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Full name: Electronic Arts Limited
Established: 1982

Electronic Arts, one of the leading games publishers in the world, it was established in 1982 by Trip Hawkins. He was aided by Rich Melmon (Melmon worked in marketing at Apple). Hawkins began working from his home, using his own money. The company was then moved to an office in the headquarters of investment bankers, Sequoia Capital, which was based in San Mateo, California.

The initial name of EA was going to be Amazin' Software, but it was later changed to SoftArt. Neither name was deemed acceptable, so a meeting was held in 1982 between the 12 employees, and Electronic Arts was born.

The First Games
Electronic Arts' first games include Hard Hat Mac, Pinball Construction Set and Archon. These games were released in the spring of 1983. These games were packaged in modern, exciting-looking cases, so they looked similar to rock and pop albums.

Over the 80s, EA had created a wide variety of games and genres; major titles included The Bard’s Tale, Wasteland, Starflight, and Chuck Yeager’s Advanced Flight Trainer. Electronic Arts had even branched out into creating 'Deluxe Paint' one of the key applications for the Amiga computer.

Enter Larry Probst
Larry Probst entered the video game industry with Activision in 1982. In the autumn of 1984, Larry Probst joined Electronic Arts as the vice president of sales. He brought a wealth of marketing knowledge to the company, and organized EA's strategy of dealing directly with retailers.

Mad for Madden
Hawkins wanted to create a football game. So Hawkins recruited John Madden, the Oakland Raiders coach, to learn all the rules of football, to make his game more realistic. Also, using John Madden added another selling point to the game – a celebrity endorsement. All this hard work paid off in 1988 when the game was finally released and lead to EA's longest running franchise. The game was simply called John Maddens Football

Genesis to Revelation
The Mega Drive (Genesis) was released in 1989. The Mega Drive was a 16-bit gaming console by Sega. EA also brought over many strategy and RPG games to the Mega Drive. These games appealed to older players, therefore making the audience of video games wider.

Electronic Arts also formed a partnership with the Japanese developer/publisher Squaresoft to publish their PlayStation titles in North America, helping to bring Japanese-style role playing games to a mass audience. However the Nintendo 64 didn't see very many EA titles.

In 1997, Electronic Arts entered the online market when Origin Systems created Ultima Online, an online fantasy world that could have hundreds of thousands of players across the globe playing it at any one time.

The Pogo.com brand was launched on September 2, 1999 . In March 2001, Electronic Arts (EA) purchased www.pogo.com for approximately $40 million. This site has a variety of free games, subscription games, and games available for download.

PS2 vs Dreamcast
In 1999, Sega released the Dreamcast, although EA could not see a market for it. The Dreamcast was released a year before Sony's Playstation 2. Then Nintendo began a fresh start with its Game Cube, and Microsoft was just coming through with the first Xbox console. EA's tactics were to divide its efforts over the three consoles, so no console could claim dominance.

Electronic Arts had the advantage over other games publishers, because it could publish games across multiple platforms, in a cost-effective way. It could also publish games in multiple languages and deploy games globally better than anyone else.

The Playstation 2 became a showcase for EA games based on movies, such as Lord of the Rings, and The Godfather. EA also secured the rights to J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series and produced several successful games based on the books. EA's Medal of Honor series flourished on all three consoles where improved graphics enabled the developer to produce an intense, cinematic experience.

The Sims?
EA had always found difficulty in appealing to the female audience. The Sims proved to be an answer to this problem. The game started out as just an architectural idea; designing houses, then adding people, to see how they would work. Then it became apparent that the people were the most interesting things on the screen. EA developed the game some more, then put it out into publishing, and then found that The Sims had a tremendous amount of teenage girls playing. Then EA began to develop more expansion packs geared towards a female audience e.g. Hot Date. To further appeal to girls, EA started buying advertising space in fashion magazines, and on M.T.V television adverts.

Europe! Europe!
Europe has always played an important part to EA. It was 1987 when the European division was set up. In 2004, EA added Criterion Software to its UK studio system. Criterion created the Burnout series of racing games, as well as the FPS, Black. Criterion also produces the RenderWare game engine.

In 1991, Electronic Arts purchased its first outside development studio, Distinctive Software. This development studio began to work on the EA sports franchise, and it created the long running Need for Speed series. Distinctive was then renamed EA Canada – it's now one of the largest EA studios.

In 1992, Richard Garriott's Origin Systems joined EA. Origin systems developed many games, and the first instalment in the Jane's Combat Simulations series. However, despite its successes, Origin had difficulty integrating with EA, and in 1999 (after the release of Ultima IX) Richard Garriott left the company. Later, several of Origin's high-profile projects were cancelled, and the company was finished in 2004.

EA acquired Peter Molyneux's UK studio, Bullfrog in 1995 . Electronic Arts had already published Bullfrog’s Populous, Theme Park and Magic Carpet. As a division of Electronic Arts, Bullfrog went on to produce Dungeon Keeper and its sequel. Bullfrog was absorbed into EA UK in 2004.

EA bought Maxis in 1997, however Will Wright had already created SimCity in 1989. And when EA bought Maxis, Wright began work on a new project that would become The Sims – one of EA's best-selling computer games.

Westwood Studios was acquired by Electronic Arts in 1998, and the studio produced Command & Conquer : Tiberian Sun, a new sequel, built with an improved game engine. Over the next few years, Westwood continued to produce titles for the Command & Conquer series.

In 2005, Electronic Arts acquired JAMDAT (A successful mobile phone company founded by former Activision executives. Now re-named EA mobile, it has been able to use the knowledge of EA to create mobile versions of games such as SimCity and Tetris.

By acquiring these studios, the company gained many important skills and talents.

Trip Leaves... Enter John Riccitiello
When Trip Hawkins left Electronic Arts, he left Larry Probst in charge of EA. And then Probst made John Riccitiello CEO of EA. On the 2nd of April 2007.

