Got info on BBFC?
Full name: British Board of Film Classification
Established: 1912

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Government Confusion in Call for Return of BBFC Game Ratings News

Politicians really don't know their video games

09 Jul 2013

BBFC Unhappy With Government PEGI Support News

Warns PEGI must be independent in substance

16 Jun 2009

ELSPA Swings Back at BBFC Stats News

BBFC hits with stats

27 Feb 2009

BBFC to Games Industry: British is Best News

Director of British Board of Film Classification questions PEGI's ability to decide for UK residents

08 Oct 2008

Manhunt 2 Finally Dated for UK News

Coming nearly a year after US release

06 Oct 2008

ELSPA Savages BBFC - States PEGI Will Become Legal News

How will this effect developers?

04 Sep 2008

Hodge: BBFC Commands Greater Confidence than PEGI News

An opinion? At last

16 Jul 2008

BBFC Says No One is Sure Who PEGI is News

Just a bunch of blokes...

04 Jul 2008

BBFC: Electronic Arts Claims are "Absurd" News

Office the size of Milton Keynes is bonkers

30 Jun 2008

British Censors to Rate Downloads News

Loophole closed... moving on

21 May 2008

ELSPA Calls for PEGI as 'Sole' Games Rating System News

Currys adds to ratings confusion

30 Apr 2008

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