

Wise words from The Nugget

10 Dec 2007

GTA IV: Destroying Monday Morning Blues News

...with guns and stuff

10 Dec 2007

Latest GTA IV Trailer: December 6th 2007 News

Right, yeah... move over ladies! Sorry, up.

06 Dec 2007

Tantalising New GTA IV Screens Within News

Trailer coming soon...

06 Dec 2007

GTA IV Trailer Incoming! News

Box art unveiled

29 Nov 2007

Manhunt 2 Appeal: BBFC Using Game As Line In Sand News

Manhunt 2 Appeal - BBFC finally states its case

27 Nov 2007

UPDATE: Play Dates Manhunt 2 Release News

Controversial game posted for purchase on UK site

27 Nov 2007

Rockstar To Present Manhunt 2 To Video Appeals Committee News

Will the saga never end?

19 Nov 2007

Rockstar Bullys Its Way To Writers Award News

Err, sorry, we mean Canis Canem Edit

19 Nov 2007

Take Two Forks Out $1 Million To Dodge GTA Court Case News

Out of court settlement reached for Hot Coffee scandal

12 Nov 2007

ESRB Defends Manhunt 2 News


05 Nov 2007

Hot Coffee 2 – Manhunt 2 Hacked News

PSP version un-edited

02 Nov 2007

Manhunt 2 Launch Trailer Inside - Censorship Debate Summarised News

If you are squeamish, don’t look

25 Oct 2007

Manhunt 2 Can Be Sold To UK Gamers News

Legal loophole allows sale...

24 Oct 2007

Sony Stays Quiet On Manhunt Leak News

Rockstar to take legal action?

22 Oct 2007

SCEE Employee Leaked Manhunt 2 News

So says Take-Two

22 Oct 2007

Who Leaked Manhunt 2? News

Thousands playing it, claims a new 'investigation'

18 Oct 2007

BBFC Manhunt 2 Ban – Latest Update News

Banned game same cut as approved US version

12 Oct 2007

Halo 3 An Indicator Of GTA IV Success? News

Bungie's shooter a harbinger of things to come?

10 Oct 2007

TV Psychologist Starts Violent Video Game Review Today News

The Tanya Byron Report On Violent Games Launches

09 Oct 2007

Rockstar Slams BBFC's Refusal To Rate Revised Manhunt 2 News

Haven't we been here before?

08 Oct 2007

BBFC Knocks Back Revised Manhunt 2 News

Get it on import this Halloween from the US

08 Oct 2007

The Charts: Halo 3 versus FIFA News

Can a bunch of over-paid prima donnas score over a bunch of helmet lovers?

02 Oct 2007

Rumour Crusher: Grand Theft Auto IV Out This Month News

The Internet strikes again...

02 Oct 2007

Sad Day As Rockstar Developer Dies News

No further comments needed

27 Sep 2007

Government Responds To Manhunt 2 Petition News

"Not our problem"

18 Sep 2007

No Testicles in Pliers in Manhunt 2 Anymore News

Details of the new ratings-friendly Manhunt 2 inside

12 Sep 2007

Rockstar's L.A. Noire Not Out Until 2009 News

Nor is Mafia 2. Welcome to development hell.

11 Sep 2007

Common Sense Comments On Manhunt 2: Bandwagon Getting Full News

US 'child policy' organisation comments on mature rating

31 Aug 2007

Manhunt 2 Allowed On Sale In Holland News

Hooray for the last bastion of liberalism in Europe

30 Aug 2007

Manhunt 2: California Senator Hits Back At Rating Board News

42 out of 100 kids will still buy it, apparently

30 Aug 2007

ESRB Refuses To Detail Manhunt 2 Re-rating News

Stands by Mature rating in US

29 Aug 2007

Tory Leader On Video Games And Responsible Parenting News

David Cameron uses videogames to court 'Outraged, from Tunbridge Wells'

28 Aug 2007

Manhunt 2 Given ‘M’ Rating in US - Civil Liberty Restored News

Now, time for the BBFC to give it an 18-rating in the UK

24 Aug 2007

Grand Theft Auto IV Delayed: 2008 Release News

"Size and scope" to blame?