Electronic Arts has 4 divisions, EA Games, EA Sports, EA Casual Entertainment, and The Sims.

Software Highlights from Credited Titles

Electronic Arts's first work that SPOnG is aware of is the 1981 title, "Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves" (C64).

The company has been involved titles released on the PS4, Switch, Xbox One, PC, 3DS/2DS, PSVita, Wii U, Wii, PS3, Xbox 360, DS/DSi, iPad, PS2, Power Mac, PSP, Xbox, GameCube, GBA, N-Gage, PlayStation, Game Boy Color, N64, Game Boy, Saturn, Sega 32-X, Sega Megadrive, SNES, Amiga, CD32, ST, Mac, 3DO, Game Gear, Sega MegaCD, Sega Master System, NES, C64, Spectrum 48K, Amstrad CPC, Apple II and Atari 400/800/XL/XE. Of these, "Mirror's Edge" (Xbox 360), "Mirror's Edge" (PS3), "The Sims 2: Free Time" (PC), "Dead Space" (PS3), "The Sims 2: Mansion & Garden Stuff" (PC) has been a best selling title.

The company's most recent involvement was on the 2019 release "Anthem" (Mac).

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EA Creates 300 Jobs in Galway, Ireland for Its European Customer Experience Centre of Excellence

With Support From Irish Government, Existing Operation Expands With Global Player Support For A Broad Range Of EA Games An Taoiseach, Mr. Enda Kenny T.D. Officiates

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BioWare Announces Dragon Age 3: Inquisition

The Return of Dragon Age will be Bigger, Deeper and Powered by Frostbite 2

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#1 Mobile Gaming Publisher to Optimize Key Titles for iPhone 5

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The Enemy and Reverend and The Makers Headline EA Sports FIFA13 Soundtrack

Top UK Indie Acts Part Of Unprecedented Gold & Platinum Roster Featuring deadmau5, Bloc Party, Flo Rida with Lil’ Wayne, Matisyahu and Kasabian

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EA SPORTS and NCAA Football Kick Off Annual Fellowship

EA Seeks Former Football Student-Athletes to Contribute to Videogame Development

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Women's Olympic Ice Hockey Stars and New NHL Legends Join Roster for EA SPORTS NHL 13

Four-time Olympic Medalists Angela Ruggiero and Hayley Wickenheiser become First Ever Female Athletes Added as Playable Characters in EA SPORTS NHL Franchise - NHL Hall of Famers Doug Gilmour and Jari Kurri Added, Along with NHL Legend Dominik Hasek

29 Aug 2012

DICE Gets You Into the Fight With the Battlefield 3 Premium Edition

Packed with the Award-Winning Battlefield 3, All Battlefield 3 Premium Content Including Five Digital Expansions and More for $69.99

14 Aug 2012

EA Forecasts the World's Deadliest Winter When Dead Space 3 Releases on February 5, 2013

Dead Space 3 Limited Edition Gives Players Advanced Spacesuits and Weapons to Help Overcome Deadly Necromorphs and the Icy, Harsh Alien Terrain

14 Aug 2012

EA to Showcase This Year's Top Titles at gamescom 2012

New Game Content And Services Bring Players Maximum Choice Across Multiple Gaming Channels

10 Aug 2012

EA Appoints Blake Jorgensen as Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Jorgensen will report directly to Chief Executive Officer John Riccitiello and will have responsibility for the company's global financial operations. He will start at EA in early September 2012

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EA SPORTS FIFA Online 3 Coming to Korea

Nexon To Publish Next Gen Online Game From Acclaimed FIFA Franchise - Closed Beta Expected Later This Year

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Ea Gearing Up For Gamescom 2012

Top brands coming to Europe’s biggest gaming event of the year

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Activision Blizzard Announces Settlement Of Infinity Ward Litigation

SANTA MONICA, Calif., May 31, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Activision Blizzard, Inc. (Nasdaq: ATVI) today announced that all parties to the litigation have reached a settlement of the dispute, the terms of which are strictly confidential.

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Origin Waives Distribution Fees for Crowd-Funded Games

90-Day Global Offer Will Help Developers Reach Millions Of Gamers Worldwide

21 May 2012

EA Sports Unveils Revolutionary Set of Game-Changing Innovations For FIFA 13

“We are perfecting the best sports game in the world with innovations that capture all the drama and unpredictability of real-world football"

15 May 2012

The Sims Are Kinky

Top Places to “WooHoo”

11 May 2012

Gaming and Fashion Collide as EA Announces The Sims 3 Diesel Stuff Pack

World-renowned Gaming and Entertainment Phenomenon Partners with One of the Most Popular Lifestyle Brands in the World

10 May 2012

EA and ESPN Announce Calvin Johnson, Jr. as the Fan-Voted Madden NFL 13 Cover Athlete

Nearly 20 Million Votes Cast through ESPN's SportsNation, Shattering Last Year's Award-Winning Campaign - New Features Unveiled for Madden NFL 13 during Kickoff Event in Times Square

26 Apr 2012

Crytek Takes Aim with Crysis 3 -- The First Blockbuster Shooter of 2013

Fight in the New York ‘Liberty Dome', Exploit Seven Natural Wonders and Wield Advanced Alien Weaponry in the Ultimate Sandbox Shooter - Pre-order the Crysis 3 Hunter Edition for Early Access to the New Crysis 3 Signature Bow and XP Boost in Multiplayer*

16 Apr 2012

BioWare Releases Massive Content Update for Star Wars(TM): The Old Republic(TM); Game Update 1.2: Legacy

Update for Subscribers adds Tremendous Amount of Higher Level Gameplay Content and New Game Features to the Award Winning MMO

