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Full name: Activision, Inc
Established: 1979

Activsion is an American video game developer and publisher. Most of the company is now owned by Vivendi SA. Activision was founded on the 1st of October, 1979 and it was the first independent developer and distributor of video games for gaming consoles.

Activision’s first games, Dragster, Boxing, Fishing Derby, and Checkers hit the shelves in 1980. These products were cartridges for the Atari 2600 console.

In 1981, David Crane's Freeway, Larry Kaplan's Kaboom!, Bob Whitehead's Stampede and Alan Miller's Ice Hockey .
In 1982, Activision released Starmaster and Barnstorming

The Crash
With Activision being one of the best, there was a lot of 'copy-cat' companies, companies that would produce low-quality games for a lower price than Activison. 1983 Failing to sell their low-quality games, the companies were picked off and shut down, leaving warehouses full of games. And retailers bought these games for $3 each, selling to shops at $4 each, with a retail price of $5. This happened right before Christmas of 1983, so as Activision released their high-quality $40 games, sales of top quality games fell to almost zero.

Getting Through the Crash
Activision began to focus on creating PC games. 1984 saw the release of Crane’s well-regarded movie game Ghostbusters as well as his Pitfall II: Lost Caverns. The latter was published across a variety of platforms including the VCS, Commodore 64, Apple, and Atari's 8-bit computers.

Unfortunately, the video game market continued to decline and Activision’s stock plummeted. With nowhere to go, Alan Miller and Bob Whitehead left the company to form Accolade.

In 1988, Activision changed its name to Mediagenic. The CEO was Bruce Davis. The company established itself as a producer of business software by publishing Danny Goodman's Focal Point and Business Class as well as Paintworks and Reports. However, Mediagenic continued to release games under the Activision brand names. In 1989, it published a CD-ROM version of The Manhole – one of the first games available for PC CD drives.

Death of Mediagenic

The BHK Corporation acquired Mediagenic, with Robert Kotick replacing Bruce Davis as the CEO. The company was completely restructured, and the company re-branded itself as Activision in 1992. The headquarters were moved to Los Angeles.

Back on its Feet

With its focus completely on games, Activision got back on its feet in 1994 with the game Return to Zork. Over the next ten years, Activison published a string of titles like Mechwarrior 2. Quake II, Interstate '76, Spycraft: The Great Game, Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Tony Hawk Pro Skater

With the coming of the new century, Activison managed to restore itself, creating franchises like Call of Duty, Doom 3, Guitar Hero[/i] and Marvel: Ultimate Alliance.

On the 2nd of December, 2007, it was announced that Activision would be acquired by Vivendi, with Vivendi contributing to its gaming division and supplying cash, in exchange for a majority stake in the company. The merge took place on the 9th of July, 2008, the newly formed company is known as Activision Blizzard. Activision still exists as a subsidiary owned by Activision Blizzard.

On the 19th of June, 2009, Activision stated the company was considering dropping development support for Sony's Playstation 3. Because “The PlayStation 3 is losing a bit of momentum and they [Sony] don't make it easy for us [Activison] to support the platform. It's expensive to develop for the console, and the Wii and the Xbox are just selling better.” This statement aligns with the company's statements made last year, which asked for price cuts for all major seventh generation home consoles by 2009.

Software Highlights from Credited Titles

Activision's first work that SPOnG is aware of is the 1981 title, "Dragster" (Atari 2600/VCS).

The company has been involved titles released on the PS4, Switch, Xbox One, PC, 3DS/2DS, PSVita, Wii U, Wii, PS3, Xbox 360, DS/DSi, iPad, iPhone, Android, PS2, Power Mac, PSP, Xbox, GameCube, GBA, N-Gage, PlayStation, Game Boy Color, Dreamcast, N64, Nuon, Game Boy, Saturn, Jaguar, Sega Megadrive, SNES, Amiga, Amiga AGA, ST, Sega Master System, NES, C64, Spectrum 48K, Sinclair Spectrum 128K, Amstrad CPC, Apple II, Atari 7800, Atari 5200, Atari 400/800/XL/XE, Atari 2600/VCS, Intellivision and Colecovision. Of these, "Kung Fu Panda" (Xbox 360), "Spider-Man" (PlayStation), "Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro" (PlayStation), "Tony Hawk's Skateboarding" (PlayStation), "Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare" (PS3) has been a best selling title.

The company's most recent involvement was on the 2019 release "Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare" (Xbox One).

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Call of Duty: Ghosts Will Feature Kinect Voice Commands News

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It's Official - Call of Duty: Ghosts Announced News

Date announced, next-gen confirmed, video here

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Call of Duty Ghosts to Feature Brand New Engine News

Wii U and PC versions teased.

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Ex-Activision PR Boss Found Guilty of Call of Duty Fraud News

£19,000 of company money spent on personal and luxury item in company fraud

22 Apr 2013

UK Video Games Charts: Tomb Raider Beats God of War News

Also beats SimCity and Sniper Ghost Warrior 2

18 Mar 2013

Black Ops II European Finals Taking Place This Weekend News

Winners get to play for $1 million.

15 Mar 2013

Microtransactions Headed for Call of Duty: Black Ops II News

Coming first on Xbox 360 tomorrow.

12 Mar 2013

UK Charts - Crysis for Metal Gear Rising News

As the Colonial Marines head south and no new ideas appear anywhere.

25 Feb 2013

PS4: See All The Announced Games Here News

Teaser trailers for your eyeballs.

21 Feb 2013

Activision Layoffs Affect 30 Staff at Treyarch and Licensed Division News

Nothing to worry about, Activision says.

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Activision: Destiny Will Not Release in 2013 News

Still releasing for Xbox 360 and PS3, though.

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UK Video Game Chart: Call of Duty Black Ops II Takes Top Spot News

Fourth biggest launch in the UK, ever!

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Call of Duty: Black Ops II Launch: Treyarch Says 'Thank You' to the Fans News

Fans and celebrities party over latest blockbuster release.

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UK Video Game Charts: Halo 4 Hits Before Black Ops II Bursts Out News

Halo 4 makes its mark in the week before multi-format Black Ops II releases

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Black Ops II Release Date Broken by UK Retailer News

Guaranteeing deliver by Monday.

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Bungie's Destiny Leaked: Gameplay "Still Quite Like Halo" News

Engine showcase and hands-on impressions from presentation attendees.

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UK Charts - New Entries Battle with Assassin's Creed III News

Best first day selling title for Ubisoft ever as major releases clear the decks for CoD Blops 2

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Activision Makes Significant Changes to Call of Duty DLC Delivery in Black Ops II News

Call of Duty: Black Ops II DLC to be Sold Separately via the Discounted Season Pass Bundle or a la carte as Individual Map Packsd

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified Will Not Include Zombies Mode News

Focus instead has been on multiplayer.

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No Doubt Settles With Activision Over Band Hero Legal Battle News

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Black Ops 2 "Will Change How You Think" About Multiplayer News

Formal reveal coming tomorrow.

06 Aug 2012

Activision Profits Sink, Kotick Blames 'Inadequate' Competition News

No names, but three guesses who he's talking about.

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Call of Duty Elite: More Than 12 Million Registered Users News

But only 2.3 million of those pay for it.

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UK Video Game Chart: SEGA Gets the Gold News

Video game Olympics nabs top spot.

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Activision Slammed for Call of Duty MW3 TV Ad that Scared Kids News

Advertising Standards Authority gums the hell out of Activision

25 Jul 2012

Kotick Crew Looking to Buy Activision News

"Activision executives, including CEO Robert Kotick, are interested in such a deal..."

20 Jul 2012

Activision Blizzard Moving Even Closer to China News World Championship set for Shanghai.

16 Jul 2012

Vivendi Struggling to Sell Activision/Blizzard News

A $1.8 Billion holding in a games company is not easy to shift.

16 Jul 2012

Activision "Always Wanted Rockstar Guys" News

Activision in Leeds Rockstar staff are key.

06 Jul 2012

UK Video Game Charts: Batman Won't LEGO of Top Spot News

Gfk Charttrack's take on boxed copy video games shows some new blood

02 Jul 2012

Neversoft Opens Vacancies for New Call of Duty Game News

Looking for level designers and concept artists.

15 Jun 2012

McDonald's Eating US Football Star Floored by Video Game Addiction News

The man from the Indianapolis Colts had it all, lost it, gained it again...

12 Jun 2012

UK Video Game Charts: No One Can Blow the Future Soldier Off News

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier sits at number 1

11 Jun 2012

Activision Blizzard Parent Looking to Sell News

Vivendi rumoured to be selling off game division

07 Jun 2012

West, Zampella Settle with Activision in Modern Warfare Lawsuit News

Details strictly confidential.

01 Jun 2012

Activision Loses Appeal in No Doubt Lawsuit News

Case will likely go to trial.

30 May 2012

UK Video Game Chart: Ghost Recon Storms to #1 News

Dragon's Dogma debuts at #3.

28 May 2012

Report: Activision's New UK Studio Nabs Ex-Rockstar Bosses News

Studio heads from R* Leeds and London to help Martyn Brown.

23 May 2012

Activision and Bungie: It's "Xbox 720" News

Legal document also reveals that Bungie is to develop four 'sci-fantasy, action shooter games,' code-named 'Destiny for Activision

22 May 2012

Report: Activision to Launch UK Mobile Games Studio News

Martyn Brown to head-hunt for talent.

21 May 2012

UK Video Game Chart: Max Payne Guns Down Diablo III News

Blizzard spanks PC records.