03 Aug 2007

Rockstar Appeals Manhunt 2 Ban News

BBFC to be taken to task

01 Aug 2007

Rockstar's New PS3 Exclusive News

A whole franchise, in fact

30 Jul 2007

Rockstar Disses Sony – Recommends 360 For ‘Full’ GTA 4 Experience News

New screens inside, lookee lookee!

26 Jul 2007

Disgruntled Ex-Rockstar Employee Spills (Hot Coffee) Beans News

'Life During Wartime Working at Rockstar Games'

26 Jul 2007

Bully: Scholarship Edition on Wii and Xbox 360 Soon News

Get set for some next gen bullying this Christmas

20 Jul 2007

Rockstar's Table Tennis Heads to Wii News

With Wii Remote Bats. Yay!

18 Jul 2007

Ex-ELSPA Bennett Slams Successor's Manhunt 2 Stance News

Roger Bennett, SPOnG salutes you

29 Jun 2007

Rockstar Thanks Fans for Support on Manhunt 2 News

Soon to announce plans to appeal BBFC's decision

29 Jun 2007

Grand Theft Auto IV: Stonking ALL NEW Video HERE News

Looking For That Special Someone

28 Jun 2007

GTA 4 Screens To Pimp A Trailer To Pimp A Game News

"Looking For That Special Someone" trailer

28 Jun 2007

GTA IV Special Edition – Pics of Swag News

New trailer to follow tomorrow

27 Jun 2007

Manhunt 2 Petition on Prime Minister’s Website News

We the undersigned…

26 Jun 2007

Manhunt 2 Is 'Fine Art' Says Rockstar Boss News

If a sliced up cow is fine art, then why not?

21 Jun 2007

Manhunt 2 Rated ‘Adult Only’ in the States News

Still. Better than a blanket ban, eh?

20 Jun 2007

Rockstar Responds To Manhunt 2 Ban News

Disappointed... looking for diverse stories... no backdown

19 Jun 2007

BBFC On Manhunt 2 Ban: Rockstar To Appeal? News

“Under the terms of the Video Recordings Act distributors have the right to appeal.”

19 Jun 2007

Manhunt 2 Banned News

Illegal for Rockstar to sell the game in the UK. First ban for family-friendly Wii release?

19 Jun 2007

New GTA Trailer Coming Soon – Details Here News

Meanwhile, Take Two to make significant job cuts

12 Jun 2007

Florida Attorney General Targets Manhunt 2 On Wii News

Wii control system becomes a problem

07 Jun 2007

Manhunt 2: Evil New Trailer News

Here's looking at you, Jack

05 Jun 2007

Grand Theft Auto: IV New Screens News

Friday carnage

25 May 2007

Grand Theft Auto IV: Special Edition Revealed News

As if you needed convincing...

22 May 2007

Grand Theft Auto IV Nixes Senator's Island News

U.S. task force leader's home ground... gone

14 May 2007

Xbox 360 is Limited Says Rockstar Bossman News

What is good then, Dan?

02 May 2007

Manhunt 2: 11 New Scary Screens News

lock up your children, folks, Take-Two's at it again

02 May 2007

Yet More GTA IV Info News

No loading times. Yay!

24 Apr 2007

Manhunt 2: New Trailer Right Here News

And some new screens for afters

13 Apr 2007

GTA IV – Multiplayer. Exclusive 360 Content. Details Here. News

Plus, multiplayer features to be announced soon

11 Apr 2007

GTA IV Enrages New York Officials News

Trailer sparks controversy

02 Apr 2007

Grand Theft Auto IV: The Original Inspiration Right Here News

GTA IV: Life out of balance?

30 Mar 2007

Rockstar: The Rise and Fall of a Dynasty News

Can GTA IV save the ailing publisher?