13 Apr 2012

Bioware Expands On The Galactic War with Mass Effect 3: Resurgence Pack

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EA SPORTS UEFA EURO 2012 Digital Expansion Pack To FIFA 12 Gives Fans The Best Way To Experience The Drama Of The Real-World Tournament

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Sponsored by BlackBerry, Cover Athlete Decided By Fan Vote for the First Time Ever in the History of the EA SPORTS NHL Series

29 Mar 2012

EA Launches Legendary Franchise as Free-to-Play Title with Command & Conquer Tiberium Alliances

Register Now to Join the Open Beta -- Forge Alliances, Fight and Conquer Territory in a Quest for World Domination

15 Mar 2012

SEGA to Offer Top Games on Origin

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Free Your Game With EA Sports FIFA Street in Stores Now

Strong Appetite For Authentic Street Soccer Videogame Pushes FIFA Street Demo Over Two Million Downloads

14 Mar 2012

Intense Emotion and Thrilling Action Fuel Mass Effect 3 to Critical and Commercial Success

Critics Hail Mass Effect 3 as the First Must Have Game of 2012 as EA and BioWare Ship Over 3.5 Million Units to Retailers Worldwide

09 Mar 2012

SimCity is Back!

Maxis Announces the Reimagining of the City-Building Simulation That Launched a Genre

07 Mar 2012

Mass Effect 3 Begins an All-Out Invasion On Retailers Across The Galaxy

The Fight to Take Earth Back Begins Today as BioWare Launches One of the Most Anticipated Games of All Time

06 Mar 2012

BioWare Unleashes Its First Strike in the War to Take Earth Back by Enlisting Veterans and New Recruits with the Mass Effect 3 Demo

"Take Earth Back" CG Trailer to Debut Sunday, February 19 During AMC's "The Walking Dead"

15 Feb 2012

Hollywood Stars Rosario Dawson and Brian Cox Headline Voice Cast in EA’s Syndicate

Vie for Market Dominance in this Brutal Cyberpunk World where Business is War

10 Feb 2012

Gamers and Publishers Worldwide Log On to Origin

More Players, More Publishing Partners and Great Games Drive Growth for EA's Direct Download Platform

02 Feb 2012

Bioware Recruits All-Star Cast To Take Earth Back in Mass Effect 3

BioWare, a Label of Electronic Arts Inc., unveiled the cast for 2012’s first blockbuster game, Mass Effect 3

31 Jan 2012

Warp Begins Teleporting to Players This February

Highly Anticipated Indie Game Kicks Off Microsoft`s Xbox LIVE Arcade "House Party" program on February 15; PSN and PC March 13

24 Jan 2012

EA and NCAA Football Announce Inaugural Selections for Videogame Development Fellowship

Former Football Student-Athletes Bring On-Field Experience to Developing NCAA Football Videogame Franchise

17 Jan 2012

EA's Play4Free Portfolio Tops 25 Million Players Worldwide

EA's Play4Free Portfolio Tops 25 Million Players Worldwide

12 Jan 2012

EA and Bioware Deliver Riveting Score For Mass Effect 3

The soundtrack sets the captivating tone for hero Commander Shepard’s struggle to take Earth back from an alien race known as the Reapers.

21 Dec 2011

EA, BioWare and LucasArts Usher in a Force in Online Games as Star Wars(TM): The Old Republic(TM) Goes Live Today

From Midnight Store Openings to the Opening Bell of the NASDAQ, Gamers and Star Wars™ Fans Celebrate the Start of their Personal Star Wars Saga Online Today

20 Dec 2011

EA Unveils Command & Conquer Generals 2

BioWare Takes the Helm of the Long-Awaited Sequel to the Best-Selling Game in the Storied Command & Conquer Series

12 Dec 2011

EA Sports Challenge Series Powered by Virgin Gaming Launches Today

Virtual Athletes Compete for a Chance to Win Over $1-Million in Cash and Prizes in New Sports Video Game Tournament Exclusively on PlayStation 3

08 Dec 2011

Star Wars(TM): The Old Republic(TM) Approaches Hyperspace Launch

All Systems Go for Launch on December 20 with Early Game Access Program* Beginning December 13 for those who Pre-Ordered

08 Dec 2011

EA Acquires KlickNation

Leading Social RPG Developer Joins EA's BioWare Label to Lead Growth in Core Social Gaming

02 Dec 2011

The Biggest Transfer Of The Football Season - Mmessi to EA Sports

World’s Best Footballer Joins World’s No. 1 Selling Sports Videogame Franchise*. Messi To First Appear On Cover Of FIFA Street In March 2012

24 Nov 2011

EA Says Thank You to Battlefield 3 Players with a Sweepstakes Weekend November 11th-13th

Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand Digital Expansion Brings More Explosive Action to the Battlefield in December

08 Nov 2011

Hollywood Director Michael Bay Puts Signature Spin on TV Commercial for EA's Need for Speed The Run

More Than 4M Need for Speed Fans ‘Like', ‘Share' and ‘Unlock' the High-Octane 2-Minute Trailer

02 Nov 2011

Origin Expands to Offer Games from Major Publishers

Warner Bros., THQ and Capcom Bringing Top Titles to EA's Direct Download Platform

28 Oct 2011

BioWare Unveils Mass Effect 3: Galaxy at War System Featuring Series Debut of Multiplayer

Fight the Galactic War from New Fronts and Platforms Including Four-Player Co-Operative Multiplayer

12 Oct 2011

Bioware Opens A New Chapter in Hawke’s Story with Dragon Age Ii: Mark Of The Assassin Available Today!

Starting today, fans of Dragon Age™ II can embark on a gripping new adventure packed with intriguing characters, expansive environments and treacherous enemies in the Mark of the Assassin DLC pack for Dragon Age II.