21 May 2012

Activision Awards $42m to Former Infinity Ward Heads News

But trail still going ahead.

16 May 2012

Activision/Blizzard - Millions of CoD and WoW Active Users News

Phwoar! ActiBlizz has good figures!

10 May 2012

UK Video Game Chart: Sniper Elite V2 Storms to Top Spot News

Pushes [PROTOTYPE 2] down a peg.

08 May 2012

Call of Duty: Black Ops II Website Launches, Release Date Confirmed News

Reveal of biggest game of the year comes too soon.

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It's all looking a bit futuristic.

01 May 2012

Call Of Duty Elite: "There’s A Lot Of People We Pissed Off" News

Activision release a mistake was made...

25 Apr 2012

Activision Dominates MCV Awards News

Ubisoft, Bethesda and EA also honoured

20 Apr 2012

Activision Announces 007 Legends News

Looking back on 50 years of Bond.

19 Apr 2012

Tony Hawk: Skate Genre is Non-Existent News

If you're not CoD or Halo, forget about it.

17 Apr 2012

Sales of Call of Duty Start to Slump News

Casual games hampering sales of console shooter.

16 Apr 2012

UK Video Game Chart: Kinect Star Wars is No.1 News

The Force is... no, we won't do it.

10 Apr 2012

UK Charts - Electronic Arts Basically Owns It News

The All Format's chart

02 Apr 2012

UK Video Game Chart: FIFA Street Outperforms Resident Evil News

Capcom's horror spinoff lands at #2.

26 Mar 2012

The Sun: Terrorists Are Plotting Attacks Using Call of Duty News

Pack your things, and hide in your bunkers. The terrorists are coming.

20 Mar 2012

UK Video Game Charts: Mass Effect for Electronic Arts News

EA basically rules the Top 10

12 Mar 2012

UK Video Game Chart: SSX Takes the Piste News

Mario Party 9 performs well despite no stock at GAME.

05 Mar 2012

Activision/Blizzard Laying Off 600 Staff News

Blizzard reviews its processes and sacks people

29 Feb 2012

Next Call of Duty Hitting PlayStation Vita News

Also, Naughty Dog on Vita eventually.

20 Feb 2012

UK Video Game Charts: Kingdoms of Amalur Hits Home Run News

Darkness also falls across all formats and all prices

13 Feb 2012

UK Video Game Charts: Final Fantasy Leads Japanese Assault News

Metal Gear and SoulCalibur also land in Top 10.

06 Feb 2012

Activision CEO Mans Up Over Modern Warfare Leak News

Eric Hirshberg lives, learns and speaks out

19 Jan 2012

UK Video Game Chart: No Change, FIFA Still Top News

Fitness games lightly shuffle chart.

16 Jan 2012

Modern Warfare 3 DLC Schedule Kicks Off 24 January News

First for Call of Duty Elite Premium Members, on Xbox 360.

11 Jan 2012

UK Video Game Chart: FIFA 12 Still Top News

Sales slump across the board.

09 Jan 2012

UK Video Game Chart: FIFA Scores in Final Minutes of 2011 News

The Top 10 is full of threes.

03 Jan 2012

Games Like Call of Duty Could Save Troop Lives Says UK Military Advisor News

But the British government must make better military simulations or it will be left for dead on the Battlefield

29 Dec 2011

Activision Bans Over 1600 MW3 Cheaters News

String of exploits allow for huge number of cheaters.

21 Nov 2011

World of Warcraft Cataclysm - Not Quite as Activision Slumps News

Activision shareprice slips on falling WoW subscriber numbers

10 Nov 2011

Activision Working Hard on Call of Duty Elite News

Emergency Repairs Underway on Broken MW3 Elite Service

10 Nov 2011

Call of Duty Elite Splutters as Mass Registration Causes Issues News

Still tracking all gameplay data, though. Phew.

08 Nov 2011

Modern Warfare 3 Shipment Stolen by Armed Robbers News

It's a warzone just getting to the shops, it seems.

07 Nov 2011

UK Video Game Chart: Battlefield Fends off Uncharted News

Sonic Generations debuts at #10.

07 Nov 2011

UK Video Game Chart: Battlefield 3 Takes Command News

Skylanders debuts at #9.

31 Oct 2011

Battlefield 3 Will "Put a Huge Dent" in Modern Warfare 3 News

DICE stopped itself from working on the game an extra year.

10 Oct 2011

UK Video Game Charts - FIFA 12 Sends Gears III Off News

ICO and Shadow of the Colossus win through a bit too

03 Oct 2011

Modern Warfare's Bowling: Elite to Introduce New Game Modes News

User created lists to be used by Infinity Ward

21 Sep 2011

Toys R Us Declares Spyro One Of Its "Fab 15" News

Skylanders could well be the greatest thing ever, seriously.

20 Sep 2011

Call of Duty Elite Reporting For Beta Testing News

Got a PS3? Got Black Ops? Off you pop.

20 Sep 2011

"No Prestige Edition" of Modern Warfare 3 News

Go Hardened or Go Home

19 Sep 2011

Activision Shows Off Massive GoldenEye 007: Reloaded PS3 Bundle News

For England! And everywhere else, of course.

15 Sep 2011

Date Set For Infinity Ward Court Hearing News

West and Zampella get their day in the sunshine

12 Sep 2011

UK Video Game Charts: Jensen Beats off Tanner News

Bodycount crawls in at bottom of Top 40.

05 Sep 2011

MW3 Gets All Hardened News

More leakage than you can handle.

02 Sep 2011

GoldenEye 007: Reloaded Revealed at GAMEfest News

First UK play of Modern Warfare 3.

01 Sep 2011

UK Video Game Chart: Deus Ex Beats Zumba Fitness News

Jensen bounds over dancing lady.

30 Aug 2011

Activision: EA's Call of Duty Insults 'Bad for Our Industry' News

Why can't we all get along?

18 Aug 2011

Activision Nails It: Why Gaming is in the Doldrums News

But we don't think they meant it...

10 Aug 2011

Modern Warfare 3 - Survival and Spec Ops News

It's no picnic...

10 Aug 2011

Treyarch Developing Modern Warfare 3 on Wii News

n-Space looking after DS version.

09 Aug 2011

Activision Sued by Maroon 5 Man Over Band Hero News

Maroon 5 joins Courtney Love and No Doubt in suing video game companies

05 Aug 2011

Call of Duty Gets Arrested Development Talent News

Original content created for Call of Duty Elite service.

04 Aug 2011

Activision's Kotick Has Retail in His Grip News

Activision/Blizzard One Billion Dollar Revenues Driven by Digital

04 Aug 2011

SDCC 2011: [PROTOTYPE2] Dated News

Activision giving us plenty of notice

21 Jul 2011

Activision Files Legal Claim on News

The joke's wearing thin.

18 Jul 2011

UK Video Game Charts: Zumba Rumbas for 5th Week Running News

Harry Potters about in 7th.

18 Jul 2011

UK Video Game Charts - Zumba Fitness Keeps Going News

But Call of Duty makes a Top 10 return..

11 Jul 2011

Activision: Being Evil is 'Drastically Overstated' News

We're really good with developers...

20 Jun 2011

Activision Announces Wappy Dog News

Toy puppy interacts with Nintendo DS.

02 Jun 2011

Call of Duty Elite Subscribers to Get Web TV Series News

Hollywood talent signed up.

01 Jun 2011

UK Video Game Charts: Cole Cleans Up News

LA Noire keeps hold of the top spot.

31 May 2011

Daily Mail Links Modern Warfare 3 to London 7/7 Bombings News

Who said scaremongering is dead?

25 May 2011

Activision Turning MW3 Leaks into Lemonade News

If the US government and military can be leaked... so can Activision

19 May 2011

Modern Warfare 3 Rumour Mill Goes Into Overdrive News

Blockbuster sequel to be announced on May 23?

12 May 2011

Modern Warfare 3 Release Date Suggested News

Shadow of the Project Colossus.

09 May 2011

Channel 5 Defends "Brain-Dead Computer Nerds" Debate News

The Wright Stuff under fire.

09 May 2011

Activision Announces New Black Ops DLC Pack News

Escalation to include four maps and new zombie mode.

12 Apr 2011

Activision Taking Spider-Man to the Edge of Time News

Webbed wonder has to save himself

31 Mar 2011

Big Fat Rumour: Modern Warfare 3 Reveal 3 For April News

Sequel will feature Ghost

29 Mar 2011

Bungie: Activision's Role is "Hands-off" News

Kotick can't touch this.

29 Mar 2011

UK Video Game Chart: Gotta Catch 'Em All! News

Everyone wants to be a Pokemon master.

07 Mar 2011

UK Video Game Chart: Black Ops Returns to Top Spot News

Fights Marvel vs Capcom 3 for #1 position.

21 Feb 2011

US Video Game Chart: Sales Down 5% News

Kinect and Move beefed Accessory sales.

18 Feb 2011

Analyst: Take-Two Up for Activision News

Apparent discontent within Rockstar.

14 Feb 2011

Woah SHIT! What Have They Done to Spyro? News

That scared the crap out of me!

11 Feb 2011

Harmonix Welcomes Guitar Hero Fans to its Fold News

But is also obviously saddened.

11 Feb 2011

Black Ops: First Strike Hitting PS3, PC in March News

PS3 date locked down, PC will arrive before April.

10 Feb 2011

Activision Sets Up a Beachhead for CoD and More News

Sets up studio just for CoD

10 Feb 2011

True Crime and Tony Hawk Shredded News


10 Feb 2011

Axe Falls on Guitar and DJ Hero News

Peripherals based businesses not performing.