29 Mar 2007

GTA IV Trailer Day Latest News

Rockstar prepare for the GTA striptease tomorrow

28 Mar 2007

Grand Theft Auto Ram Raids The Charts News

But only gently

20 Mar 2007

Take 2 In Sale Drama News

The blood keeps on flowing

19 Mar 2007

The Charts: Final Fantasy Shot Down + GTA Shoots Up News

Advanced Warfighter... advances

13 Mar 2007

Sony's Harrison: PS3 Base Too Small For GTA Exclusive News

Phil Harrison speaks

09 Mar 2007

Death Kill City 2: Death Kill Stories - first screens! News

Of the Simpsons GTA spoof - “rated bad for everyone”

06 Mar 2007

Latest Grand Theft Auto Trailer Right Here! News

Get your dose of Vice City action...

02 Mar 2007

GTA IV Trailer Countdown News

This is more like it!

02 Mar 2007

Take-Two In New Hot Coffee Sex Talks News

Agrees to settlement talks

01 Mar 2007

Grand Theft Auto Star Arrested News

This will certainly get the anti-games hacks up in arms

19 Feb 2007

Murder Victim's Parents Condemn Manhunt 2 News

Announcement made in anniversary month of son's death

08 Feb 2007

Rumour: Rockstar Games to Publish GTA5 on Wii News

Not a rumour: GTA: Vice City Stories IS coming to PS2.

08 Feb 2007

Manhunt 2 - Rockstar Responds - TRAILER HERE News

Rockstar quick to set out its stall in defence of obviously controversial franchise extension

07 Feb 2007

Manhunt 2 Baits Flailing Thompson and Media News

Rockstar announces current-gen remake of 'murder sim'

07 Feb 2007

Government Meets To Discuss Violent Games News

Vaz speaks with ministers

18 Jan 2007

Ex RockSt*rs Form New Company News

January is the coolest month for Rockstars

17 Jan 2007

Bully 2? Canis Be True? News

Yeah, but no, but yeah but... says major financial analyst.

15 Jan 2007

Something for the Weekend, Sir? Games Out Today News

GTA Vice City Stories, Killzone: Liberation, casual sex and violence, and gardening.

03 Nov 2006

The Charts: PES 6 Shoots and Scores News

Becomes the fastest selling 360 title to date

31 Oct 2006

Gay Kissing in the USA: Latest on the Bully ‘Weak Tea’ Scandal News

Mainstream media picks up on boy-on-boy action

30 Oct 2006

PES And Bully On Sale Early News

Woolworths and Choices UK shift units in battle with independent retailers

25 Oct 2006

Jack Thompson May Face Jail for Contempt News

Take-Two's legal eagles file "Petition for Order to Show Cause"

24 Oct 2006

Prime Minister Blair Defends UK Games Makers News

As the parliamentary select committee on videogames reconvenes, Tony Blair goes into bat for videogames makers.

19 Oct 2006

Leading UK Retailer Refuses to Stock Bully News

Not appropriate for Curry’s family-friendly image

17 Oct 2006

Judge on Bully: ‘See More Violence on TV Every Night’ News

Case dismissed, Jack Thompson fires off angry missive

16 Oct 2006

New Bully Trailer - Jimmy’s Arrival at Bullworth News

And a poor little boy who wets himself

13 Oct 2006

Florida Judge to Evaluate Bully News

Lucky Florida Judge!

12 Oct 2006

Labour MP in Predictable Call for Canis Ban News

Plus, more calls from Jack Thompson to ban 'Columbine Simulator'

11 Oct 2006

Canis Canem Edit: 15-Rated News

Anti-Bully campaigners go strangely quiet

10 Oct 2006

LA Noire: First Trailer News

Drugs, jazz, corruption - La La Land Remembered

06 Oct 2006

L.A. Noire, Rockstar Style News

Drugs, guns, corruption.

