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Sega’s roots stretch back to 1940 and a Honolulu-based company called Standard Games, formed by Martin Bromely, Irving Bromberg, and James Humpert. In 1951, Bromely inspired the company’s move to Tokyo, and Service Games of Japan (also known as Sega) was officially registered in May of 1952. Initially, Sega provided coin-op machines to U.S. military units stationed in Japan. The business branched out from there, supplying the domestic Japanese market as well as parts of Asia and Europe.

In 1965, Sega merged with another coin-op company, Rosen Enterprises, Inc. Formed by American entrepreneur David Rosen in 1954, Rosen Enterprises dealt in everything from instant photo booths to mechanical arcade games. A year after the merger, Sega released Periscope, a submarine simulator that became a worldwide hit. In 1969, Rosen and the other shareholders decided to sell Sega to Gulf & Western Industries, with Rosen continuing on as CEO.

Gulf & Western continued to build on the company's original product and marketing strategy, with revenues hitting $214 million in 1982. By 1983, several "firsts" were introduced, including the first laser disc game, Sega Astron Belt, the first 3D video game, SubRoc-3D, and Sega's first consumer video game console, SG-1000, all marketed in Japan.

The arcades and the U.S. home market crashed shortly after. Gulf & Western, which had spun off 20 percent of Sega, bought back the public shares and sold the U. S. assets to Bally Manufacturing Corp.

However, in Japan, Sega survived. Back in 1979, Rosen had acquired a distribution company founded by a Japanese entrepreneur, Hayao Nakayama. Following the crash, Rosen joined Nakayama and other Japanese investors to buy the Japanese assets of Sega for $38 million. Nakayama became chief executive and Rosen headed the U.S. subsidiary. From that point forward, the company vowed to stick not with one concept too long, realizing that each generation of technology has a life and death.

In 1984, Sega Enterprises was bought by a partnership between Sega Enterprises Japanese management and CSK, forming Sega Enterprises Ltd., a Japan-based company.

In 1986, Sega Enterprises Ltd.'s stock was listed over the counter on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. In addition, Sega of America was established to adapt and market video game products to a rapidly expanding American market. It was subsequently given the charter to develop software products specifically for the American market.

In the late 1980s, Sega Enterprises introduced a line of extremely successful video game systems and software titles that propelled the company into international prominence, making it the world's second largest vendor of consumer video game products. In 1990, Sega Enterprises Ltd.'s stock was listed on the first tier of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. In 1993, the stock was listed on the pink sheets of NASDAQ and available in ADR in the U.S.

Genesis and Beyond
In 1990, Sega aimed its products at a slightly older market than its main competitor, Nintendo, and released the 16-bit console, Sega Genesis™. Sega was quickly recognized by its fast-paced, "in-your-face" marketing and advertising campaigns, putting the company in the ranks of Nike® and Levi's® as favorite brands among America's youth.

In December 1994, Sega of America, in a joint venture with Time Warner® and TCI, launched the Sega Channel, which is a nationwide subscription-based cable network, which provides video games to Sega Genesis owners via their cable box. The Sega Channel was praised by the cable industry as the "coolest new service."

In 1995, Sega of America launched the Sega Saturn™ video game system, bringing arcade-quality gaming to the home. Saturn games earned more coveted "Five Star" product review ratings from a popular industry video game magazine than any other platform. In 1996, Sega launched the Sega Saturn Net Link™, a modem that plugs into the Saturn console for online gaming and full Internet access. To date, there are more than 300 first-party and third-party games in the Sega Saturn library.

On September 9, 1999, the world of video games was forever changed. The Sega Dreamcast™ burst onto the scene becoming the fastest-selling video game console of the time. The 128-bit, Internet ready hardware delivered the fastest, most sophisticated 3D games ever seen on a video console. It launched with nineteen stellar titles, a built-in modem for surfing the Internet, online gaming, and a graphics engine to rival reality. Stunning graphics and best-of-breed titles like Sega Sports NFL 2K™ and Soul Calibur™ fueled sales and raised Sega's U.S. market share to 15%, up from 0.1% only a year before. Dreamcast currently has a library of over 200 titles.

In 2000, Sega promoted Peter Moore to President and COO of Sega of America. Previously Executive Vice President of Marketing, Moore plans to lead Sega into the next generation of gaming, while continuing to maintain Sega's strong brand awareness and position in the marketplace.
April 2000 -, Inc. became an independent company and has since gained recognition as an industry pioneer in both the online and wireless gaming frontiers. In September 2000, launched SegaNet, the world's first online console gaming network. fuses state-of-the-art technologies with innovative vision to produce compelling experiences for the gamer community. Leveraging our 50+ years of video game history, provides the creative, marketing, and engineering expertise to achieve Sega's network entertainment objectives.

In 2002, launched a new division: Sega Mobile, dedicated to developing, producing, and delivering game content to cell phone and PDA users in North America. Also introduced in 2002: Business Solutions, offering unique, full-service business solutions to game developers, publishers, and other youth lifestyle industries.

Sega - Past, Present and Future
Sega has always been a pioneer and will continue to provide the most advanced and compelling products to consumers. No other company has had more "firsts" in the $8 billion video game market than Sega. Sega created some of the first-ever arcade simulator games including Hang On in 1985.

In 1990, Sega unveiled R-360, the first arcade game to be able to rotate 360 degrees. In 1991, Sonic the Hedgehog was born. Sonic is the only non-Disney character featured at Disney World today.

In 1993, Yu Suzuki pioneered the 3D fighting game genre with Virtua Fighter. Virtua Fighter was added to the Smithsonian Institution's Permanent Research Collection on Information Technology Innovation and is currently kept at the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History in Washington, D.C.

The year 2000 brought other industry firsts including ChuChu Rocket, the first-ever online console video game, Seaman, the first voice recognition videogame in the U.S., Sega Sports NFL 2K1 the first online console sports title, and Phantasy Star Online, the first ever online console RPG.

On January 30, 2001, Sega announced it would create the world's best games for all gamers by publishing content on multiple platforms, as well as for wireless, handheld and other consumer electronic devices. This new strategy combined with a rich arcade heritage and the world's best developers puts Sega in the unique position to be the world's leading software publisher. Sega's first Game Boy Advance title, which was also Sega's pioneer online game, ChuChu Rocket released in May, 2001. By constantly striving to set the standard for interactive entertainment in and out of the home, Sega will continue to give consumers more ways to play the Sega games they have grown to love.

Software Highlights from Credited Titles

SEGA's first work that SPOnG is aware of is the 1981 title, "Frogger" (C64).

The company has been involved titles released on the PS4, Switch, Xbox One, PC, 3DS/2DS, PSVita, Wii U, Wii, PS3, Xbox 360, DS/DSi, iPad, iPhone, PS2, Power Mac, PSP, Xbox, Gizmondo, GameCube, GBA, N-Gage, PlayStation, Arcade, Dreamcast, Neo Geo Pocket Colour, Saturn, Sega 32-X, Sega Megadrive, Amiga, ST, Mac, NEC PC Engine, Game Gear, Sega MegaCD, Sega Master System, C64, Vic-20, Spectrum 48K, Sinclair Spectrum 128K, Amstrad CPC, Atari 5200, Atari 400/800/XL/XE, Atari 2600/VCS, Intellivision, Colecovision and Videopac/Odyssey2. Of these, "Sonic Unleashed" (PS2), "Sonic 3D Blast" (PC), "Sonic Adventure 2" (GameCube), "Sonic Heroes" (GameCube), "Super Monkey Ball" (GameCube) has been a best selling title.

The company's most recent involvement was on the 2020 release "Olympic Games Tokyo 2020: The Official Video Game" (Switch).

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SEGA Returns to Profitability in Q2 Financial Results News

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UK Video Game Chart: SEGA Gets the Gold News

Video game Olympics nabs top spot.

30 Jul 2012

Okami, ZOE and Yakuza HD Remakes Showcased in Sony Trailer News

Tasty comparison shots included.

30 Jul 2012

Former SEGA Chief Joins Digital Media Startup News

Caperfly to focus on Smart TV, iOS and Android.

30 Jul 2012

Rumour: ToeJam & Earl Re-Releases Hitting PlayStation 3 News

Funkotronic aliens set to return.

26 Jul 2012

UK Video Game Charts - Batman Stays Top News

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SEGA Skips Back to Gamescom 2012 News

Will likely be showcasing 2012 AAA titles.