10 Feb 2011

UK Video Game Chart: Isaac Calling the Shots News

Dead Space 2 holds on a second week at #1.

07 Feb 2011

UK Video Game Chart: Dead Space 2 Scares Competition News

Making everyone else armless.

31 Jan 2011

Gamers Outraged - Call of Duty: Black Ops "Fails to Function as Advertised" News

Consumer activist group lobbies against Activision.

25 Jan 2011

Activision Accuses EA of Call of Duty Map Pack Foul Play News

Activision calls out EA

21 Jan 2011

UK Video Game Chart: Black Ops Takes Back #1 News

DC Universe Online enters the Top 10.

17 Jan 2011

Sledgehammer Seeks Call of Duty Level Dev Manager News

Studio expects scores of above 95%.

13 Jan 2011

UK Video Game Chart: FIFA Still Top of Table News

Fitness reigns.

10 Jan 2011

West and Zampella's Call of Financial Hardship in Activision Trial News

Times are hard for the former Infinity Ward heads.

05 Jan 2011

Activision's Kotick Rails Against UK Government News

UK Game Tax Break Failure 'A Mistake'

04 Jan 2011

UK Video Game Chart: FIFA Takes Black Ops News

Final week of 2010 chart domination denied!

04 Jan 2011

Kotick: Treyarch Doesn't Get Enough Credit for Call of Duty News

'Second' CoD studio was actually behind multiplayer side.

23 Dec 2010

EA Boss Has No Sympathy for Activision's Kotick News

Pins them for their "horrific mistakes"

22 Dec 2010

Call of Duty: Black Ops Passes $1bn News

Continues gold run.

22 Dec 2010

EA: Activision's Lawsuit "A PR Play Filled With Pettiness" News

Doesn't like being accused much.

22 Dec 2010

Activision Adds EA to Infinity Ward Lawsuit, Seeks $400m News

Alleges EA interfered with contracts.

22 Dec 2010

EA Chief Attacks Call of Duty Franchise News

Black Ops was "mid-80s" game, Activision CEOs aren't gamers.

20 Dec 2010

First Black Ops DLC Detailed News

Cold War related, obviously. Except the zombies. Obviously.

20 Dec 2010

Red Dead Redemption Wins VGA Shootout News

BioWare earns several accolades too.

13 Dec 2010

UK Video Game Chart: Cataclysm Challenges FIFA News

Black Ops still #1.

13 Dec 2010

Police Arrest Teen Over Call of Duty DDoS Attack News

Activision reported the goof to the Cyber Police.

09 Dec 2010

Activision's "Obvious Reasons" for Harmonix Buyout No Comment News

For "obvious reasons"..?

09 Dec 2010

Activision: Too Early to Close Book on Tony Hawk News

That's damned by faint praise, readers.

08 Dec 2010

UK Video Game Chart: Call of Duty Comes Back News

GT5 knocked down to 4th.

06 Dec 2010

UK Video Game Chart: Gran Turismo 5 Overtakes Black Ops News

Disney Epic Mickey failed to chart.

29 Nov 2010

Axl Rose Suing Activision Over Slash News

Guitar Hero's legal legacy grows.

24 Nov 2010

Tony Hawk: Shred Bombs at Retail News

Another one bites the dust.

17 Nov 2010

Kotick: Defends "Gamers' Interests" News

Slams pre-owned charges

15 Nov 2010

Retailers' Price War on Call of Duty: Black Ops - 99p Madness News

Blockbuster engages in trade-in warfare.

08 Nov 2010

Black Ops Beats Modern Warfare 2 Pre-Order Record News

On track to smash previous sales records.

08 Oct 2010

UK Video Game Charts: FIFA 11 Top of the Table News

Kicking everyone's Electronic Arts.

04 Oct 2010

Criterion: Kotick is Wrong! We Make the Games We Want News

Long-time EA studio bites back at Activision CEO

01 Oct 2010

Kotick: Nobody Wants to Work for EA News

Activision boss claims rival has lost its way.

27 Sep 2010

UK Video Game Charts: F1 2010 Takes the Title News

Halo: Reach knocked off its perch.

27 Sep 2010

Kotick: Bungie Had No Alternative to Activision News

But what do data centres and World of Warcraft have to do with it?

24 Sep 2010

EA: Medal of Honor Will Beat Call of Duty News

Will rise to power like FIFA over PES before it.

23 Sep 2010

Activision Reveals Goldeneye 007 Dam and Tank Stages News

SPOnG joins global exclusive - mostly positive reactions.

13 Sep 2010

Activision: Call of Duty Subs Fees Video - a Glitch News

Apparent video showcasing subscription is an Xbox Live glitch.

20 Jul 2010

UK Game Software Charts: Broadway Comes to Pacific City News

Crackdown 2 still #1 though.

19 Jul 2010

Confirmed: New James Bond Game IS Blood Stone News

Daniel Craig, Joss Stone involved

16 Jul 2010

Schafer: No Brutal Legend 2, But Double Fine Would Love to Self-Publish News

Studio boss discusses Double Fine's publishing future

15 Jul 2010

The Fourth Shattered Dimensions Spider-Man Wears Black News

Packshot unofficially reveals final version of Spidey.

15 Jul 2010

Shaun White: I Hated My First Game Appearance News

No input from the 13-year-old snowboarder.

06 Jul 2010

UK Software Charts: Expelliarmus! News

Harry Potter takes the lead for a second week.

05 Jul 2010

Activision To Prepare Its Own 'Xbox Live' For PCs News

Needs to get more PCs hooked up to TVs first.

05 Jul 2010

EA: Call of Duty Influenced New Medal of Honour News

Plus: West and Zampella dispute with Activision was EA's gain.

22 Jun 2010

Activision to Improve Image with Better PR Not Better Reality News

The answer to every executive's problem.

22 Jun 2010

Activision: Call of Duty Players "Clamouring" For MMO News

CEO hopes that a subscription-based model can be added.

21 Jun 2010

Activision COO on 'Brilliant' Nintendo 3DS News

Publisher will wait for the right time for Move and Kinect.

18 Jun 2010

Call of Duty: Black Ops Trailer Crashes Through The Window News

And blows up the house as well. Many houses.

19 May 2010

Activision Extends Confidentiality 2002 SEC Filing News

It moves in mysterious ways...

17 May 2010

UK Software Charts: FIFA 1, Wake 2 News

World Cup fever still has nation in vice grip.

17 May 2010

Bungie: We Showed Our New Project To Microsoft And Sony News

And both were naturally very keen on having it.

30 Apr 2010

Four More Infinity Ward Staff Leave News

Total is nearly 50 per cent of entire workforce, apparently.

29 Apr 2010

Infinity Ward Employees Sue Activision for Royalties News

38 staff claim publisher is holding them "hostage" to make Modern Warfare 3.

28 Apr 2010

Infinity Ward Loses Another Eight, Total 25 News

Movement of Jah people!

27 Apr 2010

Seven Ex-Infinity Ward Members Sign Up to Respawn News

The Modern Warfare 2 drama continues!

23 Apr 2010

Activision Insider: Infinity Ward Walkouts Will Continue News

More candid whisperings on Facebook. Exciting, isn't it?

22 Apr 2010

Activision Insider: Modern Warfare 2 DLC Pricing "A Mistake" News

Also thinks Bobby Kotick should keep it zipped every now and then.

22 Apr 2010

Tony Hawk Names Next Game: Shred News

Hopefully it won't use that infernal plastic peripheral.

20 Apr 2010

Activision to Appeal No Doubt Band Hero Legal Win News

Publisher intends to appeal ruling.

19 Apr 2010

Confused Infinity Ward Argues Whether It's Dead Or Not News

One person says it'll crumble, another says things will get better...

19 Apr 2010

UK Software Charts: Splinter Cell Stealthily Claims Victory News

Just Dance claims #2 spot.

19 Apr 2010

Infinity Ward Suffers Three More Staff Departures [Update: Four] News

Legal battle between former heads and Activision proving to be destructive.

14 Apr 2010

Activision: Legal Case Delaying Modern Warfare 3 News

Ex-Infinity Ward heads using delay as "leverage."

12 Apr 2010

PS3, PC Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Pack Dated News

Hope you've got a few weeks to kill.

09 Apr 2010

Modern Warfare 2 'Mapathy' Cure Sets Xbox Live Record News

Activision and Microsoft made the right diagnosis.

08 Apr 2010

Activision UK Restructuring Brings Job Losses News

IT and marketing departments hit.

31 Mar 2010

U.S. Software Chart - BioShock 2 Leads Disappointing Month News

Total sales down 15 per cent.

12 Mar 2010

EA Calls Modern Warfare Legal Spat "Disappointing" News

Wonders if the series can continue under litigation.

11 Mar 2010

True Crime 'Reboot' Sexes Up the City News

Now with added real former Triads.

10 Mar 2010

UK Games Charts 2010 Week 9 - Bad Companies 4 Lyfe News

DICE's sequel outsells original Bad Company almost 3:1

08 Mar 2010

Ex-Infinity Ward Heads Sue Activision News

Apparently Activision owed them money before they got fired.

04 Mar 2010

Blur Beta Starts, UK Release Announced News

Project Gotham developer gears up for another race.

03 Mar 2010

Sledgehammer Games Making 2011 Call Of Duty News

Shake-up of franchise strategy leaves Infinity Ward out in the cold.

03 Mar 2010

Activision Storms Infinity Ward: Studio Head Laid Off News

Publisher-developer relations said to be "tense".