26 Sep 2006

Latest Bully info, plus GTA:VCS Trailer Splurge News

That's Canis Canem Edit and Grant Theft Auto: Vice City Stories to you, sonny

22 Sep 2006

Rumour: GTA on Wii News

Plus! Free GTA4 tattoos, says our barber.

21 Sep 2006

Canis Canem Edit – Latest Trailer News

Say hello to Principal Crabblesnitch

19 Sep 2006

Jack Thompson Tells Radio Interviewer He Wants to Kill! News

Hates videogames, loves guns?

11 Sep 2006

New Canis Canem Edit - Gameplay Video News

And we didn’t even have to ‘Bully’ R* into giving it to us!

06 Sep 2006

GTA Vice City Stories - Video News

Chaos on the move with new bad boy Vic Vance, plus! Official site launched.

06 Sep 2006

Bully Given New Identity News

Controversial Rockstar title changes name to escape the past.

01 Sep 2006

New Bully Trailer and Information News

Fresh from the all-pushing, all-shoving Rockstar website.

23 Aug 2006

The Charts – Cars in Road Block at the Top News

The UK games industry’s midsummer coasting period.

22 Aug 2006

The Charts: Movie Cash-Ins Fail to Cash-In News

Budget bonanza as summer holiday buying trails off.

15 Aug 2006

Bully. Brand New Box-Fresh Trailer NOW! News

Format friendly. Get it while it's hot

11 Aug 2006

Bully: the Controvo-Storm Commences News

Detailed game info inside

10 Aug 2006

Rockstar Wins a Lawsuit, Strippers and Pigs Involved News

Real-world legalised pimps too.

03 Aug 2006

Vice City and Mizuguchi - PSP Info and Media Splurge News

New GTA handheld info plus Lumines and Every Extend Extra vids inside.

02 Aug 2006

Bully Out this Christmas - Rockstar Confirms News

Can’t Beat a Bit o’ Bully! Controvo-fest starts here.

02 Aug 2006

Rockstar’s Table Tennis Smashes Onto Xbox Live News

Free demo of sports game of the year.

26 Jul 2006

PSP GTA: Vice City Stories – Box Art and Release Date News

Coming to you this autumn

25 Jul 2006

Chart News: A Good Week for Handheld Movie Cash-Ins News

Ver kids stock up on holiday games.

25 Jul 2006

Hot Coffee? Teacup Storm More Like News

Rockstar Games off the hook. Finally.

21 Jul 2006

UK Charts: a Summer Holiday boost News

GTA stands firm at the top, Prey closing in

18 Jul 2006

The Charts: Nintendo One - Football Nil News

Liberty City Stories hangs onto top slot.

11 Jul 2006

The Charts: Liberty City Stories Holds Firm News

But the heat is on from Mario.

04 Jul 2006

The Warriors' Cyrus Sues Take-Two News

Legal ball-drop opens case

28 Jun 2006

Take Two: Subpoenaed Over Hot Coffee News

More trouble over rubbish sex mini-game.

27 Jun 2006

This is Not GTA4 - Screenshot News

From Rockstar. Official.

23 Jun 2006

GTA IV to use R* Table Tennis Powerhouse? News

Rumoured to use Rockstar’s RAGE Engine

16 Jun 2006

Rockstar and Federal Trade Commission – Settlement Reached News

Hopefully draws a line under Hot Coffee scandal.

09 Jun 2006

Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis - Another Trailer News

Adidas show how in-game sponsorship is done

06 Jun 2006

GTA: Liberty City Stories – First PS2 Trailer News

Plus! First screens of latest GTA outing.

06 Jun 2006

The Charts: Agent 47 and Lara Hit Top Three News

Hitman and Her star in the All Formats chart.

06 Jun 2006

The Charts - Hitman Bang on Target News

A golden week for Eidos.

31 May 2006

Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis – Online Play News

Ping Pong game set to rock Live.

18 May 2006

Rockstar's Table Tennis - 'How To' Videos News

You spin me right round, baby.