19 Jul 2012

Yakuza 1&2 HD Edition Confirmed News

Improved load times and extra tweaks included.

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Retro-Focused GameGadget Digital Store Goes Live News

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06 Jul 2012

Gamers Make Voices Heard: Play as Female Petition Passes News

Finally, you can play as a lass in Aliens: Colonial Marines

06 Jul 2012

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05 Jul 2012

SEGA Outs Total War: Rome II News

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Breaks silence.

19 Jun 2012

UK Video Game Charts: Football Beats Females News

Lollipop Chainsaw is out-scored by FIFA 12

18 Jun 2012

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Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier sits at number 1

11 Jun 2012

Wii U Games List is Out: Batman, Mass Effect 3, Tekken More... News

Lots of good stuff for Wii U

06 Jun 2012

"SEGA Europe to Close" Rumour Mongering is Harmful and Untrue News

SEGA operation in Europe goes on

03 Jun 2012

Ridge Racer Vita x Daytona USA DLC Incoming News

Now we're talking 'classic' cars!

31 May 2012

Double Fine Day as SEGA Teams Up with Legend Ron Gilbert News

The Cave is a platformy thing from the mind of a genius

24 May 2012

Super Monkey Ball: Banana Splitz to Roll Out in October News

It's been a long time since February.

23 May 2012

Yakuza 5 Has Twice Development Time of Past Yakuza Titles News

Haruka to be playable.

23 May 2012

UK Video Game Chart: Max Payne Guns Down Diablo III News

Blizzard spanks PC records.

21 May 2012

UK Video Game Charts - No Change is Good. No Change is Good. Repeat News

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Sonic Convention Tickets Sell Out in Three Minutes News

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14 May 2012

SEGA Skips Gamescom 2012 for "Commercial" Reasons News

Does intend to return in future, though.

09 May 2012

UK Video Game Chart: Sniper Elite V2 Storms to Top Spot News

Pushes [PROTOTYPE 2] down a peg.

08 May 2012

Rumour: Bayonetta 2 Has Been Cancelled News

News nobody wanted to hear.

30 Apr 2012

SEGA West CEO to Depart in the Summer News

Game Over, Yeah! CEO to pursue advisory and non-exec roles.

30 Apr 2012

UK Video Games Charts: Witcher 2 is the New Skyrim News

Well, it debuts at #1 and has fans squeeee'ing about it.

23 Apr 2012

Super Monkey Ball Vita "Adult Map" is the Breast Pre-Order Bonus News

Roll around on an adult model's boobies.

19 Apr 2012

Namco Bandai x Capcom x SEGA Collaboration Project Detailed News

A name, and some characters.

11 Apr 2012

Sonic 4 Episode 2 Coming May, Includes Bonus Metal Sonic Episode News

Extra bang for your episodic buck.

10 Apr 2012

UK Video Game Chart: Kinect Star Wars is No.1 News

The Force is... no, we won't do it.

10 Apr 2012

Sonic Co-Creator Leaves Namco Bandai to Join Nintendo News

Will work on American development for NST.

05 Apr 2012

UK Charts - Electronic Arts Basically Owns It News

The All Format's chart

02 Apr 2012

Japanese Video Game Chart: Kid Icarus Flies to the Top News

SEGA's Yakuza spinoff follows at #2.

30 Mar 2012

SEGA to Restructure Games Business, Job Losses Imminent News

Will focus more on digital output.

30 Mar 2012

Wii U Version of Aliens: Colonial Marines "Has So Much More to Offer" News

A "unique and compelling experience" over its PS3 and 360 counterparts.

29 Mar 2012

UK Video Game Chart: FIFA Street Outperforms Resident Evil News

Capcom's horror spinoff lands at #2.

26 Mar 2012

EA's Steam Competitor Gets More Publisher Power News

Adds SEGA to Origin Service means it now has 35 publishers

15 Mar 2012

UK Video Game Charts: Mass Effect for Electronic Arts News

EA basically rules the Top 10

12 Mar 2012

Phantasy Star Online 2 Hitting PlayStation Vita News

PC and Vita players will use same servers.

09 Mar 2012

Disney Dumps SEGA from Marvel Game Making News

No more plans for video games from SEGA

06 Mar 2012

UK Video Game Chart: SSX Takes the Piste News

Mario Party 9 performs well despite no stock at GAME.

05 Mar 2012

Jet Set Radio HD Trailer Brings the Funk News

Blue skies!

05 Mar 2012

Yakuza Creator is Promoted to CCO of SEGA News

COO retires - all change.

29 Feb 2012

AM2 Bounces Back With... a Project Diva Game News


28 Feb 2012

Jet Set Radio Heading for XBLA, PSN Soon News

No dates or prices yet though.

24 Feb 2012

SEGA Spins Out Sonic 4 Episode 2 Gameplay Trailer News

Bears! Ice! Tails!

24 Feb 2012

UK Video Game Charts - UFC Undisputed Number 1 News

Thank goodness it's not boxing, right?

20 Feb 2012

Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2 Screenshots Leaked News

Includes co-op details.

15 Feb 2012

UK Video Game Charts: Kingdoms of Amalur Hits Home Run News

Darkness also falls across all formats and all prices

13 Feb 2012

SEGA Announces Summer of Sonic and Sonic Boom 2012 News

UK and US-based hedgehog parties taking place over the summer.

02 Feb 2012

Aliens: Colonial Marines Delayed Yet Again News

You've got to feel sorry for SEGA at this point.

27 Jan 2012

House of the Dead 3 and 4 Hitting PlayStation Network News

Now you get to prevent more confusions in the city.

06 Jan 2012

Yu Suzuki: We Can Obtain Shenmue License from SEGA News

Still intent on making a third game in epic series.

04 Jan 2012

Sonic 4: Episode II Will Have Reworked Physics News

Official reveal includes Tails and Metal Sonic - but snubs Wii.

03 Jan 2012

UK Video Game Xmas Charts! Skyrim Wins News

An Xmas without FIFA or Call of Duty at Number 1 - WTF?

19 Dec 2011

Japanese Software Chart: Zelda Kicks off Crazy Season News

New releases dominate Top 10.

02 Dec 2011

Japanese Software Chart: Modern Warfare 3 Blows Away One Piece News

Saints Row the Third comes in fifth place.

25 Nov 2011

UK Video Game Chart: Battlefield Fends off Uncharted News

Sonic Generations debuts at #10.

07 Nov 2011

UK Video Game Chart: Battlefield 3 Takes Command News

Skylanders debuts at #9.

31 Oct 2011

SEGA: "Brutally Honest" on Classic Sonic News

Prepare for Sonic tears everybody

25 Oct 2011

UK Video Game Charts: Batman Scores Over Soccer News

Rocksteady's Batman goes straight to the top.

24 Oct 2011

Is Daytona Making A Comeback To Our Consoles? News

We'd put SPOnG Towers on "Yes"

04 Oct 2011

Dreamcast Memories in New Sonic Generations Trailer News

Running through the Speed Highway.

29 Sep 2011

Treasure Planning Guardian Heroes 2 News

Development depends on the success of XBLA remake of original.

15 Sep 2011

Super Monkey Ball Rolling onto PlayStation Vita News

Coming early 2012.

13 Sep 2011

Sonic Generations Collector's Edition Revealed News

Sonic fans unite!

08 Sep 2011

Quirky SEGA Arcade Game, Brick People, Heading to iOS News

Walk like brick, talk like people.

01 Sep 2011

Yakuza Studio Opens, Announces Yakuza 5 News

Also working on PSP spinoff sequel.

31 Aug 2011

SEGA Confirms Sonic CD with Reveal Trailer News

A prequel to Sonic 4!?

25 Aug 2011

Japanese Video Game Chart: Nintendo Keeps its Rhythm News

3DS still top of hardware, Rhythm Heaven Wii takes back software chart.

25 Aug 2011

Nagoshi: Yakuza Not Heading to Xbox 360 News

Series tied to Sony platforms.

24 Aug 2011

Australia Bans House of the Dead Overkill Extended Cut News

Modified version of the game refused classification.

24 Aug 2011

Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown Hitting Consoles Next Summer News

And we were told it wouldn't happen!

23 Aug 2011

Sonic CD Hitting Xbox Live Arcade News

Who knew?