02 Mar 2010

Activision Kills Kings Quest Fan Project News

New IP holder not interested in continuing non-commercial license.

01 Mar 2010

Activision Blizzard's Kotick Boxed Games Not Ending Soon News

Last quarter dragged a bit though

11 Feb 2010

UK Charts: EA And Ubisoft Dance Off News

Mass Effect 2 pips Just Dance to #1.

08 Feb 2010

Activision 'Sticking With' DJ Hero News

CEO says the game is an "innovative product".

18 Jan 2010

Activision Confirms DJ Hero 2 - Seeks Undiscovered Talent News

Publisher attending MIDEM festival in Cannes.

15 Jan 2010

Dead Space Creator: Activision Won't Change Us News

Will continue to create original games.

08 Jan 2010

UK Charts: Modern Warfare 2 Nabs Christmas #1 News

FIFA 10 comes mighty close though.

21 Dec 2009

UK Charts: Wii Sports Resort Chasing Modern Warfare 2 News

Just Dance gets 274% boost in sales.

14 Dec 2009

VGA Roundup: GOTY is Uncharted 2 News

Uncharted 2 wins Game of the Year award.

14 Dec 2009

Treyarch Getting Sends a Call of Duty to Designers News

Must have a passion for first person shooters. Hm, that's a tough one.

03 Dec 2009

UK Video Game Charts: Modern Warfare 2's Sales Slip News

Wii games shuffle about the rest of the Top 10.

30 Nov 2009

US Colonel: Gamers Worst at 'Distorting' War News

Playing war games does not prepare you for the real thing.

17 Nov 2009

Brit Politician Vows to Slam Modern Warfare 2 in Parliament News

Daily Mail: Modern Warfare 2 'Glamorises Violence'

09 Nov 2009

Modern Warfare 2 Goggles Will Turn You Into A Pervert News

Daily Star toots horn about "ogling perv" gamers.

13 Oct 2009

Ollie With Your Mii On Tony Hawk: Ride News

Wii version of skateboarding title also offers two unique levels.

07 Oct 2009

Video: The Infamy of Modern Warfare 2 News

Get it here!

05 Oct 2009

The UK Games Charts: Halo 3: ODST Smashes All Comers News

Professor Layton misses out

28 Sep 2009

UK Game Charts: Batman vs COD News

New entries at last though

07 Sep 2009

Play Against Megan Fox News

Transformers star pimping DLC

28 Aug 2009

Scratch Perverts DJ Hero News

Seven new exclusive mixes inbound

13 Aug 2009

Activison's £99.99 Tony Hawk Ride News

Board and game 'on offer'

07 Aug 2009

New Bond, Spider-Man, Tony Hawk Games in 2010 News

Plus: Modern Warfare 2 has most pre-orders in Activision's history

06 Aug 2009

Starcraft 2 Delay Hasn't Hurt Activision News

Going from strength to strength

06 Aug 2009

UPDATED: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Erupting on Wii News

Announcement rumoured for today

05 Aug 2009

Jazzy Jeff Gets DJ Heroic News

Video games vindicate DJ culture!

30 Jul 2009

Brutal Legend Developer Counter-Sues Guitar Hero News

Plus: new video!

24 Jul 2009

Call of Duty Zombies, Maps and Controller Fest News

What more could you need?

21 Jul 2009

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Prestige Priced News

Also multiplayer for downloadable Call

15 Jul 2009

Sports Fans: Activision to Take on Take 2, Konami and EA News

Oh... more sports games.

02 Jul 2009

Activision: We Will Support Sony News

The 'If' remains...

23 Jun 2009

Activision Might Stop Supporting Sony News

Big, big warning shot

19 Jun 2009

How Much for a Ride With Tony Hawk? News

Pricing for game and peripheral revealed

26 May 2009

Tony Hawk Ride: Activision's Apology: It's Not Exclusive News

Sorry Sony, sorry Nintendo...

20 May 2009

Activision: No Xbox Tony Hawk Confirmed... Yet News

Pre-emptive press releases eh.

20 May 2009

Paging Mr Threepwood: Come to Xbox Live? News

SCUMMy fun for Xbox 360 fans

20 May 2009

New Chairman for Activision News

Does Bobby Kotick need to look out?

05 May 2009

Court Refuses to Restrain Activision News

No grounds for DJ complaint

17 Apr 2009

Activision Bucks Trend as China Looms News

Someone out there is making money!

16 Apr 2009

Activision Sued: Misappropriation of Trade Secrets News

Wicki-wicki-wicki... sour grapes

15 Apr 2009

Official! Guitar Hero Modern Hits on DS News

A real announcement is made

06 Mar 2009

Who Next for Activision? News

Activision Blizzard midway to more deals?

05 Mar 2009

Gibson Loses Guitar Hero Fight News

Judge rules no merit to patent infringement claims

03 Mar 2009

Tony Hawk Skateboard Peripheral Confirmed? News

New developer also leaked...

23 Feb 2009

New Guitar Hero and Modern Warfare 2 Confirmed News

Infinity Ward to take development

12 Feb 2009

Activision: Kotick's Plea for Console Price Cuts News

Cheaper Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii needed.

12 Feb 2009

March Date for COD: World at War Map Pack News

Undead, undead, undead

10 Feb 2009

UK Game Charts: Wii Fit to Bust News

Shaking off the Xmas fat.

19 Jan 2009

Activision Chief: Games Will Rule All News

One form of entertainment to rule them all!

12 Jan 2009

Woolworths' Collapse: Potential Tidal Wave News

Stock effectively "stolen"

12 Dec 2008

Guitar Hero 5 Trumpeted News

Massive line-up from ActiBlizz

04 Dec 2008

Ubisoft Gets Massive and a World in Conflict News

Who is next in line?

11 Nov 2008

Activision Blizzard: What Makes its Money? News

Activision or Blizzard?

06 Nov 2008

Call of Duty Xbox 360 Beta Open to All News

Well, all Xbox 360 owners

05 Nov 2008

MTV's Beatles Deal due to Activision Attitude News

Music industry not happy....

04 Nov 2008

Crash Bandicoot: Mind Over Mutant Arrives News

Activision ships game

31 Oct 2008

Friends and Invites for PC Call of Duty: WW Beta News

Complex yet simple

22 Oct 2008

Spider-Man Video Action - Maybe a BIT emo News

New video right here

13 Oct 2008

Spider-Man: Web of Shadows Firmly Dated News

Coming real soon...

13 Oct 2008

Call of Duty News Explosion News

Online play to be monetised

16 Sep 2008

Guitar Hero World Tour's 15.5% Rock Band 2 Crossover News

Looks kind of like the Rock Band 2 set list...

15 Sep 2008

Activision's New Music Game in Development News

Guitar Hero Localizers bought

12 Sep 2008

Metallica Bursts Guitar Hero Bubble? News

Dad Rockers go early to avoid Glaswegians?

11 Sep 2008

New Guitar Hero Spoof is all Vanity News

and not very fair

10 Sep 2008

Call of Duty: World at War Beta Up News

Americashire gets release date

05 Sep 2008

Guitar Hero World Tour: Motorhead Move News

Without a zimmer frame!

04 Sep 2008

Noel Gallagher: Guitar Hero Beats Goblin Laser Sex News

Oasis front man speaks out

03 Sep 2008

MC5's Wayne Kramer Sells His... Song to Activison News

Sex Pistols and Motorhead join him

03 Sep 2008

UPDATED: Gibson Replacements Revealed for Guitar Hero World Tour News

Still no branding for the guitars

27 Aug 2008

Guitar Hero and Rock Band 2 Instrument Love News

Cross-game peripheral functionality on the way

19 Aug 2008

The Charts: Mario Races Wii Fit News

The Olympics help SEGA out

19 Aug 2008

The Charts: Healthy Fun Slaps Hardcore Fight Fest News

Another week, another Nintendo game atop the Charts

12 Aug 2008

Warners: Shutting Doors on Guitar Hero and Rock Band Tracks? News

Warner Music CEO calls video game licensing fees 'paltry'

07 Aug 2008

Wolfenstein: Nazis Gonna Get Ya... News

New video!

01 Aug 2008

Logitech Joins Activision for Guitar Hero Instruments News

Get your axe together.

31 Jul 2008

Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2 Hits Xbox Live News

Activision publishing something! Brilliant.

30 Jul 2008

Activision Blizzard Starts Game and People Culls News

High profile games and studios cut

29 Jul 2008

The UK Video Game Charts are Belong to Nintendo News

Would all other platform holders please leave.

29 Jul 2008

Star Wars: Force Unleashed Demo Coming Soon News

Bonus ending planned

28 Jul 2008

Guitar Hero World Tour Set List Leaked? News

List below

24 Jul 2008

Jimi Hendrix Finally Becomes a Guitar Hero News

More dead rockstars...

24 Jul 2008

The Charts: LEGO Indy Makes a Break For It News

Nintendo rules the Top 10

22 Jul 2008

Activision Release List: Dates James Bond: Quantum of Solace News

Call of Duty: World at War release date not announced

21 Jul 2008

Not E3: Wolfenstein Moves News

But why not code your own?

16 Jul 2008

Not E3: Activision - What Singularity? News

Teaser video below

16 Jul 2008

Guitar Hero III Gets Death Magnetic News

Plus: New first-person action game and Transformers sequel announced

15 Jul 2008

E3: Guitar Hero World Tour Forever and Ever and Ever... News

In-game footage right here

15 Jul 2008

Activision Only on Holiday from ESA News

It's not you, it's me

10 Jul 2008

Official: Activision Blizzard Lives! News

Deal now closed

10 Jul 2008

Stateside Activision Stockholders Agree Vivendi Deal News

Just in time for E3

09 Jul 2008

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Screen Downpour News

Activision beats the E3 rush

08 Jul 2008

The Charts: Smash Bros Keep on Brawling News

Are snakes slippery after all?