11 Oct 2011

FIFA 12 Scores with Unprecedented Opening Sales

Highest Rated Sports Videogame Of This Console Generation, Record 3.2 Million Units Sold-Through In Less Than One Week, Almost 350,000 Fans Connect To FIFA Ultimate Team Early Web-Start

05 Oct 2011

Criterion's Burnout CRASH! Now Available

David ‘The Hoff' Hasselhoff Teams Up with EA and Xbox to Star in the Burnout CRASH! Hoff Video Series

20 Sep 2011

EA Invites Players to Go Above and Beyond the Call on September 29 with the Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Beta

Advanced Frostbite 2 Engine, All-out Vehicle Warfare, Unrivaled Destruction and True Teamplay Deliver Epic Battles and Award-winning Gameplay in Battlefield 3

20 Sep 2011

EA and Starbreeze Studios Announce The Revival Of The Cult Classic Franchise Syndicate

Guildford, UK. – Sept. 12, 2011 – Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: ERTS) and Starbreeze Studios today announced the reinvention of Syndicate, a storied franchise at EA.

12 Sep 2011

EA Unveils Battlefield 3 Limited Edition and North American Pre-Order Bonus Items

Fan Frenzy Explodes, Shatters EA Pre-Order Records

04 Aug 2011

EA Sports Season Ticket Launches Today

New Program Provides Full Game Digital Downloads Three Days Early, Discounted Downloadable Game Content and More

03 Aug 2011

EA SPORTS Season Ticket Launches Today

New Program Provides Full Game Digital Downloads Three Days Early, Discounted Downloadable Game Content and More

02 Aug 2011

EA Sports Unveils Global Stars for FIFA Soccer 12

Manchester United Striker Wayne Rooney To Appear On Cover Of FIFA Soccer 12 In North America For First Time

29 Jul 2011

EA to Acquire PopCap Games

Leading Provider of Casual Games for Digital Platforms Accelerates EA's Digital Transformation

13 Jul 2011

EA and Criterion Games Announce Burnout CRASH!

Players Brace for Impact as the Award-Winning Burnout Series Comes to Xbox LIVE Arcade and PlayStation Network in Fall 2011

08 Jul 2011

Are you Need for Speed’s Next UK Spokesmodel?

Hot cars, exotic travel and Need for Speed, the world’s top racing video game – are you up for the ultimate job?

04 Jul 2011

EA Sports FIFA 12 Launches Global Pre-Order Offer

FIFA 12 Ultimate Edition Announced

04 Jul 2011

Alan Smith joins Martin Tyler in the broadcast booth for EA SPORTS FIFA 12

Respected Footballer and Broadcaster Bringing Insights and Fresh Voice

30 Jun 2011

Steven Stamkos the New Face of EA SPORTS NHL 12

Steven Stamkos of the Tampa Bay Lightning® will be the new face of the EA SPORTS™ NHL® 12 videogame.

23 Jun 2011

Take A Road Trip Through Hell in Ea and Grasshopper Manufacture's Psycho-Punk Action Thriller Shadows Of The Damned

Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ:ERTS) and legendary Japanese developer Grasshopper Manufacture today announced that Shadows of the Damned™ is now available at retail stores across North America

21 Jun 2011

EA SPORTS Football Club Delivers Revolutionary New Way to Connect and Compete in EA SPORTS FIFA Soccer 12

Status, Progression, and Real-World Storylines Will Drive Experience

07 Jun 2011

BioWare Sets March 6 Arrival Date for Mass Effect 3

BioWare also Unveils Mass Effect 3 N7 Collector's Edition and Announces New Voice Recognition Technology in Mass Effect 3 through Kinect Exclusively on Xbox 360

06 Jun 2011

EA Claims the Battlefield on October 25 with the Launch of Highly-Anticipated Battlefield 3

DICE Entices Fans with Revolutionary Frostbite 2 Engine...

06 Jun 2011

EA and Insomniac Games Reveal New Four-Player Co-Op Action Game Overstrike

Award-Wining Developer Makes its Worldwide Multiplatform Debut with an Explosive Spy-Fi Adventure

06 Jun 2011

It's Alive! The Sims Comes to Facebook!

EA Brings World's Most Popular Life Simulation Game to the World's Biggest Social Network

06 Jun 2011

Ea To Showcase Highly Anticipated Titles For 2010 At E3

Games Feature EA’s Multiplatform Leadership with Something for Every Genre of Gamer

10 Jun 2010

Ea Changes The Game, Announces Nba Elite 11

EA SPORTS Set to Re-invent the Basketball Simulation Videogame Experience This Fall

02 Jun 2010

Ea Expands Battlefield: Bad Company 2 with Extra Multiplayer Content


25 Feb 2010

Rock Band Media Alert: "King Of Soul" Otis Redding Debuts On Rock Band

Alphabeat, Brian Setzer and The Chemical Brothers, will be added next week to the Rock Band Music Store

12 Feb 2010

Ferrari Races Into Need For Speed Shift

Ferrari Racing Pack Features 10 Glorious New Cars and Extended Career Mode

09 Feb 2010

Bioware's Dragon Age: Origins Reaches Triple Platinum Sales

Legendary Studio's Newest Title Wins over 30 Industry Awards, Ships Over 3 Million Units Becoming BioWare's Sixth Consecutive Blockbuster Franchise

08 Feb 2010

Ea Sends Football Fans To Hell with 'dante's Inferno' in Company's First Super Bowl Commercial

30-Second Spot Introduces 100M Viewers to Hell in Fourth Quarter of Super Bowl XLIV

01 Feb 2010

Bioware's Mass Effect 2 Hailed As 1St Blockbuster Of 2010

Game Earns Rave Reviews, Sells 2Million Units in Week One

29 Jan 2010

Ea Sports Unveils Free Downloadable Football Game For Pc

Football Fans Will Shape EA SPORTS FIFA Online Content During Development Process

29 Jan 2010

Celebrate The Single Largest Sporting Event On The Planet with The Only Official and Exclusively Licensed Videogame On Wii For The 2010 Fifa World Cup South Africa.