28 Apr 2006

Crazy Fool Thinks GTA Improves His Driving News

Plus! Yawn! Games demonised in murder case.

18 Apr 2006

GTA - Young Men Behaving Badly News

Smoke marijuana, get laid and drink booze.

11 Apr 2006

Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis Official Website News

Ping Pong hype machine served up.

10 Apr 2006

Rockstar's Table Tennis - trailer News

2006: The Summer of Ping Pong

07 Apr 2006

Rockstar’s Table Tennis – New Screens News

Ping Pong craze starts here.

31 Mar 2006

Table Tennis. New Screens, Mo-fos News

Needless profanity courtesy of Rockstar?

21 Mar 2006

Grand Theft Auto: TV News

Report hints at smallscreen outing for Rockstar's finest

17 Mar 2006

Take 2 Shell Out Cool $25m for GTA Devs News

Elsewhere, Jack Thompson in tedious Bully scandal.

14 Mar 2006

Take-Two's Financial Results News

Sales down, but plenty of GTA lolly still banked.

08 Mar 2006

Prostitutes Urge Morally Upstanding Citizens to Boycott GTA News

Most bizarre twist yet in ongoing ban-this-filth saga.

15 Feb 2006

British Videogames up for Design Awards News

GTA and Tomb Raider on Design Museum shortlist.

30 Jan 2006

Take 2 Facing Another Major Lawsuit News

Beleaguered GTA publisher burnt by Hot Coffee. Again.

30 Jan 2006

Next GTA Set Across European Cities News

UK rumour mill fired up again.

16 Jan 2006

Jack Thompson plans Take 2 shareholder showdown – Full report News

'Crusader' buys stock, prepares to... shout?

23 Dec 2005

Battle Lines Drawn in Looming US Games Ratings War – Full Report News

Clinton and ESRB fire first shots.

30 Nov 2005

Spector Slams Grand Theft Auto News

Design milestone undermined by content claims beard-stroker.

04 Nov 2005

New GTA for PSP Confirmed – UK Debut Liberated on Friday News

Portable killing spree genius gets second look.

01 Nov 2005

Keith Vaz Grinding his Anti-Games Axe Again News

UK now has its own ill-informed game critic.

27 Oct 2005

Rockstar Announces Sunday Driver UMD Exclusive Movie News

More urban than teeth-kissing – intriguing spin-off detailed inside.

23 Sep 2005

Predictable Bully backlash makes same old mistakes News

New Rockstar Game. New uproar. Old news.

19 Aug 2005

Rockstar Not So Popular in America Right Now... News

Employees weather the storm in New York offices.

03 Aug 2005

No Sex Please, We're Australian News

GTA 'Hot Coffee' scenes a bridge too far for OFLC

01 Aug 2005

Congress Backs Spanking Millions in Rockstar Witchhunt News

Hot Coffee lie prompts probe – irrespective of rating change.

26 Jul 2005

Rockstar in Hot Coffee - Sex mod exists in PS2 SA - Firm lied in press release? News

Sex news - More interesting than award ceremonies

18 Jul 2005

Rockstar responds to Clinton attack News

Somewhat tongue-in-cheek

15 Jul 2005

Grand Theft Auto For PlayStation 3 Screen? News

Or not…YOU decide!

30 Jun 2005

Man Shoots, Kills Seven Year-Old Girl in San Andreas Row News

The world stinks – more proof.

24 Jun 2005

GTA Liberty City Stories PSP Info and Images Leak News

First big PSP title hits web – full story and screens inside.

20 Jun 2005

GTA in Time for PSP European Launch? News

Rockstar announce title and date.

19 May 2005

Rockstar Under Fire as Clinton Points Finger News

Flagship violence-em-up singled out.

29 Mar 2005

Financial report nails down Rockstar release schedule News

XBOX and PSP release dates, and more revealed

05 Mar 2005

Rockstar again accused of targeting children with GTA News

Commercials to see watershed ban

02 Mar 2005

PSP Grand Theft Auto Dated News

Rockstar US sales team let slip launch of key portable title.