08 Jul 2008

Activision Judge Quotes Warcraft in Ruling News

He's down with the Guilds.

03 Jul 2008

Activision's Shareholder Revolt is Crushed News

Full steam ahead

03 Jul 2008

Vote Spider-Man: Web of Shadows! News

Activision encourages the public to get involved

02 Jul 2008

Shots Ring Out for James Bond: Quantum of Solace News

Screens shots, that is

01 Jul 2008

Guitar Hero III Pulls Out its Top Gun News

Top download coming soon!

01 Jul 2008

Our World at War in Call of Duty Pictures News

Activision shows off some screens

27 Jun 2008

Axe Wielding with Guitar Hero III and World of Warcraft News

Free Guitar Hero III content out today

26 Jun 2008

Guitar Hero World Tour: No Gibson? News

Activision and guitar maker still fighting?

23 Jun 2008

Beatles Battle: Guitar Hero Versus Rock Band News

Beatles game on the way?

23 Jun 2008

Star Wars Lightsaber Game on Wii: Confirmed! News

Clone Wars to hit Wii and DS

19 Jun 2008

Call of Duty: World at War to be Revealed News

Video coming soon

17 Jun 2008

Call of Duty 5 Pack Shots Leaked? News

Slew of Activision game details hit the web

16 Jun 2008

Guitar Hero Versus London Symphony Orchestra News

Rhythm games go on tour

12 Jun 2008

Treyarch is Developing for Next Call of Duty News

Number Dropped from Name

09 Jun 2008

When a God of War and Guitar Heroes Clash News

Plus: this week's PSN line-up

05 Jun 2008

Call of Duty 4 Maps Dated For PC News

And cheap at half the price

02 Jun 2008

Guitar Hero: On Tour: Get the Irony Board Out News

Please gods let's have something good for Europe.

29 May 2008

Chilli Peppers' Chad Smith Bangs Guitar Hero Drums News

Video shows off Guitar Hero drums

27 May 2008

Rock Band Single Outsells iTunes News

Is gaming the saviour of Rock?

27 May 2008

Guitar Hero World Tour Drums 'Revealed' in Moving Pictures News

Activision bangs the drums

23 May 2008

Guitar Hero Goes on World Tour News

Plus: now featuring new instruments shocker!

22 May 2008

LucasArts Joins Exit from US Games Body News

New US games body to be formed?

19 May 2008

Pitfall Returns on Wii News

Oldies but goldies

13 May 2008

Call of Duty 5 Brings New Theatre News

War, it's apparently good for Activision.

09 May 2008

Big Innovation Coming in Guitar Hero News

Laser harp, anyone?

09 May 2008

Electronic Arts vs Activision: Fight! News

EA reponds to Activision's criticism of its studio management

06 May 2008

Activision: Food and Fuel Could Drive Down Console Prices News

Plus: Activision breaking into sports?

01 May 2008

Call of Duty 4 PS3 Map Pack Release Date Moved News

Europe gets it early

22 Apr 2008

Spider-Man in Shadowy Trailer News

Black slimy stuff makes New York slippy

21 Apr 2008

Call of Duty 4 Downloadable Content Dated for PS3 News

Plus: Double XP Weekend coming

17 Apr 2008

The Charts: Mario Kart Races GT5 Prologue News

Nintendo reaps the benefits of huge launch

15 Apr 2008

Guitar Hero III Star "Disgusted" by Game News

Save our children!

09 Apr 2008

UK Charts: Your Gran Loves It News

SEGA has a fine time too.

07 Apr 2008

Call of Duty 4 DLC Issues Resolved News

Plus: PS3 and PC versions getting some love

07 Apr 2008

New Geometry Wars Game on the Way? News

Activision keeps schtum

03 Apr 2008

Guitar Hero for Blackberry News

Yeah, we were wondering about how you'd rock out?

02 Apr 2008

Call of Duty 4 - The Bullets Keep on Coming News

New DLC footage and screens inside

31 Mar 2008

The Charts: Tom Clancy has a Colourful Easter News

Mario and Sonic aren't quite fast enough

26 Mar 2008

Kung Fu Panda - Do Shaolin Bears Breed? News

The kung fu animal you always wanted to see...

20 Mar 2008

Get Your Image in Guitar Hero News

If Lemmy says it's okay that is.

19 Mar 2008

Activision and Electronic Arts Want to Drive Collaboration News

Single gaming platform on the agenda once again.

19 Mar 2008

The Charts: Mario and Sonic Fight Back News

Army of Two lives up to its name

18 Mar 2008

New Version of Call Of Duty 4 on the Way News

Plus: Quake Wars confirmed for summer console release

17 Mar 2008

Guitar Hero to get New Features on Wii? News

Just maybe...

13 Mar 2008

Activision, Harmonix and Gibson in Guitarmageddon News

Publisher faces legal double whammy

12 Mar 2008

The Charts: Mario and Sonic Switch it up News

DS owners get training

26 Feb 2008

Activision's DJ Hero Only a Trademark? News

Publisher keeps schtum

18 Feb 2008

Aerosmith Cements Guitar Hero Status News

Change in direction for Activision franchise

15 Feb 2008

Activision: PS3 Development Not a Problem News

Publisher boasts PS3 success

08 Feb 2008

Call of Duty 5 Confirmed News

Upcoming Activision projects detailed

08 Feb 2008

Activision Rocks Past Financial Expectations News

Guitar Hero publisher sees massive year on year growth

08 Feb 2008

Call of Duty 4 Downloadable Content Coming Soon News

Fresh intel inside

05 Feb 2008

Despite Seven Million Sales COD 5 Could Go to Treyarch News

Infinity Ward to move on?

28 Jan 2008

Guitar Hero III: Boston's Tease Party News

Plus: Rock Band single peripherals shipping in US soon

25 Jan 2008

Halo 3 Laid Low for First Time Since Release News

Call of Duty 4 Dethrones Halo 3 On Xbox Live

22 Jan 2008

Guitar Hero Does A Billion News

What a lot of dollars...

21 Jan 2008

The Charts: Assassin's Creed - Kicked Ass or Ass Kicked? News

Sales take a new year hit

08 Jan 2008

Rock Band vs Guitar Hero III - Bitch Slapping News

Music not the food of love after all.

13 Dec 2007

Activision in Wii Guitar Hero III Legal Battle News

Loud, but mono, sounds of anger echo in court room

12 Dec 2007

Electronic Arts vs Activision Blizzard: Fight! Fight! Fight! News

Electronic Arts kicks off the bitch-slapping

04 Dec 2007

The Charts: The Need For Creed News

Nintendo platforms bag another couple of records

04 Dec 2007

Blizzard: 'Activision Deal Won't Change Us' News

Fear not, MMO gamers of the world

03 Dec 2007

Activision And Vivendi Games Unite To Conquer News

Activision to get

03 Dec 2007

Activision: PS3 And Xbox 360 Need To Be £97 News

Other statements of the bloody obvious to follow...

28 Nov 2007

The Charts: Need For Speed Screeches Into View News

New releases disappoint

27 Nov 2007

Something For The Weekend, Sir? News

This week's big releases

23 Nov 2007

Halo Theme Hits Guitar Hero 3 News

Rock out like a chief

22 Nov 2007

Guitar Hero Attacked By The Romantics News

The Romantics claim that a cover version is just TOO good

22 Nov 2007

Call of Duty 4 Patched, PS3 Issues 'Resolved' News

Offline problems persisting?

21 Nov 2007

The Charts: Mario Versus The Assassin News

It's all a bit of a Crysis

20 Nov 2007

The Charts: Call Of Duty Re-Enters Infinity News

Has it claimed Number 1?

13 Nov 2007

Sex Pistol's Guitar Hero III Bestiality Rant News

Lydon at Hero III launch.

09 Nov 2007

Activision: PlayStation 3 Most Advanced News

But Sony still has to 'beg' developers

22 Oct 2007

Guitar Hero III: Legends of RAWK! Dated News

In more ways than one?

22 Oct 2007

Spider-Man Takes On Bullies News

Activision supports Bullying UK

22 Oct 2007

Banned: Soldier of Fortune: Pay Back News

Australia advances unfairly

18 Oct 2007

The Charts: Project Gotham Challenges FIFA News

Where's Halo 3?

16 Oct 2007

Bizarre To Work On Non-Racing Franchise News

Xbox Live not forgotten

15 Oct 2007

Call of Duty 4 PC Demo Deployed Inside News

Modern warfare is cool and fun

12 Oct 2007

Activision Defends Indie Studios News

They're more disciplined than you'd think

08 Oct 2007

Activision Keen To Acquire More European Studios News

Following the Bizarre Creations deal

05 Oct 2007

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Already Patched News

Splash Damage doesn't waste any time

28 Sep 2007

Project Gotham Team Working On New Racer News

Activision brings its fighting talk

28 Sep 2007

Project Gotham 5 Will Be Xbox 360 Exclusive News

It's Microsoft's baby!

27 Sep 2007

Analyst Defends Activision's Bizarre Move News

Shockingly, Activision might do well out of it

27 Sep 2007

Activision Buys Bizarre Creations - PGR Multi-Platforming? News

Well done to the cheeky Liverpool... game developer.