Experience an action-packed, easy-to-play football game that brings friends together in their living rooms

27 Jan 2010

Ea Celebrates 2010 Fifa World Cup South Africa with Exclusive Release Of Officially Licensed Videogame

Event Game Features First Full and Authentic 2010 FIFA World Cup Online Tournament Mode

27 Jan 2010

Ea Sports Celebrates The Single Largest Sporting Event On The Planet with The Only Official and Exclusively Licensed Videogame For The Playstation 3: 2010 Fifa World Cup South Africa

Take on the challenge of leading your home nation from qualification right through to a virtual re-creation of the FIFA World Cup Final

27 Jan 2010

Ea Sports Celebrates The Single Largest Sporting Event On The Planet with The Only Official and Exclusively Licensed Videogame For The Xbox 360: 2010 Fifa World Cup South Africa.

Take on the challenge of leading your home nation from qualification right through to a virtual re-creation of the FIFA World Cup Final

27 Jan 2010

Ea Sports Celebrates The Single Largest Sporting Event On The Planet with The Only Official and Exclusively Licensed Videogame On The Psp (Playstation Portable) System For The 2010 Fifa World Cup South Africa.

Experience emotion and passion of the world’s fiercest national rivalries as you live the dream of competing for the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa

27 Jan 2010

EA Announces Dead Space 2

Sequel to Award-Winning Horror Game Delivers Intense, Personal Saga that Sends Chills through Deep Space

07 Dec 2009

Ea Announces 'Medal Of Honor'

Franchise Re-booted with New Development Teams, New Soldier, New Setting

02 Dec 2009

Fifa, Electronic Arts and Playstation Announce 2010 Season Of FIFA Interactive World Cup

This year marks the sixth FIWC season, which kicks off today inside EA SPORTS FIFA 10.

06 Oct 2009

Ea Announces Skate 3

Skateboarding Just Became the Ultimate Team Experience

15 Sep 2009


A unique lesson in game design for London school children

14 Jul 2009

The Ten Commandments Rewritten

Brits suggest updated Commandments as they fail to remember, understand or see relevance in many of the traditional ten

08 Jun 2009

Playstation Home, EA And Quantic Dream To Speak At Gamehorizon Confefrence

Industry heavyweights will be joined by BBC boss at June event

21 May 2009

Command & Conquer Red Alert 3: Ultimate Edition For PlayStation 3

The Ultimate Edition includes everything from last year’s award-winning release of Command & Conquer™ Red Alert™ 3

21 Jan 2009

EA E3 Line-Up


14 Jul 2008


New Wii Initiative launches this summer

27 Jun 2008

EA Signs Multiyear Agreement with Massive for In-Game Advertising On Titles For Xbox 360 and Windows-Based PC Platforms

Expansion and two-year extension of their agreement to offer dynamic in-game advertising for EA video games

19 Mar 2008

Ea Reveals First Details Of Next-Generation Flagship PC Game, Coming in 2009

The Sims 3 Gives You Complete Freedom, Inspiring You With Endless Creative Possibilities

19 Mar 2008



24 Feb 2008

Motion Capturing the Moves

You know the football game you’re working on is going to be cool when it includes a guy with his own posse and a former Jackie Chan bad guy

29 Jan 2008

Battlefield Heroes Leads The Way For EA's New 'Play 4 Free' Business Model

Unique Cartoon Shooter Introduces a New Way to Play Battlefield

21 Jan 2008

Battlefield Heroes Leads The Way For Ea's New 'play 4 Free' Business Model

Unique Cartoon Shooter Introduces a New Way to Play Battlefield

21 Jan 2008

EA Reveals SPORE for the Mac

From the Tiniest Amoeba to the Entire Galaxy Gamers Create, Customize and Share their Personal Creations

16 Jan 2008


Tactical first-person shooter set in the Command & Conquer universe due for autumn 2008 release

18 Dec 2007

EA Announces Medal Of Honor Heroes 2

Designed Specifically for the Wii and PSP and Featuring Support for the Wii Zapper

18 Jul 2007

Everyone's a Kid in EA Playground in Development at EA Canada

All-New Intellectual Property Features Your Favorite Playground Games.

18 Jun 2007


Features Popular Songs from Hit Bands Including Nirvana, the White Stripes and Gang Starr as well as Exclusive Tracks Created by World Renowned DJs

13 Jun 2007

MCV Industry Excellence Awards 2007: Finalists Announced

Shortlist for the games industry's most celebrated awards event is revealed

02 Mar 2007

Music From All EA Games – Past and Present – Now Available On The iTunes Store Via EA.com

Exclusive remix of 'Riders on the Storm' now available for the first time ever

01 Mar 2007

EA brings SimCity to Nintendo DS platform

SimCity DS offers city building experience on the go to fans around the world

28 Feb 2007

EA's Music Soundtrack to the Official UEFA Champions League 2006-2007 Videogame Sets the Stage for Football Glory

Turn up the music, raise your hands and voices and join the celebration!

28 Feb 2007

EA announces MySims created especially for the Wii and Nintendo DS platforms

Popular video game series embraces player creativity, customization and personal expression through a new, delightful cast of characters.

26 Feb 2007

EA Unveils Explosive Soundtrack For Burnout Dominator

Soundtrack headlined by the world premiere of Avril Lavigne's new track 'Girlfriend'.

23 Feb 2007

EA and Pandemic Studios announce development of Mercenaries 2: World in Flames on four platforms

Blockbuster title shipping holiday 2007 on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 2, in addition to previously announced PlayStation 3 version.

22 Feb 2007

EA to display The Sims Life Stories Exhibition

Exploring the art of the teen dilemma.

22 Feb 2007

Bands Battle it out in EA's Burnout Bandslam!