23 Aug 2011

Japanese Video Game Chart: Monster Hunting Cats Rule News

PSP spinoff tops the chart.

19 Aug 2011

Japanese Video Game Charts: SEGA's Dream Team Tops Table News

Top 10 full of PSP, Wii and DS titles.

12 Aug 2011

Japanese Video Game Charts: Baseball Beats All News

Nintendo 3DS takes control of hardware chart.

22 Jul 2011

20 Years of Sonic Nibble

21 Jul 2011

15th Anniversary of NiGHTS into Dreams Brings Hints of New Game News

Saturn classic revered by fans around the world.

05 Jul 2011

Sonic the Hedgehog is 20 Today News

Doesn't look a day over seven

23 Jun 2011

SEGA Hack Detailed - 1.2m Customers Attacked News

No Lulzsec. Encrypted passwords and more

20 Jun 2011

SEGA: Binary Domain is a Sci-Fi Drama News

Themes made sense for a third person shooter.

17 Jun 2011

SEGA Opening UK 'Boutique Studio' News

Well, re-opening Sega Racing Studio sort of

17 Jun 2011

Summer of Sonic Seals Yuji Naka and Takashi Iizuka News

Fan-lead convention gets big names

15 Jun 2011

Sega Slips: Wii U Due Spring 2012 News

Sega's executive vice president of marketing Alan Pritchard forgets the NDA

13 Jun 2011

Google Slams Banhammer on Android Game Emulators News

And that's Sony's Xperia Play phone impacted

30 May 2011

The House of the Dead: Overkill Moves to PS3 News

dThe House of the Dead: Overkill

27 May 2011

3DS Versions of Sonic Generations, Shinobi Confirmed News

Nintendo Power gets the sort-of scoop.

25 May 2011

Yakuza of the End Hitting Japan Early June News

Zombies ate my red light district.

18 May 2011

SEGA Lists Sonic Generations for 3DS, PC News

Anniversary game could land on as-yet unannounced platforms.

17 May 2011

SEGA Confirms New Alien Console Title, Platforms Undecided News

Could arrive for next-generation platforms.

12 May 2011

Ed Vaizey: Creative Assembly Working on Alien Game News

MP jumps the gun a bit.

12 May 2011

Sellout Sonic the Hedgehog Convention Promises Legendary Fan Party News

Games, Guests and Good times for Sonic's 20th!

02 May 2011

Sonic Generations Doubles Sonic - Video News

Here they comes...

18 Apr 2011

Streets of Rage - iOS Screens are Here News

Take a bloody good look at them

14 Apr 2011

SEGA Kills Streets of Rage Remake News

PC trilogy remake given away for free, SEGA made aware years ago.

12 Apr 2011

Japanese Video Game Chart: PSP Fights Back News

Final Fantasy IV Complete leads software chart.

31 Mar 2011

Anarchy Reigns Details from SEGA News

In a future far, far away...

23 Feb 2011

Japanese Video Game Chart: The Last Story Gets the Last Word News

Hironobu Sakaguchi Can't Be This Good!

04 Feb 2011

Virtual Console Puyo Puyo has Online Multiplayer News

There's a first for everything.

04 Feb 2011

SEGA Rally Revs Up for HD Return News

Return of an old friend

01 Feb 2011

SEGA Rally Online Arcade set for PSN? News

Game Over No?

28 Jan 2011

It's a Payne: SEGA's Max Anarchy Gets Name Change for Gajins News

We westerners can't handle it

27 Jan 2011

Conduit 2 - a Wii Release Date and Trailer Hits News

Fingers cross you Wii owners!

18 Jan 2011

SEGA: PC Digital Distribution Has Not Overtaken Retail News

All retail's base are not belong to Steam.

20 Dec 2010

SEGA bringing Dreamcast collection News

Due for current-gen machines

15 Dec 2010

Bayonetta Dev Working on New SEGA Title News

Partnership Extend GET!

14 Dec 2010

Super Monkey Ball 3DS to be Launch Title News

Has plenty more planned.

14 Dec 2010

Thor: God of Thunder Trailer Hammers Down News

For Valhalla!

13 Dec 2010

SEGA 2011 Lineup: Aliens Colonial Marines is Coming [Update] News

More like Aliens: Colonial Miracle?

10 Dec 2010

Sega Announces Binary Domain, Releases Trailer News

Targeting a worldwide audience.

01 Dec 2010

Sega Defends Wiping of Sonic 4 Leaderboards News

He's fast, but not that fast.

29 Nov 2010

Rumour: Yakuza Creator Working on Robot Shooter News

Got the idea during development of Yakuza 3.

29 Nov 2010

Bayonetta's Prototype Daze News

Get a look at the early version of Platinum's gun-toting witch

24 Nov 2010

Yu Suzuki Hopes to Complete Shenmue Series News

Shenmue City could open dojo doors.

16 Nov 2010

UK Video Game Charts: Black Ops 1 vs Kinect 4 News

Kinect Sports highest placed Kinect game

15 Nov 2010

New Valkyria Chronicles 3 Details News

Reveals more at recent press event

09 Nov 2010

UK Video Game Charts: Football Manager 2011 Tops the League News

Beats FIFA 11 to the throne of footy games.

08 Nov 2010

SEGA Braving the New IP versus Established Franchise Battle News

Vanquish sales not disappointing

26 Oct 2010

Sports Interactive's Miles Jacobson on the UK vs USA Game Quality News

Fascinating industry insight from a key creative...

25 Oct 2010

SEGA Expands HD Dreamcast Updates News

Go fish.

20 Oct 2010

Gunplay Madness in Yakuza of the End Trailer News

Dragon sniping.

19 Oct 2010

Japanese Video Game Chart: Macross No Match For Pokemon News

Mechs vs Pocket Monsters? There's only one way to find out...

15 Oct 2010

SEGA: We've Been Too Quick With Sonic News

Faster than a speeding hedgehog.

14 Oct 2010

Dreamcast Classic Picking Up Passengers Once Again News

Crazy Taxi Comes to XBLA/PSN in November

13 Oct 2010

Sega Europe Boss in Double Speak on Sales News

Says high forecasts created impression of under-performance

12 Oct 2010

Sonic Colors Reaches out to Mario Fans News

Game's producers talk of bringing Sonic to modern market

12 Oct 2010

SEGA: No Comment on Sonic 20th Anniversary 3D Remake News

Comments allegedly made by Sega Spain staff.

12 Oct 2010

Valkyria Chronicles III Three Characters Detailed News

Shows main characters of in-game squads Nameless and Calamity Raven

08 Oct 2010

Japanese Video Game Chart: Pokemon KO's K-ON! News

Rival uses sales! It's super effective!

08 Oct 2010

SEGA Kills Off Poor Old Sonic Titles News

Publisher looks to 'increase brand value'

07 Oct 2010

SEGA Set to Make More Cash Just Not From Games News

Ups its forecast

01 Oct 2010

Sonic the Hedgehog 4 to Launch Mid-October News

Sonic fans finally get to taste the neo-retro goodness.

28 Sep 2010

Yakuza 4 Producer: 'Quality Over Quantity' Compared to GTA News

Plus: Xbox 360 would 'struggle' with a port.

24 Sep 2010

Yakuza of the End 'Heat Snipe" Madness News

Fills in some of the blanks for upcoming Yakuza title

20 Sep 2010

Sonic Colours: Aquarium Park Screens News

Get the first look at the new, wet stage here.

20 Sep 2010

Phantasy Star Online 2 Confirmed News

Coming 2011.

16 Sep 2010

New Yakuza Game Channels House of the Dead News

A zombie shooter. Hands up who saw this one coming?

15 Sep 2010

Sonic Team: Mario & Sonic Helped Shape Sonic Colours News

Wii title going back to "series' origins."

10 Sep 2010

"Yakuza of The End" Supporting Cast Detailed News

Gets some of Japanese most famous on board

10 Sep 2010

Sonic Colours Gameplay Show Game in All its Glory News

Makes us excited for the finished article

06 Sep 2010

Rumour: The Conduit 2 Delayed Until 2011 News

Won't see release this year as planned.

03 Sep 2010

Vanquish Demo Hits PSN Today, Delayed for XBLA News

Get some robotic smackdown on ahead of the game's release date.

01 Sep 2010

SEGA's TGS Portal Goes Live Nibble

31 Aug 2010

Rumour: Phantasy Star Online 2 in the Works? News

Renewed domain name adds weight to anniversary announcement.