26 Sep 2007

Sex Pistols - Dirty F*cking Rotters Re-Record For Guitar Hero III News

It's like, so post-modern...

26 Sep 2007

Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground - Stand Up For Skateparks Benefit News

Plus, latest THPG trailer inside

20 Sep 2007

Tony Hawk's Proving Ground Demo Hits PS3 News

PSN gets rigger-ous

13 Sep 2007

New Spidey Game Demo on LIVE News

That’s TODAY, Parker!

13 Sep 2007

Call of Duty 4 To Get Online Co-Op? News

Infinity Ward drops hint

10 Sep 2007

Call of Duty 4 Beta Opening In UK News

Update coming over the weekend

07 Sep 2007

Call Of Duty 4 Gunning For Halo 3 News

Who will win the battle for Greedmas?

04 Sep 2007

The Charts: Has Tiger Woods Teed Off BioShock? News

Or will it land in the water?

04 Sep 2007

The Charts: Transformers Gets A (Bio)Shock News

2K releases second fastest 360 title

29 Aug 2007

Call of Duty 4 Beta Live In US News

Brits to get their shot later

28 Aug 2007

Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground – Full Soundtrack Listing News

Beastie Boys, Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana, The Clash and loads more

28 Aug 2007

Call Of Duty 4: Friendly New Video News

Beta registration to open shortly

21 Aug 2007

The Charts: Transformers Roll Up News

New Charts Unveiled

21 Aug 2007

Tony Hawk's Proving Ground: Savage New Video News

Remember the good old days?

17 Aug 2007

Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock Bangs The Drums News

Good, good, double-good as battle of the band-games hots up.

14 Aug 2007

The Charts: Surgical Strikes And Transforming Moments News

We all love the Summer - just not to play games in.

14 Aug 2007

Call of Duty 4 Releasing in November News

But that’s not official

10 Aug 2007

More Details On The London Games Festival Emerge News

Events and sponsors revealed

08 Aug 2007

Quake Wars Dated For PC News

PLUS: New Screens Inside

06 Aug 2007

Call of Duty 4 Beta COULD Be Open To Europe News

May still be available to PAL gamers

03 Aug 2007

No PAL Beta For Call of Duty 4 News

The yanks take it all

02 Aug 2007

The Charts: Pokemons Get Caught On DS News

Potter falls

31 Jul 2007

Spider-Man Friend Or Foe: Chummy New Screens News

Spidey gets some mates

26 Jul 2007

SPOnG's Activision Preview Day Impressions News

Call of Duty 4, Star Wars, Fracture and something for the kids

25 Jul 2007

Activision Takes EA's US Crown News

Activision leading US third party publisher in 2007

24 Jul 2007

The Charts: Transformers Take On Harry Potter News

The Charts go brain crazy

24 Jul 2007

Call Of Duty 4 Faces Identity Crisis News

Five pieces of box art, one tough decision

23 Jul 2007

‘Glastonbury of Gaming’ Hits UK in August News

Massive New Consumer Gaming Expo. On a racecourse!

23 Jul 2007

The Charts: Product Recall Can't Crash Mario's Party News

Harry hangs in there

17 Jul 2007

Activision Announces Slashin' E3 Line-Up News

Slash to appear in Guitar Hero III

10 Jul 2007

The Charts: Harry Potter, Nicole Kidman Go At It News

Nicole Kidman fails to see off teenage boy

10 Jul 2007

The Charts: Harry Potter Battles The Darkness News

Can anyone see an original game lying around?

03 Jul 2007

Call of Duty 4: Killer New Footage News

A solid wall does not good cover make...

02 Jul 2007

Full Track List for Guitar Hero: Rocks the '80s News

Dead Kennedy's are on it. So that means it's good.

29 Jun 2007

The Charts: Driving to the Movies News

The Forza's strong...

26 Jun 2007

Guitar Hero 2 Comp Gets Mötley Judge News

Contestants to rock out in front of Mötley Crüe frontman

21 Jun 2007

Transformers: Free-Running New Trailer News

Could this be the game girls have been waiting for?

19 Jun 2007

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars – Public Beta Details News

60,000 places being made available

18 Jun 2007

Call of Duty 4: First Online Screens! News

First look at Activision's push into Modern Warfare

13 Jun 2007

Transformers: Deceptive New Trailer News

Watch out, they're in disguise don'tcha know

12 Jun 2007

The Charts: Pirates Of The Caribbean Run Down News

Johnny Depp hears a faint 'brum' in the distance...

12 Jun 2007

The Charts: Spider-Man 3 Comes Unstuck News

Plus: sexy lady beaten by camp pirate

05 Jun 2007

Transformers the Videogame – New ‘Making Of’ Video News

“The quintessential transformers game” at least according to the developers

05 Jun 2007

Bravo! Call Of Duty 3 Maps Out News

Even more stuff to destroy!

01 Jun 2007

Guitar Hero Publisher Disses Rock Band News

Plus: another rock-alike out today

01 Jun 2007

The Charts: Has Mario Kicked Spidey And Pirates? News

Pirates of the Caribbean buccaneers into the Charts

30 May 2007

Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga - The First Trailer News

How can virtual plastic bricks bring so much pleasure?

30 May 2007

E3 Conference Schedule Announced - Full Details Inside News

Time to feign interest

25 May 2007

Guitar Hero III This Autumn - Details Here News

PS2, PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii!

23 May 2007

Something For The Weekend? What To Buy And Play News

This week's releases

18 May 2007

The Charts: Tiberium Wars Doesn't Quite Conquer News

Spidey's sticking around

15 May 2007

Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground – First Details News

Underwhelming list of 'new' features inside

15 May 2007

Fantastic Four: Fantastic New Video News

Jessica Alba gets the shiny treatment

11 May 2007

Hair Metal Guitar Hero - Tracklist of Shame News

Remember all that was bad about the 1980s. Here it comes again.

10 May 2007

Transformers: Merchandising Gone Mad News

Transforming shoes!

09 May 2007

The Charts: God Of War II No Longer Worshipped News

God of War II falls victim to arachnoid deicide

09 May 2007

New Spider-Man Game Swinging Our Way Soon News

Teaser website launched

08 May 2007

EA’s SKATE – Uber-Controls Detailed in Video Format News

Is this the killer USP to trump Tony Hawk?

05 May 2007

Guitar Hero '80s Edition Coming Soon? News

Get ready for big hair and stadium rock!

02 May 2007

Spider-Man's In Trouble: New Trailer News

Even his new goth look might not save him now

01 May 2007

The Lizard Snaps His Jaws: New Spidey 3 Trailer News

Oh Dr. Conners, what big teeth you have...

30 Apr 2007

DS Gets Two New Transformers Titles News

World War T breaks out via Wi-Fi

26 Apr 2007

Wii Love Spider-Man 3: Trailer Here! News

This is what web-slinging looks like on a Wii

24 Apr 2007

The All-New Slimmed-Down E3: Exhibitors Listed News

‘The skinny’ on the, err, skinny E3 right here

23 Apr 2007

New Spiderman 3 Trailer Here – The Sandman Cometh News

A big giant man, made out of sand

18 Apr 2007

Guitar Hero II: Whammy Bar Fixed, Your Xbox Jiggered News

The day the music died

16 Apr 2007

Microsoft : Guitar Hero II Track Pricing Is OK News

It's not the same as iTunes, you know

13 Apr 2007

Spidey’s Filthy Green Nemesis In New Video Here News

'Hobgoblin' Spiderman 3 trailer right here, right now

11 Apr 2007

The Charts: Where Are The PS3 Exclusives? News

Command & Conquer hangs in at the top

11 Apr 2007

Quake III: Team Arena Coming To Xbox 360 News

ESRB spills the beans

10 Apr 2007

Transformers - Latest On Videogames In Disguise News

Transformers – official videogame website unveiled

10 Apr 2007

The Charts: Did PS3 Move Games Too? News

Wii's opening weekend outdone

27 Mar 2007

Final PS3 Launch Line Up News

Your full and final PS3 checklist

22 Mar 2007

Guitar Hero Wireless Release Date Confirmed News

Are you listening Wiiers?

16 Mar 2007

Spider-Man 3: New Trailer! News

New DS details

15 Mar 2007

Activision To Buy Splinter Cell Networkers News

Big deal for big organisation

19 Feb 2007

Call Of Duty: Roads To Victory Trailer News

Is CoD 4 in the works?

13 Feb 2007

Eidos Takes Out Activision Executive News

Corporate high jinks and boardroom shenanigans

12 Feb 2007

Transformers Being Made by Lego Star Wars Guys News

Traveller’s Tales get the gig. Woohoo!

12 Feb 2007

Guitar Hero and Transformers on Wii News

Plus, Spider-Man and other Activision gems

08 Feb 2007

Guitar Hero 360 Slips to April News

A good thing, bizarrely. Plus latest GH rumour round-up.

24 Jan 2007

Original Guitar Hero Developer Unveils World Domination Plan News

Harmonix working on a ‘different, bigger and more ambitious project’

23 Jan 2007

Guitar Hero Gets New Developer News

MTV and Activision to team-up?