Get on track for inclusion in future Burnout title.

13 Feb 2007

EA and Valve Unveil The Black Box and The Orange Box

Innovative action titles ship Autumn 2007 and include PortalTM, Team Fortress® 2 and Half-Life® 2: Episode Two in one box.

07 Feb 2007

Sims Shorts

Electronic Arts announces the inaugural Sims Shorts competition winner.

07 Feb 2007

Battlefield 2142: Northern Strike booster pack brings futuristic close-quarters combat to PCs in March 2007

Delivers all-new maps, vehicles, unlocks and more for Battlefield 2142.

19 Jan 2007

An electric partnership advances animation

New joint industry and academic research increases number of on-screen characters without compromising visual quality

16 Nov 2006

New Street Media engages Electronic Arts (EA) Pogo UK with new interactive TV game

EA Pogo UK advergame launches on PlayJam on 20 November 2006

16 Nov 2006

Top Talent Forms Cast of EA's Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars

Live action video sequences in popular gaming franchise to feature major Hollywood actors.

18 Oct 2006

Philips signals the arrival of amBX with Kuju

Philips announces Kuju amBX license with Rail Simulator as first confirmed title.

28 Sep 2006

Tiger Woods is Coming to London for the Launch of Tiger Woods PGATour 07

London's Leicester Square to stage the world's first Virtual and Real-Golf Challenge.

25 Sep 2006

EA Sports Cricket 07 Batting its Way Onto Your PS2 and PC This November

Battle for the Ashes your way with Cricket 07.

11 Sep 2006

Dynamic in-game advertising to come to Battlefield 2142

Digital Illusions and EA will bring in-game advertising into Digital Illusions' next PC title Battlefield 2142.

30 Aug 2006

EA and Digital Illusions Unveil Battlefield: Bad Company for Next-Generation Consoles

All-new game reinvents the award-winning FPS franchise for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

22 Aug 2006

EA takes to the pitch with the sounds of FIFA 07

International in-game soundtrack takes players around the globe.

18 Aug 2006

EA Scores The Biggest Names In Football For FIFA 07

League licensing renewals allow EA Sports to deliver complete authenticity for the world's top leagues.

11 Aug 2006

EA Announces The Sims 2 Pets

Fans of the popular video game series enrich the lives of their Sims with the addition of an animal companion.

27 Jul 2006

EA Unveils The Lord Of The Rings, The White Council

Next Generation Lord of the Rings game introduces first epic open world adventure.

14 Jul 2006

EA Celebrates Summer with a Showcase of 20 New Titles on 11 Platforms

First look at Need For Speed Carbon, ESPN Integration in NBA LIVE, Warhammer, Battlefield 2142 and more.

12 Jul 2006

Madden NFL 07 Gets Physical on Nintendo Wii

EA Set to Deliver Industry's Top Franchises to Nintendo's Groundbreaking Next Generation Console

09 May 2006

EA Announces Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars

The genre defining series is back!

20 Apr 2006

EA Celebrates 2006 FIFA World Cup Germanytm with Exclusive Release of Officially Licensed Videogame

Event game enables players to step onto the pitch and play with their heroes.

01 Mar 2006

EA and Crytek announce development of Crysis

Award-winning studio to create original shooter franchise for PC.

30 Jan 2006

Join The Family and Become The Godfather

EA and Paramount Pictures delivers The Godfather The Game beginning March 24th.

27 Jan 2006

Jump Into the Next Generation WWII FPS Experience with EA's Medal of Honor Airborne

As a member of the 82nd Airborne Division the first step is everything.

17 Jan 2006

You're Hired! EA Announces The Sims 2 Open For Business

From boutiques to salons, department stores and beyond, your Sims are taking over the workplace one business at a time.

04 Jan 2006

EA Announces EA Sports Rugby 06

Rugby fans can prepare for fast paced, free flowing, attacking rugby.

05 Dec 2005

EA announces From Russia With Love videogame for the PSP

Sean Connery's James Bond to make his first appearance on the PSP.

07 Nov 2005

EA announces Wayne Rooney and Ronaldinho as cover stars for EA Sports FIFA 06

Cream of world football talent endorses best selling sports game.

09 Aug 2005

Games Market Europe Welcomes Vivendi Universal Games UK

50 Cent®: Bulletproof, F.E.A.R.™, Crash™ Tag Team Racing and The Incredible Hulk™: Ultimate Destruction™ feature at European trade event.

05 Aug 2005

EA Signs Natasha Bedingfield for Cameo Role in From Russia With Love Video Game

British pop star to feature in classic James Bond role.

04 Aug 2005

Unsigned Music Talent On Collision Course In Burnout Bandslam!

EA, Hard Rock and Gibson team up to launch 'Burnout Bandslam!' - Play your way onto a future Burnout soundtrack.

25 Jul 2005

EA Teams up with Top Comic Book Talent Including Mark Millar and Terry Dodson On Marvel Nemesis: Rise Of The Imperfects

EA’s Super Hero Fighting Videogame to Feature Character Back-story Written by Millar and Artwork by Dodson

14 Jul 2005

EA and Digital Illusions Announce Development of Battlefield 2: Special Forces Expansion Pack

Award-winning Battlefield 2 for the PC Expands to Include Covert Ops

14 Jul 2005

EA to Release The Godfather Game in Early 2006

Launch in Fourth Fiscal Quarter Ensures Quality

14 Jul 2005

Electronic Arts Announces Kuju Entertainment Partnership

Full steam ahead for advanced train simulator game.

27 Jun 2005

EA Backs Gizmondo With Blockbuster Titles and Co-Publishing Deal

Line-up Kicks off with EA SPORTS FIFA Football 2005 and SSX 3.

17 May 2005

EA Announces 2005 Electronic Entertainment Expo Line Up

EA to debut 26 current generation console and PC titles.