30 Aug 2010

Japanese Game Charts: Another Century's #1 News

Robots and boobs make up this week's new entries.

27 Aug 2010

SEGA Won't Kill Sonic 3 in 3D News

Fan's efforts draws creators attention

26 Aug 2010

Japanese Software Charts: Wii Party Reigns Again News

Slow going this week.

20 Aug 2010

Japanese Software Charts: Tales of Remake Domination News

Sengoku Basara gets knocked off the top spot.

13 Aug 2010

PSP Yakuza Shows New Characters News

New and old faces revealed in upcoming series spin-off

12 Aug 2010

Japanese Software Charts: Samurai Heroes Vs Vocaloid Heroine News

Close battle for the top spot this week.

09 Aug 2010

Sonic Team: Fans are 'Near-Impossible' to Please News

It was the different directions in the 1990s that did it.

02 Aug 2010

Sonic the Hedgehog Convention Hits London a Third Time News

Summer of Sonic invites fans to play Sonic Colours before release.

26 Jul 2010

Crush 40 to Perform at Summer of Sonic News

Fan convention to get the rocking of its life.

13 Jul 2010

R.I.P. Alpha Protocol the Franchise News

Commercially... it died today.

06 Jul 2010

Sega to Miss Gamescom 2010 News

Publisher took a "commercial decision" in avoiding Cologne.

06 Jul 2010

Yakuza 5 Already in the Works News

Development in sync with PSP spinoff.

02 Jul 2010

Japanese Software Charts: Capcom Secures Xbox 360 Victory News

Anime dating sim following close behind.

02 Jul 2010

Sega Working On "Hardcore" Kinect Game News

Ready by 2012.

23 Jun 2010

E3 2010: Vanquish Looks Good News

More than

15 Jun 2010

Now SEGA Looks at EA Online Pass System News

It's quite clever

04 Jun 2010

Japanese Software Charts: Mario Biggest In The Galaxy News

Nintendo DS sees a software resurgence.

04 Jun 2010

UK Software Charts: Red Dead Redemption Holds #1 To Ransom News

UFC Undisputed 2010 only new challenger to Rockstar's Western crown.

01 Jun 2010

Sonic Colours - Trailer & Alien Chasing News

"a brand new high speed action adventure" - yes, you guessed it.

26 May 2010

SEGA to Release Mega Drive Classics on Steam News

Ecco, Golden Axe and VectorMan will be first.

24 May 2010

Sonic 4 - Not So Speedy to Market News

Delays ahoy

21 May 2010

Virtual On Force Heading For Xbox 360 News

Arcade mech beat'em up sequel to hit the High Def'.

20 May 2010

SEGA Employee Caught Committing £3m Business Fraud News

Someone's been a naughty boy.

18 May 2010

Hideki Kamiya Blasts Bayonetta Manga Porn News

It was only a matter of time, after all.

13 May 2010

SEGA Arcade Restaurant Business Closes News

SEGA had an arcade restaurant business?

28 Apr 2010

Conduit 2 "Spans The Entire Globe" News

Chief Creative Officer speaks out.

27 Apr 2010

Rumour: Jet Set Radio and Shenmue Heading For Xbox 360 News

Leaked images show Dreamcast classics in Live Arcade.

27 Apr 2010

SEGA Lays Off 73 Staff In Restructuring Plans News

Wants to carve a leadership role in the digital market.

23 Apr 2010

Japanese Software Charts: Travis Touches Down News

Sales don't exactly light up this week, though.

23 Apr 2010

New Yakuza Game Heading For PSP News

Will have a different feel to past titles.

21 Apr 2010

SEGA: We're Still Developing Core Wii Titles News

Past comments were inaccurate, according to President.

21 Apr 2010

Japanese Software Charts: Super Mario Leads a Stale Week News

No new games in this chart this week, either.

16 Apr 2010

Japanese Software Charts: Seafaring Dungeon Crawler Ahoy! News

Plus: PS2 hits a home run!

09 Apr 2010

SEGA Closing Iron Man 2 San Francisco Studio News

Iron Man 2 developer let go after current project is completed.

06 Apr 2010

K-ON Anime Getting Game Adaptation News

Watch Japanese schoolgirl rockers do their thing.

06 Apr 2010

Iron Man 2 - Much Better than Iron Man 1 Say Devs News

Refreshing honesty throughout trailer

01 Apr 2010

Japanese Software Charts: Fist of the North Charts News

God of War III debuts well.

01 Apr 2010

Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Soundtrack Leaked News

Listen to the entire thing, right now.

30 Mar 2010

Japanese Software Charts: Kazuma Beats Down Kratos News

Yakuza 4 HEATs up the Top 10.

26 Mar 2010

UK Software Charts: Kratos Is God of Charts News

PS3 exclusive beats out all competition.

22 Mar 2010

BAFTA 2010 - Stealth Destroys Cinema News

While Modern Warfare wins gamers' hearts

21 Mar 2010

SEGA: First-Parties Must Lead Natal & PS3 Move Development News

Bayonetta 2 on the way maybe

19 Mar 2010

SEGA to Demo Natal Game at E3 News

The good stuff will take two years

18 Mar 2010

SEGA: MadWorld and Wii a "Mismatch" News

Can't rely on PR for old IP titles

18 Mar 2010

Sega Announces New Yakuza Game News

And Yakuza 4 isn't even out in Japan yet.

16 Mar 2010

UK Software Charts: PS3 Claims FFXIII Victory News

PS3 version outsells 360 version with 54% of total sales.

15 Mar 2010

UK Games Charts 2010 Week 9 - Bad Companies 4 Lyfe News

DICE's sequel outsells original Bad Company almost 3:1

08 Mar 2010

Sega Announces Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown News

Arcade update to be the 'ultimate form'.

24 Feb 2010

Rumour: Leaked Sonic 4 Screens Show Classic Robotnik News

User grabbed images from a friend with access to PartnerNET. Hmm.

24 Feb 2010

Rebellion in Talks with SEGA on "Ongoing Support" for AvP News

Plus: Sh*t reviews from America

23 Feb 2010

Leaked Sonic 4 Footage Reveals Gameplay News

Dimps also behind development.

17 Feb 2010

Sonic Spinball Opens At Alton Towers - Pix! News

SPOnG slept in the new Sonic Suite!

15 Feb 2010

Aliens vs Predator Demo Hiccups on PC, PS3 News

Fixed the PC version's problems relatively quickly, though.

05 Feb 2010

Japan Software Charts: Dragon Quest Slays Competition News

Sega performs well with End of Eternity and Valkyria Chronicles.

05 Feb 2010

Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 Hitting WiiWare, PSN, XBLA, iPhone News

Leaked image reveals launch of July 2010.

04 Feb 2010

Fan Community Wins NiGHTS in Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing News

Sumo Digital fit Sonic Team character in as flagman.

03 Feb 2010

After Burner Climax Announced For Xbox 360, PS3 News

AM2 to be picking up development duties.

29 Jan 2010

Japan Software Charts: PSP Fights Back News

Valkyria Chronicles 2 leads the handheld charge.

29 Jan 2010

Yakuza 3 Getting Premium Edition In NZ News

Includes soundtrack, DLC, director diaries.

28 Jan 2010

Japan Software: Gamers (Kingdom) Hearts PSP News

Birth By Sleep 'heartlessly' nabs top chart spot.

15 Jan 2010

Rumour: Sonic Adventure Hitting Xbox Live Arcade? News

Supposed photo leaks re-release's existence.

12 Jan 2010

Platinum Games Interested In Madworld 2 News

Game's director thinks the Wii's not done with hardcore games yet.

12 Jan 2010

2010: Week 1 UK Game Charts: Bayonetta vs Darksiders News

But Modern Warfare 2 stays top

11 Jan 2010

Japanese Software Charts: Nintendo Shuffles Deck News

Phantasy Star Portable 2 re-emerges in Wii and DS dominated chart.

08 Jan 2010

Valkyria Chronicles 2 To Feature PS3 Linkup News

Save data unlocks character from original game.

07 Jan 2010

Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing Is A Mii-Too Game News

Wii version to let you play as Miis.

06 Jan 2010

SEGA: Wii is "On Its Tail Slide" News

$80 console could improve profit margins.

04 Jan 2010

New Aliens vs Predator Trailer: Well Scary News

Weyland-Yutani: Building Better Worlds.