14 Feb 2005

Fresh Details on PSP Grand Theft Auto News

Same city, different game.

12 Jan 2005

World in shock: San Andreas confirmed for Xbox News

Rockstar pledges MS version by June

17 Dec 2004

Rockstar tools up a million News

GTA: San Andreas record smash non-shock

10 Nov 2004

World in shock: San Andreas sells like crack in Compton News

Amazement at incredible amount of over 18’s shopping

03 Nov 2004

Rockstar reacts to GTA San Andreas leak News

"We take the theft [...] very seriously."

21 Oct 2004

San Andreas for download? News

Embarrassment for Rockstar as piracy rumours surface

15 Oct 2004

Rockstar under fire as demographic void causes concern News

Publisher chooses magazine with younger readership for adult game

15 Oct 2004

World Exclusive: San Andreas! multiplayer features revealed News

Online dashed - Co-op mode details exposed inside

14 Oct 2004

UK Chart: Manhunt returns News

Murder simulation benefits from bad PR

02 Aug 2004

New Images From GTA: San Andreas News

The Rockstar uber-crime adventure pictured inside.

09 Jul 2004

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas offline confirmed News

Houser comments solidified by US arm.

28 Jun 2004

GTA for GBA This Autumn? News

Rockstar hints at release date.

09 Jun 2004

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas: Burgling and Gambling Included News

First information on E3 truant revealed.

19 May 2004

GTA: San Andreas First Screens News

Bah! Who needs E3 anyway?

12 May 2004

Exclusive: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas E3 No-show Confirmed News

Rockstar spills beans – key title to be kept under wraps.

21 Apr 2004

E3 No-shows: Tomb Raider and Grand Theft Auto to Miss Key Show News

Deadlines approach for big franchises.

20 Apr 2004

GTA San Andreas to Miss E3? News

June slated for key franchise update.

16 Apr 2004

Shaun Ryder in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas! News

Leaked script adds weight to professional Manc's inclusion. Inclusion of Squirrel and G-Man not confirmed.

29 Mar 2004

Red Dead Revolver Gets off Horse, Drinks Milk News

Cowboy action - surely a genre seedling.

15 Mar 2004

Grand Theft Auto now enraging centre-left - How long before the party ends? News

Lieberman names and shames Rockstar blockbuster

02 Mar 2004

Grand Theft Auto Shock: San Andreas PlayStation 2 exclusive! News

Rockstar patent app proves reliable as next game in planet’s biggest franchise takes shape

01 Mar 2004

Europe feels the Payne News

Rockstar handheld shooter set for March.

27 Feb 2004

The Real Christmas Chart Topper - Medal of Honor Ousted News

EA shooter finally tumbles

30 Dec 2003

PS2 Wish List 2004: GTA News

As inevitable as leaves falling from the trees. Deciduous trees, that is.

28 Dec 2003

Grand Theft Auto Stolen? News

Shock claims from Scottish designer.

19 Dec 2003

Red Not Dead Revolver News

Rockstar saves cult Capcom title.

19 Dec 2003

More Vice City Protests News

US retail giant bears the brunt of Haitian uproar.

15 Dec 2003

Rockstar on Racist Haitian Claims News

Company breaks silence.

11 Dec 2003

Rockstar Belatedly Breaks Silence News

World of surprise as 2004 GTA Double Pack announced.

09 Dec 2003

Xbox GTA3 and Vice City Europe Slips to 2004! News

Sources confirm Christmas no-show.

18 Nov 2003

Grand Theft Auto V dated as series may face canning/financial ruin News

Killing and mayhem set to return, sooner than thought

31 Oct 2003

Small, predictable, yet welcome Xbox GTA boost News

Dolby, all 5.1 of it!

14 Oct 2003

Latest GTA3 Xbox build shown! News

New screens of MS thuggery.