11 May 2005

Digital Illusions signs two new PC contracts

Digital Illusions signs contracts for more versions of two of their games that are under production.

09 May 2005

Rockstar Contributes £71M to UK Economy

Unique analysis of UK market data ranks top development studios in inaugural Develop Magazine ‘Develop 100’; full chart is revealed.

06 May 2005

EA announces SSX on tour

Rule the slopes in the latest release from the critically acclaimed SSX franchise.

04 May 2005

EA Reveals First-Look at 2005 Mobile Games Line-Up

Electronic Arts goes mobile.

27 Apr 2005

Battlefield 2 Modern Combat to Sony's PSP

Battlefield 2 Modern Combat will be available for Sony's new handheld platform Playstation Portable (PSP).

25 Apr 2005

Digital Illusions signs new contract

Digital Illusions signs a new contract for the development of a PC game within the shooter genre.

25 Apr 2005

EA Announces Plans For The Sims 2 On Consoles, Handhelds and Mobile Phones

Best selling PC game redefined for new platforms to be available this autumn.

19 Apr 2005

EA and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment Announce the Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Videogame

Join forces with friends to win the Treacherous Triwizard Tournament on console, handhelds, and PC.

12 Apr 2005

EA Announces Need For Speed Most Wanted

A new racer hits the streets this November from the creators of the critically acclaimed Need for Speed Underground series.

11 Apr 2005

EA Delivers Crushing Vehicular Payback in Burnout Revenge

Players rip through traffic and settle the score in the sequel to 2004's racing game of the year.

04 Apr 2005

EA adds FIFA Football to its unbeatable line-up for PSP

Worldwide debut of six blockbuster titles slated for hardware launch.

06 Jan 2005

EA brings EA Sports Rugby 2005 to the pitch

Newest EA Sports game to deliver authentic rugby experience.

06 Jan 2005

Electronic Arts Extends Licensing Agreement with UEFA

EA Sports enters world of Europe's most glamorous club competition.

19 Nov 2004

EA and Cherry Lane Music Enter Joint Venture to Create Next Level Music

New music publishing company established.

16 Nov 2004

The Urbz: Sims in the City in Stores Worldwide

Newest entry in the multi-million selling Sims franchise offers stylish, non-stop city lifestyle.

11 Nov 2004

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, DC Comics and EA Announce Batman Begins

Film-inspired videogame slated for multiple platforms in 2005.

28 Oct 2004

EA to unleash Medal of Honor: Dogs of War in spring 2005

"Cry 'Havok!' and let slip the dogs of war." - Julius Caesar Act III, Scene I: William Shakespeare.

21 Oct 2004

EA Reveals Tiger Woods PGA Tour Golf, Madden NFL 2005 and The Urbz: Sims in the City on Nintendo DS

GoldenEye: Rogue Agent and Need For Speed Underground to follow.

12 Oct 2004

Fifa Street Marks the Start of the Street Revolution

It's no longer enough to win - you have to win with style.

08 Oct 2004

FIFA, Xbox and EA Announce New FIFA Interactive World Cup Details

Register at WWW.FIFAINTERACTIVEWORLDCUP.COM for the chance to be crowned FIFA Interactive World Player 2004.

08 Sep 2004

EA and Def Jam Unveil in-Game Track List for Def Jam Fight For New York

'Ludacris-ly' hip soundtrack for sequel.

07 Sep 2004

EA announces next step into mobile gaming

Digital Bridges named as strategic partner for distribution of mobile interactive entertainment in Europe, North and South America.

02 Sep 2004

EA to unveil The Sims 2, FIFA Football 2005 and Need for Speed Undergound 2 at Game Stars Live

Eighteen brand new, eagerly anticipated games to be unveiled at London gaming event.

31 Aug 2004

EA Announces Mark Mothersbaugh as Lead Composer for The Sims 2

Electronic Arts announce that award-winner is the composer of the theme music for the highly-anticipated simulation game The Sims 2.

24 Aug 2004

EA To Acquire Criterion Software Group From Canon Europe

Electronic Arts Acquires UK Creator of Burnout 3 and RenderWare.

28 Jul 2004

EA announces strategic partnership with Crytek

Worldwide agreement to develop and publish new PC franchise.

23 Jul 2004

Battlefield: Modern Combat adds singleplayer

Game Slated to Ship in Fall 2005

13 Jul 2004

EA Gets Stranger with Oddworld

Latest title in acclaimed character-based action series scheduled for release in 2005

17 Jun 2004

Digital Illusions brings Battlefield franchise to Xbox LIVE

Digital Illusions' award-winning Battlefield franchise is coming to the Xbox videogame system from Microsoft.

11 May 2004

Villains To Rule In EA's GoldenEye: Rogue Agent Videogame

Why Save The World When You Can Rule It?

05 May 2004

EA and Def Jam announce that Def Jam Vendetta II has been officially renamed Def Jam Fight For New York

You are gonna have to fight for it and it ain't gonna be easy.

04 May 2004

EA to return fans to Middle-Earth in the Lord of the Rings, The Third Age role-playing game

Epic adventure lets players choose their own path through the events of New Line Cinema's acclaimed trilogy.

27 Apr 2004

Electronic Arts and Marvel partner on super hero fighting videogames and licensing program

Agreement to produce a new series of fighting videogames based on Marvel Super Heroes and original EA heroes.

06 Feb 2004

Electronic Arts announces publishing agreement with Free Radical Design

Next game in best selling Timesplitters franchise due in 2005.

21 Jan 2004

Miyamoto enters ‘Golden Halls’

Mario creator becomes the first entrant to the Computer and Video Games Golden Joystick Hall of Fame at today’s awards ceremony.

28 Nov 2003

The Golden short-list

The final short-list of nominees is announced for the Computer and Video Games Golden Joystick Awards 2003.