22 Dec 2009

Japan Software Charts: Modern Warfare 2 In Top 5 News

New Super Mario Bros. still official #1.

21 Dec 2009

UK Charts: Modern Warfare 2 Nabs Christmas #1 News

FIFA 10 comes mighty close though.

21 Dec 2009

Aliens vs Predator Cut Free in Australia News

Everybody happy?

18 Dec 2009

Japan Software Charts: Mario Smashes All Newcomers News

PSP and Wii titles have good showing.

14 Dec 2009

UK Charts: Wii Sports Resort Chasing Modern Warfare 2 News

Just Dance gets 274% boost in sales.

14 Dec 2009

Aliens vs Predator Deadly Date News

Europe! Europe!

10 Dec 2009

Yakuza 3 Heading West as PS3 Exclusive News

Ryu ga Gotoku 3 if you like.

08 Dec 2009

Lance Henriksen is Model Performer for AvP News

He thinks he can score

08 Dec 2009

UK Video Game Charts: Arkham Asylum's 122% Boost News

Basically, not very much happened at all - Call of Duty still Number 1

07 Dec 2009

Japan Software Charts: Professor Layton Fails Rest Of Class News

Latest puzzle-adventure game only big-seller this week.

04 Dec 2009

Michael Jackson Did Work on Sonic 3 Soundtrack News

'King of Pop' wasn't happy with Mega Drive soundchip.

03 Dec 2009

Retro Sonic Game Compilation Heading For DS News

Sonic Classic Collection to hit Spring 2010.

02 Dec 2009

UK Video Game Charts: Modern Warfare 2's Sales Slip News

Wii games shuffle about the rest of the Top 10.

30 Nov 2009

Japan Software Charts: Consumers Hold Out News

Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 sits pretty at the top of the charts.

16 Nov 2009

UK Game Charts: Modern Warfare Slaughters Innocent Competition News

Bundles of joy for Pure and Lego Batman

16 Nov 2009

UK Video Game Charts: Fitness Before Christmas News

Football Manager 2010 gets knocked down to 4th place.

09 Nov 2009

UK Games Charts - Football Manager Manages the Win News

Week 44 and the charts go serious

02 Nov 2009

Japan Roundup: Virtual PSP 7-Eleven Festa Console Go! News

Or; Jump Festa, PSP Go, Virtual Console and 7-Eleven news.

30 Oct 2009

Famitsu Gives Xbox 360 Bayonetta Perfect Score News

The PlayStation 3 version gets not-so-perfect score.

21 Oct 2009

Yakuza Creator: I Wouldn't Want to Make GTA IV News

Games can be dangerous, see.

19 Oct 2009

The Charts: Uncharted 2 Gets Charted at Two News

Also; good news for heavy metallers this week.

19 Oct 2009

Football Manager 2010 Demo Launches News

Comes in Vanilla and Strawberry flavours.

15 Oct 2009

The Week In Japan: Wii Dissing, R4 Snitching News

Plus: MGS Peace Walker demo, leaked Nintendo retailer briefing.

09 Oct 2009

Ryo Hazuki Playable in Sonic And Sega All-Stars Racing News

Awesome news is awesome.

07 Oct 2009

Digital Distribution Will "Outstrip Traditional Retail" by 2013 News

London Games Conference to discuss inevitable overtake of digital media.

07 Oct 2009

SEGA's Website Pushes Alpha Protocol to 2010 News

Company's American website is the only mention of the delay.

07 Oct 2009

SCEA and SEGA Rumoured Leak: Alpha Protocol "Barely RPG" News

Mass Effect is more RPG

22 Sep 2009

SEGA & Sony Meeting Leak: The Details News

Huge cock-up or pointless red herring.

22 Sep 2009

Peter Moore Explodes Dreamcast Death Myth News

Former Sega America President on 'proving the naysayers wrong'.

09 Sep 2009

New 2D, HD Sonic the Hedgehog Game For 2010 News

"Project Needlemouse" to bring the series back to its roots.

09 Sep 2009

Valkyria Chronicles To Receive More DLC News

Squad 7 to keep on plodding thanks to 'Team Edy'.

08 Sep 2009

How to be a Pussy in Bayonetta News

New video shows 'Very Easy Automatic Mode'

25 Aug 2009

Fight! Football Manager Pre-Order: Free Outrun 06 News

This season is looking exciting... at last.

18 Aug 2009

Football Manager Kicks Off October 30th News

The fight for footy management glory is on.

12 Aug 2009

Tri Ace: SEGA More Open to RPG Ideas than Square News

Resonance of Fate has resonance for new thinking.

03 Aug 2009

SEGA Sees Video Games Take a Hit News

It's been a tough first quarter

03 Aug 2009

SEGA Admits Sonic Needs More Quality News

But there's always digital distribution

30 Jul 2009

First Iron Man 2 Trailer has Game News

He maybe a drunken arms dealer, but we love him

22 Jul 2009

Invincible Iron Man Writer on SEGA's Iron Man 2 News

Story details revealed

22 Jul 2009

Some Monkey Balled FUN for the Balance Board News

Yay! The Wii gets fun...

21 Jul 2009

Summer of Sonic Gathers Speed News

Sonic the Comic creators confirmed

14 Jul 2009

Mario, Sonic, Snowy Date Announced News

Brrrr... the rich people's Olympics gets Nintendo and SEGA pals...

13 Jul 2009

SEGA's Hot for PS3/Xbox 360 Gestural Land Grab News

SEGA plots rise to PS3 wand/Natal supremacy

01 Jul 2009

Aliens RPG Bites the Bulkhead News

US sales low for first-party PS3 titles.

29 Jun 2009

WiiWare and DSiWare: Kawashima and SEGA Play Catch News

This week's downloadable Nintendo releases

19 Jun 2009

All Change at SEGA HQ News

It's a tactical reshuffle.

18 Jun 2009

SEGA of America President Leaves for iPhone Dev News

Social network for iPhone games in the pipeline

16 Jun 2009

Bonkers New Bayonetta Video News

See it here!

29 May 2009

Altered Beast, Shinobi, More for Xbox Live Confirmed News

Also some SEGA Classics head to PlayStation Network

11 May 2009

UK Games Industry Loses the Plot News

Major figures - and minor ones - in boyband video

28 Apr 2009

MCV Awards: The Winners Nibble

24 Apr 2009

SEGA Dreamcast: Still Selling at PS2 Price News

Relive the SEGA hardware dream

23 Apr 2009

Virtual Console: Rambo Gets Lost News

This week's downloadable Wii games

17 Apr 2009

Revealed: Star Ocean Dev's SEGA Collaboration News

Details spilled a little early

09 Apr 2009

Yu Suzuki Still at SEGA Nibble

06 Apr 2009

Official Change4Life Supporter and the Game Controller News

But one company can stop you video gaming death

10 Mar 2009

The UK Charts: An Empire Turns Into a Killzone News

Sony shooter laid low

09 Mar 2009

Yakuza 3 PS3 Demo Imminent News

A finished game soon?

18 Feb 2009

Virtua Tennis Wii Dated Nibble

16 Feb 2009

SEGA: New "Standalone Video Game Machines" News

As opposed to arcade game machines

12 Feb 2009

SEGA Confirms New Alien vs Predator News

Game devs to be Rebellion

11 Feb 2009

Confirmed: Mario & Sonic at the Winter Olympics News

Vancouver 2010 licensing manager spills

10 Feb 2009

Wii Friday Updates: Sonic Chaos! News

It's Virtual Console time...

06 Feb 2009

Latest Wii Hardware: a Box News

Yuji Naka brings cuboid tap fun

04 Feb 2009

SEGA Confirms Iron Man 2 News

As if you hadn't guessed.

04 Feb 2009

Mario Teed Off on Wii Virtual Console News

Wonder Boy fights monsters!

23 Jan 2009

Mario & Sonic Hitting Winter Olympics? News

Rumour says Olympic sequel in the works

22 Jan 2009

UK Game Charts: 2009 Kicks Off News

What sees in 2009 at Number 1?

06 Jan 2009

SEGA Launches Casual Online Portal News

SEGA classics and all-new titles featured

05 Dec 2008

UK Game Charts: Xmas Number 1 Already? News

Where's Rock Band 2?

02 Dec 2008

Stormrise: New Screens Ascend News

With added verticality!