17 Jan 2007

New Call of Duty 3 Map News

Activision brings new down and dirty goodness to the 360

12 Jan 2007

Is Guitar Hero II Better on Drugs? News

Our survey says no

09 Jan 2007

Guitar Hero 2 on 360 Gets Worldwide Release in March News

Look at the new X-plorer controller and just drool

05 Jan 2007

SPOnG's 2006 Poll – Garry Williams: Man of the Year? News

The budget software supremo speaks out

23 Dec 2006

Call of Duty 3: Wii Controls Detailed in Trailer News

What it loses in looks, it makes up for in personality

14 Nov 2006

Marvel Ultimate Alliance on Wii: Heroic Trailers Inside News

Mimick the moves of your favourite superhero

14 Nov 2006

The Charts: ‘Need for Speed Carbon’ Holds Firm News

New Smackdown and Call of Duty 3 biting at its heels

14 Nov 2006

Something for the Weekend, Sir? Games Out Today News

War, what is it good for? (Answer: videogames)

10 Nov 2006

Tony Hawk’s Project 8 to Have Full Sixaxis Support News

Plus, 360 demo up on XBL Tomorrow

20 Oct 2006

Tony Hawk’s Project 8 – Full Soundtrack Details News

"Skatetastically eclectic soundtrack makes THP8 that bit more desirable", says SPOnG

18 Oct 2006

Tony Hawk’s Project 8 – Latest Trailer Inside News

Plus, a bunch of new screens drops in.

17 Oct 2006

Xbox Live Vision Camera – Full Details News

In-game face-mapping, free gesture-based game and poker.

04 Oct 2006

PS3 Games Priced News

Third-party titles for $59.99.

27 Sep 2006

Guitar Hero goes Multiformat in 2007 News

RedOctane busies itself suing cheap guitar peripherals maker

20 Sep 2006

PlayStation 3. Latest on Software Pricing News

Activision boss drops most telling hint

18 Sep 2006

Free Radical Finds Yet Another Publisher in LucasArts News

But what's happened to Haze?

25 Aug 2006

Exclusive: Guitar Hero out in Europe on November 24 News

RedOctane, SPOnG salutes you.

22 Aug 2006

The Charts – Cars in Road Block at the Top News

The UK games industry’s midsummer coasting period.

22 Aug 2006

Tony Hawk: Wii Bit of Gameplay Footage News

Tony Hawk’s Downhill Jam – Wii demo trailer inside.

07 Aug 2006

John Carmack on id's Brand New IP News

News from the ground at QuakeCon 2006

07 Aug 2006

New Tony Hawk’s Vid and Screens SK8 into Town News

Impress the locals and film your homies.

25 Jul 2006

Most Superheroes in one room. Ever. News

Comic geeks wet dream. Right here.

21 Jul 2006

Motion Captured Skater Ollies into Tony Hawk News

It's almost like bending the rules of physics

18 Jul 2006

The Charts: Nintendo One - Football Nil News

Liberty City Stories hangs onto top slot.

11 Jul 2006

Tony Hawk’s - New Art, Details, Trailer News

Tony Hawk’s Project 8

21 Jun 2006

GUN Showdown, PSP Exclusive - Trailer News

Activision in anti-Native American handheld shocker!

20 Jun 2006

Share Slump: Wall St Analysts on the Games Industry News

Short-term bad, long-term good

19 Jun 2006

Sk8 to Cre8 in Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam News

New info and latest DS screens inside.

14 Jun 2006

The Movies: Stunts and Effects Trailer News

Live out your stuntman dreams.

07 Jun 2006

The Charts: Agent 47 and Lara Hit Top Three News

Hitman and Her star in the All Formats chart.

06 Jun 2006

The Charts - Hitman Bang on Target News

A golden week for Eidos.

31 May 2006

UK Charts: Football, Movies, Football News

Oh, and a cracking week for Animal Crossing

23 May 2006

PS3 launch line-up: 15 titles expected News

At least, that’s what Sony reckons

17 May 2006

Guitar Hero Guy at Cybersonica 06 News

‘Interactive Music for the Masses’ lecture in London.

16 May 2006

Tony Hawk Ollies onto Wii News

Ha Ha Ha. Hilarious eh? Activision’s E3 line-up

08 May 2006

Activision Takes James Bond From EA News

Wins 007 rights for 007 years.

04 May 2006

X-Men Game Boasts Top Writing Talent News

Plus, well-known composer knows the score.

28 Mar 2006

UK Charts: EA dominates News

Multinational conglomerate keeps it street

07 Mar 2006

Activision Racist shitstorm: Full report News

Publisher fights to save scalp

03 Feb 2006

Ridge Racer 6 Crawls Into Charts News

SPOnG get all nostalgic for the good old days.

24 Jan 2006

UK Charts: Zoo Inmates Squeeze Juiced Out News

THQ's boy racer running on fumes behind Activision.

19 Jul 2005

Xbox 2: Tony Hawks, Spider-Man, Quake 4 and more News

Activision plays Xenon hand…

31 Jan 2005

New Doom III: Resurrection of Evil Screens News

Summer of love cancelled.

14 Jan 2005

Madagascar Screens Escape News

Let's face it, Madagascar's a more interesting title than Central Park Zoo.

14 Jan 2005

Xbox Doom 3 pushed back until March 2005? News

Activision reschedules after Q2 success

27 Oct 2004

Activision expands Doom 3 - Resurrection of Evil announced News

Double barrelled shotgun with extra demons

26 Oct 2004

Nintendo DS: Complete third party round-up - screens and details inside News

The first crop of games for the approximated launch window

11 Oct 2004

UK Charts: Summer Famine Takes Toll News

Sales slump and fetid stagnation sets in.

10 Aug 2004

Doom 3 reels from pre-release piracy epidemic News

iD's much-anticipated FPS floods file-sharing networks.

03 Aug 2004

UK Charts: Spider-man 2 Sticks at Top, Electronic Arts is Dominant News

No change in top four titles for second week.

27 Jul 2004

Activision Reveals Ambitious Yet Uninspired Plans For Next Fiscal Year News

Sequels, comics, sequels, movies and some more sequels

23 Jul 2004

Dead Rush Dies Quickly – Activision Dumps Promising Splatterfest News

GTA meets Res Evil not a big enough proposition?

22 Jul 2004

UK Charts: Spider-man Hangs in at the Top, EA gets Cheap News

Spidey breaks sales record as summer gaming famine deepens.

20 Jul 2004

Choppers at the Ready – Activision Gets Custom Bike Show License News

American Chopper for multi-platform release.

19 Jul 2004

New Return to Castle Wolfenstein Under Way and All-New id Title Confirmed News

Hollenshead confirms WWII FPS update.

19 Jul 2004

Doom III demo confirmed – Work commences News

Final game gold, id targets official release

16 Jul 2004

Doom 3 Goes Gold – FPS Glory Poised to Ship News

PC version now complete – the wait is nearly over.

15 Jul 2004

UK Charts: Spider senses a-tingling News

Bad news for Atari as Tanner takes a tanning from the webbed wonder.

13 Jul 2004

Lionhead Studios to be bought out by publishing giants? News

Eidos, Activision and Microsoft prowl around the Lion's den

02 Jul 2004

Doom 3 dated for August 3? News

Retailers pinpoint release of iD’s horrific FPS.

23 Jun 2004

UK Charts see Driv3r jump the gun News

Sales figures tell of naughty retailers. Sam gives Harry the good news.

21 Jun 2004

Buckle Up for Impending Doom News

Doom Collectors Edition and Doom III release date chatter.

16 Jun 2004

KOTOR II slips to 2005 News

Wait extended for Star Wars playing of roles...

14 Jun 2004

Inevitable Spiderman 3 announcement News

The web gets bigger

20 May 2004

Less Than Shocking: Dead Rush Crawls Forward News

GTA meets Resident Evil.

19 May 2004

Eidos Buy-out Rumour Continues News

EA, Activision and Ubisoft in the frame.

17 May 2004

E3 Round-up: South Hall - Filling in the gaps News

Activision, Eidos, THQ and Capcom explained

14 May 2004

Call of Duty Launches United Offensive News

WW2 expands.

14 May 2004

First Batch of PSP Titles Confirmed News

Mainly from Japanese developers...

13 May 2004

Spiderman 2 Multi-format Release News

Casting a world-wide web.

13 May 2004

Tentative Release Date for Doom 3 News

Come summer, we’re all doomed.

12 May 2004

E3 2004: Activision Preview News

Doom III, Spider-man 2 and more...

10 May 2004

Nintendo DS to the Power of 100 News

Dev-kits distributed.

07 May 2004

Xbox Doom III Co-op Goes Live! News

Console trumps PC via Internet.

23 Apr 2004

Game Stars Results News

The list in full from iTV’s celeb-filled award show.

19 Apr 2004

Doom III Dated for April - Fresh Xbox Details Inside! News

Activision insider lets slip launch date of monster game.

26 Feb 2004

Exactly When is Too Early to Write off a Game? News

Marvel Vs Capcom no more – EA to develop fighter in Canada.

09 Feb 2004

The Real Christmas Chart Topper - Medal of Honor Ousted News

EA shooter finally tumbles

30 Dec 2003

Doom 3 for Xbox Dated? News

Not according to Activision UK.

09 Dec 2003

Latest Doom 3 Screens and Art Thankfully Less Horrific News

Biggest game on the planet shows more pixel perfection.

08 Dec 2003

FIFA's Show of Strength News

Perennial footy title shrugs off True Crime and Smackdown! in third week.

12 Nov 2003

Activision losses revealed – end of the world not in sight News

Tony Hawk and others to come, plus! Trinity canned, two more given the boot.

07 Nov 2003

Massive Tony Hawk’s Underground tracklisting revealed News

Seminal skate series gets most impressive soundtrack ever…

27 Oct 2003

True Crime sued before release News

Slippage now excused.