24 Oct 2003

The magic is in the air! Can you feel it?

Now's your chance to explore the world of magic, Sims-style. The Sims Makin’ Magic Expansion Pack has gone gold!

08 Oct 2003

Jesper Kyd scores EA Games' Freedom Fighters

Soundtrack CD now available to order at www.music4games.net.

19 Sep 2003

EA announces European online support for PlayStation 2

Five EA titles to support online gameplay in Europe.

19 Sep 2003

Henry, Del Piero and Ronalhdino sign for FIFA Football 2004

World's leading players join EA Sports.

19 Aug 2003

Leaders of the next generation of games to converge on Austin in September

Austin Game Conference to feature keynotes by Raph Koster, chief designer of Star Wars Galaxies, and Mark Jacobs, CEO/President, Mythic Entertainment

07 Aug 2003

Top generals to collide in Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour

Wage global war to become the ultimate general

07 Jul 2003

EA and nVidia work together to produce and market next-generation PC games for desktop and notebook PCs

nVidia today announced that it has formed a strategic relationship with Electronic Arts, the leading worldwide publisher of PC and console games.

14 Apr 2003

Electronic Arts Invests in Multi-Year Publishing Agreement with Game Developer, Digital Illusions

Developer of Critically Acclaimed PC Game Battlefield 1942 To Get Strategic Investment

27 Feb 2003

Electronic Arts and Looking Glass Studios form Co-publishing Partnership

System Shock 2 and Flight Unlimited III are First Games in Multi-Title Agreement

06 Feb 2003

Rockstar stole my Joystick

Grand Theft Auto III emerges as the star of the show at today’s Golden Joystick Awards ceremony.

28 Oct 2002

Sun Shines on Joysticks

Dennis Publishing announces tie-ins with The Sun and The Saturday Show as the voting deadline for this year’s Golden Joystick Awards draws near.

28 Oct 2002

And the nominees are...

The list of official nominations for this year’s Golden Joystick Awards is announced.

17 Sep 2002

ECTS Awards winners announced

GTA3 and Splinter Cell wow voters.

30 Aug 2002

DTS Teams Up with Electronic Arts to Create the World's First Real-Time Surround Sound Game

DTS Interactive SDK Launch Enables Top Game Developers To Feature DTS Digital Surround Sound

30 May 2002

Blueyonder Unveils World Cup Dream Team

World Cup organiser’s troubles mount as Telewest Broadband’s blueyonder multiplayer gaming service threatens to distract the viewing audience.

29 May 2002

£1,000 up for grabs at the ROWEB COMBAT250 event sponsored by Ubi Soft

The next ROWEB LANPARTY action-fest COMBAT250 will take place in Bicester on the weekend 14th-16th June and is sponsored by Ubi Soft.

28 May 2002

Calling All Wizards-in-Training

EA launches four Harry Potter video games.

15 Nov 2001

The Face of FIFA 2002

Thierry Henry selected as the face of FIFA 2002 for the UK.

31 Aug 2001

THQ Brings EA Stars 2001 Series To Game Boy Color

THQ to publish FA Premier League STARS 2001, Bundesliga STARS 2001, LNF STARS 2001 and Primera Division STARS 2001 across Europe.

28 Mar 2001

Quake III Revolution

The world's leading first-person action game is coming to the PlayStation 2.

28 Feb 2001

Adventure Pinball: Forgotten Island

The classic arcade game of pinball undergoes an extreme reworking in Adventure Pinball: Forgotten Island for the PC.

29 Jan 2001

EA Announces Plans For The Sims House Party Expansion Pack

Add-on disk to 2000 s top-selling PC game in stores this Spring.

24 Jan 2001

Let The Battle Begin!

EA Games to resurrect feudal Japan in Shogun: Total War Warlord Edition for the PC.

18 Dec 2000

Motor City Online

Enter the world of Motor City and the golden age of the American hot rod - classics, stocks, muscle cars, and pure horsepower.

15 Dec 2000

EA Begins The Assault…

WCW Backstage Assault ships for the PlayStation with Nintendo 64 to follow.

13 Dec 2000

EA Begins The Assault…

WCW Backstage Assault ships for the PlayStation with Nintendo 64 to follow.

28 Nov 2000

007 Racing

Your name is Bond… James Bond...

09 Nov 2000

Electronic Arts Ships Medal Of Honor Underground In The US

EA goes behind enemy lines with Medal of Honor Underground for the PlayStation, the next chapter to the popular World War 2-inspired game.

25 Oct 2000

Bond is Back To Console Us

EA "shakes, not stirs" the delivery of The World Is Not Enough, the highly anticipated first-person James Bond action game.

18 Oct 2000

007 Racing

EA Games gives players the license to drive like James Bond in 007 Racing.

28 Aug 2000

Electronic Arts Takes Soccer Fans Out of the Stands and Onto the Field with its First Sports Title for the Playstation 2

Electronic Arts announces FIFA Soccer World Championship, is the first EA SPORTS title to ship for the PlayStation® 2

24 Apr 2000

Go Yard with Electronic Arts and Triple Play 2001.

Now you can step up to the plate as Hank Aaron, Babe Ruth, Mike Piazza or many other Major League Baseball® (MLB™) stars past or present.

14 Mar 2000

Legendary Commentator and Houston Rockets Rookie Join EA Sports’ March Madness 2000 Production Team To Develop Innovative College Hoops Experience

Electronic Arts announces that it reached an agreement with Dick Vitale to participate in the marketing of NCAA® March Madness™ 2000.

07 Feb 2000

Electronic Arts Ships FIFA 2000: Major League Soccer

Newest Iteration of EA SPORTS’ No. 1 Best-Selling Worldwide Franchise Features All 12 Major League Soccer Teams and the Voice of Julie Foudy

26 Oct 1999

EA acquires Maxis

04 Jun 1997

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