28 Nov 2008

The UK Games Charts: Call of Duty Takes on All Comers News

Tomb Raider and Need for Speed fail to take the top

25 Nov 2008

Modern Nostalgia: SEGA Mega Drive Handheld Ready to Go News

Rose-tinted specs sold seperately

13 Oct 2008

The UK Charts: FIFA 09 Kicks Off News

FIFA-Fo-Fum! EA Giant climbs chart beanstalk

07 Oct 2008

Golden Axe Gets a Beastly Release Date News

Coming this October...

22 Sep 2008

Nintendo Wii's Virtual Console Gets Fresh Sonic Stages! News

New content added to Master System original

19 Sep 2008

SEGA Adverts Get Banned News

Bans come nearly half a year after game's release

19 Sep 2008

Sonic Unleashed in Pictorial Splendour News

New screens right here

16 Sep 2008

Former Xbox Exec on Sony and FUD News

Fighting talk from a console wars vet

16 Sep 2008

The UK Charts: Hugo Chavez Beats Off Tiger Woods? News

It's all-out war at the top.

16 Sep 2008

Peter Moore: I had to Fire a Lot of People News

Plus: Dreamcast paved the way for next-gen

15 Sep 2008

The UK Charts: Spore Aliens vs Tiger Woods vs Mercenaries News

Which EA title will it be?

09 Sep 2008

The Charts: Brain Training Breaks a Record News

Mario Kart Wii Drifts in front of Wii Fit

27 Aug 2008

The Charts: Mario Races Wii Fit News

The Olympics help SEGA out

19 Aug 2008

UK Moral Watchdog Responds on MadWorld News

As Aussies pile in...

15 Aug 2008

SEGA Mega Drive Rises Zombie Like News

Dig out those rose-tinted specs

14 Aug 2008

The Wii Game and Mainstream Media Agenda News

And they won't take it any more

13 Aug 2008

Yu Suzuki is STILL at SEGA News

The reports of his departure are greatly exaggerated

13 Aug 2008

SEGA: Treating the iPhone Like DS and PSP News

The future's touching...

07 Aug 2008

SEGA Admits It: Sonic Criticism Deserved News

SEGA marketing VP comes clean

07 Aug 2008

Summer of Sonic Festival Comes to London News

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood

04 Aug 2008

SEGA Megadrive Makes a Handheld Comeback! News

Sonic, Shinobi, Ecco and loads more goodstuff returns

24 Jul 2008

Wii Gets New Exclusive Sonic Game News

Sonic gets medieval

21 Jul 2008

The Charts: Wii Fit Gets in a Brawl News

Nintendo proves its self-improvement title has stamina

15 Jul 2008

Total War Creators Dish Up Stormrise News

SEGA announces console-only RTS

11 Jul 2008

The Charts: Smash Bros Keep on Brawling News

Are snakes slippery after all?

08 Jul 2008

The Charts: Indiana Jones Super Smashed News

What happened to Mario & Sonic?!?!

01 Jul 2008

SEGA and Rockstar Deny Nintendo Release Dates News

At least no Manhunt 2

26 Jun 2008

Bleach: Dark Souls Confirmed for Europe News

More manga goodness on the DS

20 Jun 2008

SEGA Moves into Artificial Girlfriend Production News

Can games compete?

17 Jun 2008

iPhone's Super Monkey Ball: Less Than 10 Dollars News

3G iPhone available in the next 'several' months.

09 Jun 2008

Hulk Smash Iron Man! News

New video and screens right here

09 Jun 2008

How The Incredible Hulk's Trousers Got Ripped News

'Making of' video below

27 May 2008

The Charts: Is GTA IV Fit Enough to Survive Sales Drop? News

Nintendo takes 40% of Top 10

20 May 2008

SEGA Gaming Blamed for Parent's Losses News

SEGA blaming PS3 for its loses...

13 May 2008

The Charts: GTA IV Fit to Take the Top? News

The many facts of GTA IV's success

07 May 2008

The Charts: All That's Fit to Print News

Mario Kart Wii falls behind

29 Apr 2008

UK Charts: Mario Kart Wii Holds Lead News

Japanese publishers dominate the top

22 Apr 2008

UK's Huge Video Game First Quarter News

The numbers come in from Chart-Track

18 Apr 2008

Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk in Screen Smash Ups News

SEGA's super heroic outings

15 Apr 2008

SEGA Master System Breaks onto Nintendo Virtual Console News

This week's latest downloadable Wii content detailed

11 Apr 2008

Hulk Smash Wii! News

New screens right here

08 Apr 2008

UK Charts: Your Gran Loves It News

SEGA has a fine time too.

07 Apr 2008

The Charts: Tom Clancy has a Colourful Easter News

Mario and Sonic aren't quite fast enough

26 Mar 2008

SEGA Confirms Yakuza 2 for Europe News

Japanese gangsters punching each other in the face!

25 Mar 2008

The Charts: Mario and Sonic Fight Back News

Army of Two lives up to its name

18 Mar 2008

The UK Charts: Two on Two News

EA shoots its way into the Top 10

11 Mar 2008

SEGA: We are Not for Sale News

Celebrates Mario & Sonic instead

06 Mar 2008

Sonic the Hedgehog in Democracy Sensation News

Okay, it's not a sensation... just a vote

05 Mar 2008

The Charts: Mario and Sonic Switch it up News

DS owners get training

26 Feb 2008

BioWare's Sonic RPG: Running in the Dark News

New screens inside

19 Feb 2008

Sega: Takeover Target? News

Analyst says financial troubles make SEGA a "sitting duck"

12 Feb 2008

The Charts: The Devil May Cry, But Has He? News

Top 10 gets hit up with new releases

12 Feb 2008

BioWare's Sonic RPG: Coming September? News

So say retailers

11 Feb 2008

Uncomely New House of the Dead Wii Footage Inside News

Will you let them round your gaff?

06 Feb 2008

The Club: Problem Stains News

Why white suits shouldn't be worn in combat

29 Jan 2008

The Charts: A Paradise for Burnout? News

2008's first big hitter revs up

29 Jan 2008

Mario and Sonic Get Athletic in Your Hands News

New video and screens inside

28 Jan 2008

UK Charts: Mario and Sonic's Meteoric Return News

A 28-fold rise storms the Olympic pals act back in...

21 Jan 2008

Virtua Fighter 5 for Xbox 360 is Patched News

SEGA adds more punch...

16 Jan 2008

Football Manager 2008 Confirmed for Xbox 360 News

Footy management sim coming in Spring

11 Jan 2008

House of The Dead Gets Uglier News

New screens inside

11 Jan 2008

The Charts: Assassin's Creed - Kicked Ass or Ass Kicked? News

Sales take a new year hit

08 Jan 2008

SEGA Release Date Free For All News

Gaming status quo shook to the core

04 Jan 2008

Sonic Gets Bored... Er, Board News

New trailer inside

04 Jan 2008

SEGA Superstars Tennis Brings Summer To January News

Is SEGA rubbing our noses in it?

03 Jan 2008

The Charts: Call of Duty is Assassinated News

What rides high at the start of 2008?

02 Jan 2008

Iron Man Hugs a Missile News

But can we trust him? New trailer inside

12 Dec 2007

SEGA's Universe at War Gets Agricultural News

New screens inside

05 Dec 2007

The Charts: The Need For Creed News

Nintendo platforms bag another couple of records

04 Dec 2007

No Sony PlayStation 2 NiGHTS Outside Japan News

We don't want it enough

03 Dec 2007

Sega: February Is The New Christmas News

Steams Onto PC And Dates NiGHTS, The Club And More

29 Nov 2007

Something For The Weekend, Sir? News

This week's big releases

23 Nov 2007

Team Mario Wants YOU - Video Propaganda Inside News

Team Mario's sales pitch

23 Nov 2007

The Club: Meet Kuro In Moving Pictures News

Video inside...

22 Nov 2007

Is NiGHTS Heading To PlayStation 2? News

Latest SEGA rumours

20 Nov 2007

Rocket-Fuelled NiGHTS - Trailer Inside News

SEGA saves Monday

19 Nov 2007

House of the Dead On Wii – First Screens News

No longer just a rumour

19 Nov 2007

House Of The Dead Series Heading To Wii? News

Zappers and zombies

16 Nov 2007

Mario And Sonic Get Wet: New Screens Inside News

Princess Peach piles on the pounds

14 Nov 2007

Guns And Dreadlocks - The Club Vid Inside News

Plus: why The Club isn't about butterflies...