30 Sep 2003

Iwata wrong: Grand Theft Auto sells like Final Fantasy in Japan News

Japan says 'Yes!' to ultraviolent game.

29 Sep 2003

Max Payne GBA mooted News

Pocket-sized bullet-time.

22 Sep 2003

Grand Theft Auto in court over killings News

Socially irresponsible gaming: the aftermath.

10 Sep 2003

Vice City and GTA 3 finally confirmed for Xbox News

At last, the news Xbox owners have been praying for.

04 Sep 2003

ECTS Awards News

And the winners are…

29 Aug 2003

Manhunt sickness spews forth News

The nastiest game ever?

05 Aug 2003

Massive Starsky and Hutch sculpture in London News

World record Striped Tomato shocks capital.

19 Jun 2003

Rockstar makes Grand Theft Auto 4 commitment – PlayStation 3 chatter re-emerges News

But Sony exclusives could be history.

30 May 2003

GTA 4 PlayStation 3 chatter. Grand Theft Auto heading for GameCube and Xbox? News

Gossip sees PC code rehashed for all-formats as next-gen race heats up

28 Apr 2003

Vice City PC details revealed News

Extra features galore.

17 Apr 2003

Grand Theft Auto April fools chatter News

Tokyo and Sin City mentioned as Internet game sites prove ability to be boring beyond belief.

03 Apr 2003

PC version of Vice City gets a date! News

And we don't mean politically correct, either. Now PC owners can disturb their loved ones.

17 Feb 2003

Vice City award hiccup News

Too violent to be displayed says gallery.

03 Feb 2003

Xbox Platinum Hits range causes deja vu News

MS budget range revealed!

28 Jan 2003

Iwata speaks on disappointing GameCube sales News

Gosen's claims of second place prove untrue

23 Jan 2003

Rockstar expands News

Buoyant all-powerful UK developer fledges again.

17 Jan 2003

Vice City gets Highbrow design award nomination News

Moral majority outraged.

10 Jan 2003

Vice City slammed! News

One of the strongest diatribes ever seen hits Rockstar smash.

20 Dec 2002

Vice City in the balance down under News

Australian censorship ruling looms.

28 Nov 2002

GBA's Grand Theft Auto 3 rattles the can News

Explanation required as portable mayhem goes AWOL.

28 Nov 2002

Rock and Roll! News

It’s the follow-up to Midnight Club.

18 Nov 2002

GTA: Vice City is fastest-selling UK game ever News

A record-breaking quarter of a million units shifted in less than a week.

12 Nov 2002

Rockstar joyrides its way to retail News

Vice City ships!

30 Oct 2002

Vice City runs into trouble down under News

Censored version in the works.

11 Oct 2002

Take 2 reports finances News

Who said crime doesn’t pay?

10 Jun 2002

SCE shows its big guns are ablaze News

GT3 and GTA3 sell like nothing else!

16 May 2002

Game Developers Conference Award Winners Revealed News

The award for best opening of an envelope goes to...

25 Mar 2002

Fifth Annual Interactive Achievement Awards Nominees Revealed News

The Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences (AIAS) has revealed the nominees for the fifth Annual Interactive Achievement Awards.

11 Feb 2002

Grand Theft Auto Miami and IV Revealed News

More controversy on the way? It's a safe bet.

11 Feb 2002

Take 2 loses Australian GTA 3 ban appeal News

Content revision planned

13 Dec 2001

Grand Theft Auto 3 banned in Australia News

Super-violent game almost slips the net

12 Dec 2001

New Smuggler’s Run 2 shots hit the web News

Latest Rockstar crime-em-up image overload

15 Aug 2001

Grand Theft Auto 3 shaping up to controversy News

Car-jack 3D goodness from Rockstar

05 Mar 2001

Grand Theft Auto 3 looks, errrm different News

Grand Theft Auto goes 3D while sticking two fingers up at everyone

06 Feb 2001

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