20 Oct 2003

Xbox Knights of the Old Republic 2 - first details News

Acclaimed Xbox RPG sequel in the pipeline.

13 Oct 2003

Let’s play the Xbox 2, PS3, GC2 dating game! News

2006, according to Doornink.

08 Sep 2003

Xbox assumes double-fisted ninja stance News

Tenchu and I-Ninja on the way.

07 Aug 2003

Tony Hawk still pulling tricks News

The most customisable game ever?

05 Aug 2003

Tony Hawk 5 shows facial-mapping EyeToy link of justice! News

Hooray for EyeToy, it is truly the saviour of videogames!

31 Jul 2003

Activision pips Konami to online stealth News

Xbox Tenchu sees Live support

28 Jul 2003

Activision accuses Viacom of Trek-laziness News

Lawsuit filed.

28 Jul 2003

Press struggle to restrain smirks as Doom III leaves radar News

Focus on core offering required

23 Jul 2003

Is the game up? SEC moves on developer/publisher cashflow system News

It's book-burning season way out west!

22 Jul 2003

id flexes muscles, misses point News

Bullish statement helps no one, especially fans

22 Jul 2003

E3 Awards announced News

Non-playable games sweep the board.

11 Jun 2003

Subterranean Skateboarding Shenanigans News

The latest Tony Hawk's game takes a new turn.

19 May 2003

Exclusive: Half-Life 2 not with Vivendi – Activision link seemingly confirmed News

Game goes walkabout from Vivendi as search commences.

16 Apr 2003

New brand from Activision News

Call of Duty is the name, first-person shooting is the game.

09 Apr 2003

Activision: console price cuts? Not likely News

Sony ‘don’t feel the need’.

28 Mar 2003

Lionhead looks towards Activision News

Molyneux leaves EA, goes to The Movies.

05 Mar 2003

The most doomed retro remake ever? News

Pitfall Harry swings on in – Warning! Larry Goldberg quote inside.

28 Feb 2003

Activision cans Wakeboarding for Cube News

‘Re-evaluation’ sees Nintendo dropped.

24 Feb 2003

Third party GameCube future in doubt News

Major publishers back away from Nintendo – exclusive details inside.

18 Feb 2003

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory PC canned News

But fear not, the good bits will now be free!

13 Feb 2003

Doom for N-Gage? News

Activision support confirmed – Doom thought likely.

10 Feb 2003

This just in! News

New Tenchu in early March.

27 Jan 2003

GameCube Wolfenstein revealed! News

Seminal FPS remake heads to ‘Cube.

20 Dec 2002

Activision buyout of Eidos resurfaces News

Perhaps this will bump Eidos’ shares every six months from now on?

27 Nov 2002

GameCube suffering Dreamcast syndrome? Surely not! News

Rally Fusion: Race of Champions canned for Cube.

26 Nov 2002

Another spin around the block for the Star Trek crew News

Do they have blocks in space?

10 Oct 2002

Activision snaps up Worms in shock announcement News

Super bonus: Kathy Vrabeck quote inside!

14 Aug 2002

Doom II finally confirmed for Game Boy Advance News

Development shockers inside!

09 Aug 2002

Activision to publish new Sega PlayStation 2 title News

Plus: New Kathy Vrabeck quote inside!

31 Jul 2002

Tenchu 3 details sneak in News

Stealth classic gets stunning make-over.

31 Jul 2002

ECTS back on track News

Konami, THQ and Activision back at Euro event.

28 Jul 2002

Incredible news sees Tony Hawk sign to Activision for 13 years! News

NeverSoft begins work on polygonal Zimmer frame.

24 Jul 2002

More mission-led driving tomfoolery News

Not another story about Driver 3, honest.

22 Jul 2002

Fugazi? Bad Brains? It’s 1990 all over again News

Mat Hoffman’s Pro BMX 2 – it’s not just a game, it’s a really cool jukebox too.

09 Jul 2002

Wolfenstein expansion details emerge News

Want more Wolf? Well, here it is…

31 May 2002

Doom III confirmed for E3 News

id FPS sent in to appease fans.

28 May 2002

Tony 4 confirmed for Xbox News

Activision’s Pro Skater series gets another instalment.

21 May 2002

Midway squares up to Activision, snagging DC Comics News

Superheroes to battle it out on store shelves.

30 Apr 2002

Activision announces new Pro O2 brand News

It’s another ‘Someone’s Pro Something’ title… any guesses?

30 Apr 2002

Rare - Multi-platform? News

Don’t you just love rumours?

12 Apr 2002

Wreckless announced for PlayStation 2 News

Former Xbox exclusive Wreckless: The Yakuza Missions, has been confirmed for release on Sony’s PlayStation 2 console.

11 Apr 2002

New Activision Pro Wakeboarder game? News

We think so.

03 Apr 2002

Columbine games lawsuit thrown out of court News

Games companies not to blame for shootings

07 Mar 2002

Microsoft confirms UK launch plans: Full game-list inside! News

Microsoft has finally put the cap on its plans for the launch of the Xbox in the UK.

28 Feb 2002

Fifth Annual Interactive Achievement Awards Nominees Revealed News

The Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences (AIAS) has revealed the nominees for the fifth Annual Interactive Achievement Awards.

11 Feb 2002

Wolfenstein confirmed for Xbox and PlayStation 2! News

Activision has confirmed that it will be releasing versions of the acclaimed FPS sequel Return to Castle Wolfenstein for both PlayStation 2 and Xbox.

21 Jan 2002

All new GBA Tony Hawk 3 Screens Emerge News

Props, dude!

18 Jan 2002

The Hulk slips away from Capcom and Activision News

New TIH games planned

16 Jan 2002

Activision consumes Wolfenstein developer News

Consolidation of FPS strategy emerges. Activision to split from troublesome id?

15 Jan 2002

Investment firms confident of continued gaming success News

Further growth expected in 2002

15 Jan 2002

"I'd like to thank the Academy." The Mutants are at it again. News

Plus, most corporate droning quote ever inside!

28 Dec 2001

Startling Tony Hawk news - Sequel underway News

Activision confirms new Neversoft project

19 Dec 2001

Tony Hawk for PC confirmed News

It's true, a PC version is in the works!

12 Nov 2001

First PS2 online game ollies up to be counted News

Online Tony 3 to lead the way

29 Oct 2001

Take 2 in new buy-out speculation – Activision now rumoured News

Take2 double take as Acclaim backs away

11 Oct 2001

Wolfenstein for PS2 in progress as id goes massively over budget News

id in trouble as Wolfenstein costs a truckload of cash

05 Oct 2001

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 on N64. Whatever Next? News

Crikey! A new N64 game! This is not a typo.

28 Sep 2001

Return to Castle Wolfenstein demo released News

And it is hot.

25 Sep 2001

The Weakest Link for PlayStation. Insert overused pun here News

TWL overpowers competition with strength in questions and presentation

21 Aug 2001

QuakeCon round up. id show surprises few News

Everything you need to know from QuakeCon 2001

13 Aug 2001

Return to Castle Wolfenstein multiplayer details emerge News

id plan on making the ultimate WWII FPS with ambitious multiplayer plans

08 Aug 2001

Race of Champions first screens! News

The story of fast cars, Lanzarote and a big fat white man

07 Aug 2001

Activision Snatches Rights to New Spielberg Movie News

Minority Report goes to Activision

03 Aug 2001

Activision names Race of Champions Developer, confirms rally game for PS2 and Xbox News

Hard left into 30 jump, tightens... and so on.

01 Aug 2001

id outsources Quake 4 to Raven Software in favour of Doom? News

Doom or Quake. Which would you choose?

30 Jul 2001

Activision on the up News

Financial results look very good indeed!

25 Jul 2001

Activision O2 Handheld assault bolstered by Sean’s balls News

More extreme sports brilliance in portable form from Activision O2

24 Jul 2001

World’s Scariest Police Chases First Look! News

Chase crims 'n' that!

15 Jun 2001

Weakest Link first look! News

All the stats and the latest shots

12 Jun 2001

New X-men game confirmed for Game Boy Advance News

New X-me fighter confirmed for GBA

28 May 2001

Wolfenstein Returns... News Return To Castle Wolfenstein. Well, what did you expect it to be called?

21 May 2001

Possessed To Skate News

Ollies, kick-flips and grinds etc. coming to GBA.

21 May 2001

The Birdman Cometh News

And the Birdman Talketh

16 May 2001

Weakest Link Exclusive details News

TV smash game details revealed exclusive

30 Apr 2001

Activision, you are the strongest link News

Quiz games are beoming increasingly popular.

18 Apr 2001

New Stuart Little Screens News

Little mouse, big world, great game!

07 Apr 2001

Spiderman for Dreamcast first look News

Senses tingling... blah blah blah

28 Mar 2001

Activision Confirms Doom in Game Boy Advance Line-up News

Doom in your pocket. Get in!

21 Mar 2001

No Developer Change for Tenchu 3 News

Gameplay triumphs over graphics as Activision stick by Acquire

13 Mar 2001

Tony “Hero” Hawk Brings Good News to N64 Owners News

Tony comes rollin' in on the N64

13 Mar 2001

Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2X online details emerge! News

Enhanced Tony Hawk for Xbox to include amazing online features

28 Jan 2001

Tony Hawk Pro Skater - One last time on PlayStation? News

Activision may just squeeze out one more Tony Hawk title on the Playstation before Tony Hawk 3 is released on PS2

28 Jan 2001

Activision, second only to Electronic Arts News

Kudos to Activision for the success they have achieved in 2000.

17 Jan 2001

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