02 Nov 2007

Sonic Speeds Onto Virtual Console News

Plus: when samurai get ghostly

02 Nov 2007

Mario Gets His Oxbridge On - Rowing Plumber Vid Inside News

Mario a social climber?

31 Oct 2007

Mario & Sonic Olympics for Fat People: Photo Proof News

Dr. Eggman's a winner!

30 Oct 2007

The Charts: PES 2008 Scores News

Pro Evolution Soccer makes it a hat trick

30 Oct 2007

Samba De Amigo Officially Confirmed For Wii News

Dreamcast classic coming next year

26 Oct 2007

The Charts: Football Manager Tackles FIFA News

SEGA takes its annual Number 1

23 Oct 2007

Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Games: Posey New Artwork News

The guys get a bit fat and sassy

16 Oct 2007

Long Winter NiGHTS For Nintendo Wii Ahead News

SEGA finally announces release date for reworked classic

16 Oct 2007

Condemned 2 – Latest Despicable Character Art News

BBFC censors might want to look away

15 Oct 2007

The Club: Brutal New Details News

Gauntlet running and skull shooting abound

10 Oct 2007

Mii, Mario And Sonic - Olympic Video Inside News

At the Olympic Games. Like that ACTUAL DREAM we had!

10 Oct 2007

SEGA Bass Fishing For Wii – Announced News

Pack your sandwiches and fill your flasks

09 Oct 2007

Virtual Console: Neo Geo Throws First Punch News

SEGA rejoins the fray

05 Oct 2007

Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Games: Jumpy New Video News

Trendy youngsters have fun together

01 Oct 2007

NiGHTS – Latest Screens And Divided Opinions Inside News

Rose-tinted rubbish or genuine SEGA classic updated for Wii?

01 Oct 2007

SEGA Sambas Onto Wii News

Dreamcast party classic Wii-bound next year

28 Sep 2007

Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Games: New Details Revealed News

Wii controls outlined

27 Sep 2007

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games: Athletic New Screens! News

Hedgehogs vs plumbers: explained

26 Sep 2007

The Charts: Tiger Woods Swings For The Top News

Swings and roundabouts for EA

25 Sep 2007

SEGA Confirms Western Debut Of Yakuza 2 In 2008 News

Plus, Samba De Amigo for Wii rumours gain momentum

24 Sep 2007

SEGA Demands PS3 Price Cut (Again) News

Also, is the next Will Wright developing for the Wii right now?

24 Sep 2007

TGS: Mario & Sonic To Sell 4 Million News

Can SEGA recapture past glory?

21 Sep 2007

SEGA Rally: Insecure New Video News

When publishers get needy for validation...

19 Sep 2007

NiGHTS: Cuddly New Video News

Did we die and go to Disneyland?

18 Sep 2007

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games: Heroic New Video News

Noble anthropomorphic animals abound

17 Sep 2007

NiGHTS: Journey With Company News

Two player confirmed

17 Sep 2007

SEGA Rally Demo Hits Xbox Live News

Get ready for surface deformation a-plenty

17 Sep 2007

Virtua Fighter 5: Punchy New 360 Screens News

When celebrity cloning goes wrong...

14 Sep 2007

Football Manager Confirmed For PSP News

"Pick up and play" style emphasised

13 Sep 2007

SEGA Announces Yakuza 3 for PS3 News

Only in Japan though. Bummer.

12 Sep 2007

New SEGA Rally Cars Unveiled: Screens Inside News

The McRae family sells out Colin

11 Sep 2007

Virtual Console Goes SEGA Crazy News

Five titles to satisfy your SEGA lust

07 Sep 2007

Xbox Live Surprise: Streets Of Rage 2 News

Microsoft slips one out

29 Aug 2007

Rumour: NiGHTS on Wii Slipping to 2008 News

Game apparently only 55% complete right now

28 Aug 2007

Video: Sonic Rush Adventures on DS News

Return to form? We pray.

22 Aug 2007

SEGA announces Empire: Total War News

Relive The British Empire's "Glory" Days

22 Aug 2007

Vikings Are The New Pirates Says SEGA – First Screens News

"A visceral wave of slaughter"

21 Aug 2007

NiGHTS: Swimming New Screens Of Wii News

The perils of flying in rooms

13 Aug 2007

SEGA VP Backtracks On Wii's Two year Lifespan News

SEGA still not placing bets

31 Jul 2007

Sony Takes Top Prize At Develop Awards News

European development awards get record turnout

26 Jul 2007

Universe At War: Epic New Video News

Get your tinned goods at the ready...

24 Jul 2007

SEGA Rally: Techie New Video News

Or: all about the deforming of surfaces

24 Jul 2007

What’s Going On With NiGHTS? New Screens Inside News

The flying fantasy jester saves the children's dreams...

24 Jul 2007

SEGA Opens Universe At War Beta Test News

Sign up now!

23 Jul 2007

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games: First Video! News

Historic footage inside

19 Jul 2007

E3: NiGHTS: Dreamy First Trailer News

When SEGA and Nintendo sleep together...

12 Jul 2007

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games: First Screens! News

PLUS: new Sonic Rush Adventures screens

11 Jul 2007

SEGA Reveals Lucky 13 for E3 News

Sonic, NiGHTS and some bonus filler games!

10 Jul 2007

Sega To Publish Treasure-Developed ‘Bleach’ News

Classic anime and manga heading to DS and Wii

08 Jul 2007

SEGA's The Club: New Screens And Info News

Men that kill for money, and the places they like to do it

06 Jul 2007

Virtual Console: Sonic In SEGA Love-In News

Also dolphin love hits town...

06 Jul 2007

SEGA: Sony Needs To Cut PS3 Price News

Software no longer strong platform seller

02 Jul 2007

SEGA Supports Cross Platform Play With Universe at War News

First third party to support Xbox 360/PC multiplayer compatibility

29 Jun 2007

SEGA: Sonic Needs Revitalising News

Enter BioWare...

28 Jun 2007

SEGA Rally: Filthy New Screens News

The most deformable racer ever?

26 Jun 2007

Two New Sonic Games Handheld-Bound News

Mysterious RPG on the way

21 Jun 2007

Geometry Wars For £1.25?! News

There really is no excuse to not have played this now

19 Jun 2007

SEGA VP Gives Wii Two Good Years News

Did he miss the 'SEGA hearts Nintendo' memo?

15 Jun 2007

SEGA Rally PSP – First Art and Details News

Finnish developers to do the business

13 Jun 2007

SEGA Strikes With New Condemned Artwork News

Dapper tramps and über goths inside...

06 Jun 2007

Sega Invades Nintendo's Virtual Console News

It just can't keep away

01 Jun 2007

Richard Jacques Rocks The Club News

Legendary Sega game music composer graces Bizarre’s arcade shooter

30 May 2007

SEGA's Pachinko Problems Lead To Profits Plummet News

Sonic's parent company sees cash falling out of its pinball-a-likes

14 May 2007

NiGHTS To Dream Its Way Online News

Control system details hinted

11 May 2007

The Club: Latest Screens Right Here News

'Gladiators with guns'

11 May 2007

Sonic Gets His Rush On: New Screens News

But what about poor old Tails?

11 May 2007

SEGA News Shower: SEGA Partners Up With Gas Powered Games News

Secretive new PC role-playing game in the works

10 May 2007

UPDATED: Happy Tree Friends on Xbox Live Arcade News

An internet phenomenon on an online gaming service. The future is now.

10 May 2007

SEGA News Shower: Universe at War Heads to 360 News

Universe at War: Earth Assault now heads to home console

10 May 2007

SEGA News Shower: Ghost Squad on Wii News

Arcade smash shooter developed by AM2

10 May 2007

SEGA News Shower: Condemned Sequel! Eyes Bloodshot News

Due early 2008 for PS3, 360 and PC

10 May 2007

Virtual Console: SEGA Love-Fest 2 News

WARNING! SEGA fanboys should wear a bib

04 May 2007

DS Pub Shenanigans: New Darts Screens News

Sega gets to the point

30 Apr 2007

Crazy Taxi: New Screens News

Don't try this on England's roads

27 Apr 2007

Gambling and DIY in New Phantasy Star Expansion News

It’s like Changing Rooms, but in a videogame!

27 Apr 2007

New NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams Screens News

SEGA fans across the land rejoice

25 Apr 2007

Sega Details Summer Of Handheld Love News

Crazy Taxi and Sonic Rush Adventure scheduled

24 Apr 2007

SEGA Throws Itself On Movie License Grenade News

Movie licenses are going to get better, apparently

23 Apr 2007

The All-New Slimmed-Down E3: Exhibitors Listed News

‘The skinny’ on the, err, skinny E3 right here

23 Apr 2007

NiGHTS - Latest from Producer, Takeshi Iizuka News

‘Felt the need to keep the game concept fundamentally the same’

23 Apr 2007

SEGA Unveils MMO Football Manager Live News

It’s like eBay meets myspace meets fantasy football

20 Apr 2007

SEGA Bags Marvel-ous Trio News

Sega completes quartet of superhero licenses

18 Apr 2007

Sonic Rushes Back To DS: First Screens News

SEGA passes Nintendo another love note

16 Apr 2007

Dreamcast Beats PlayStation In Review Ratings News

Good old statistics come to the rescue once again...

16 Apr 2007

Darts On DS News

What's the point?

05 Apr 2007

Sega Week On Virtual Console News

Nintendo loves Sega now

05 Apr 2007

NiGHTS - Shape-Shifting Persona Masks Detailed News

Plus Forecast Channel functionality. More on Wii’s most-wanted.

04 Apr 2007

The Charts: PS3 Knocked Off The Top News

Resistance falls

03 Apr 2007

PS3 Joy - Sega’s Virtua Stick High Grade News

Best. Joystick. Ever.

02 Apr 2007

UPDATE - NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams - Due Christmas News

Wii Remote functionality detailed inside

02 Apr 2007

SPOnG Interviews Sega and Nintendo on Mario/Sonic Olympics News

Together at last! The dream!

30 Mar 2007

Sonic & Mario: Miyamoto is “Heavily Involved” News

Miyamoto blesses the team-up

29 Mar 2007

Sonic Lies Down With Mario In New Game News

Sonic and Mario game coming soon. Really!

28 Mar 2007

Something For The Weekend? Today's NEW Releases News

It turns out there's been a console launch...

23 Mar 2007

What's New In The Arcades - March 07 News

Tekken 6, Afterburner, over-clocked PS3s and much more...

22 Mar 2007

Final PS3 Launch Line Up News

Your full and final PS3 checklist

22 Mar 2007

Sega's New NiGHTS Game for Wii – Confirmed News

The Sega dream, on Nintendo’s new gen baby

19 Mar 2007

Taxi Driving At Its Worst News

New screens from Crazy Taxi

13 Mar 2007

Sega's PSP Puzzler: First Video Footage News

Sega gets cerebral

13 Mar 2007

The Charts: Final Fantasy Shot Down + GTA Shoots Up News

Advanced Warfighter... advances

13 Mar 2007

GDC: Zelda Phantom Hourglass, flOw, Blue Dragon, Motorstorm - HANDS ON ROUND-UP! News

SPOnG's gaming hands-on at the heart of the beast....

12 Mar 2007

The Charts: Can Sonic Smash The Rogue Tomato? News

Find out the movers and shakers in the All Formats chart...

05 Mar 2007

Sonic for the Wii-kend Sir? News

Sonic on Wii out today.

02 Mar 2007

The Charts: A Final Fantasy! News

Despite fastest-selling console game of the year, sales are down…

26 Feb 2007

What's New In The Arcades News

Our brand new arcade series starts here...

26 Feb 2007

Big 'Surprising' Sega Title Twist in the Works News

Fans braced for either joy or disaster

22 Feb 2007

Chart News: Cut-Price EA Titles Back at Top News

Need for Speed, FIFA, back of the net etc.

20 Feb 2007

Sex, Lies and Videogames News

It IS Valentines day after all

14 Feb 2007

Wii Sonic Release Date Confirmed News

Sonic and the Secret Rings gets an early spring release

12 Feb 2007

Eidos Takes Out Activision Executive News

Corporate high jinks and boardroom shenanigans

12 Feb 2007

Something For The Weekend? Today’s UK Game Releases News

Loads and loads of them

09 Feb 2007

HMV Scraps £675 PS3/PSP Bundle News

Retailer crumbles under consumer pressure

08 Feb 2007

The Charts: Retro Gaming Still Has It News

People still love Sega, it turns out

06 Feb 2007

Virtua Fighter 5 Website Launches News

Get excited already

26 Jan 2007

First Next-Gen Sega Rally Screens News

Or should we call it 'Rally Tropicana'?

18 Jan 2007

New Art For Virtua Tennis 3 News

Some sporty goodness for your enjoyment

15 Jan 2007

Crazy Taxi PSP – First Details and Screens News

Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars - fully detailed inside

11 Jan 2007

Wii Virtual Console Update: 36 Games On The Way News

Including Ocarina of Time, Mario Kart 64 and Super Mario World.

09 Jan 2007

Virtua Fighter 5: New Video and Screenshots! News

Don't try this at home

05 Jan 2007

PS2 to Continue to Outsell New Consoles in 2007 News

According to analysts and Sega bossman

29 Dec 2006

2006: The SPOnG Poll - Part One: Dinsey Goes Punk News

How was it for you?

22 Dec 2006

Virtua Fighter 5 Dated for February News

Plus, VF-5 uber-joystick pictured inside.

19 Dec 2006

Latest Wii Virtual Console News – Retrotastic Sega Medley News

Amazing classic Sega medley trailer inside!

13 Dec 2006

Sega to Release Alien Syndrome – First Screens News

Wii and PSP titles based on classic arcade action

13 Dec 2006

New Virtua Tennis 3 Mini Games News

We've got screens for your perusal

12 Dec 2006

Virtua Fighter 5: New Screens News

We’ve got ’em

08 Dec 2006

SPOnG Beats Six Times World Snooker Champion Steve Davis at Pool News

Snooker loopy nuts are we!

22 Nov 2006

Full Auto 2 Careers Onto PSP News

SEGA’s smash-em-up makes handheld debute - details and first pics inside

13 Nov 2006

PlayStation 3 Tilt Features for Virtua Tennis News

Nintendo outrage made tangible...

03 Nov 2006

The Shenmue 3 Debate News more interesting than the game itself?

30 Oct 2006

New Next Gen Sonic Trailer Inside News

Right here, right now. Plus SPOnG speaks to Sonic’s producer

24 Oct 2006

The Charts: Football Manager Straight to the Top News

Sports Interactive's latest is UK's third fastest selling PC game ever

24 Oct 2006

SEGA Fanboy Wet-Dream in 14th Century Church News

Legendary composer Richard Jacques to gig at Nottingham's GameCity this coming weekend!

23 Oct 2006

SEGA Announces Free Phantasy Star Online Beta News

Are you on Xbox Live? If so, required reading inside

13 Oct 2006

Nottingham’s GameCity: Preview News

Win a Tekken 3 arcade machine, take tea with Sonic

12 Oct 2006

After Burner on PSP – Full Details Inside News

Much more portable than the original arcade cabinet, apparently

10 Oct 2006

Football Manager 2007 - Official Website and Latest Info News

More bad news for football widows.

09 Oct 2006

Space Channel 5 Ulala Look-a-like Case Dismissed News

Deee-Lite's Lady Miss Kier gets shafted by SEGA.

06 Oct 2006

PS3 Games Priced News

Third-party titles for $59.99.

27 Sep 2006

Record Attendance at Tokyo Game Show News

PS3 packs 'em in.

25 Sep 2006

Exclusive Interview with Monkey Ball creator Toshihiro Nagoshi News

...on possibility of 360/PS3 Monkey Ball, Wii F-Zero and more!

19 Sep 2006

Exclusive: SPOnG Interview with Virtua Tennis 3 Producer News

'We've successfully achieved a realism that is close to live television broadcasting”

18 Sep 2006

Virtua Tennis 3 is 1080p on PlayStation 3 News

Sega confirms full HD glory for the game of kings

18 Sep 2006

Sega Knocks out PS2 Seaman! News

More off-beat games to make people think you're weird

18 Sep 2006

Monkey Ball on Wii – New Characters Unveiled News

SEGA introduces YanYan and Doctor

14 Sep 2006

Sounds of SEGA Classics Feature at GameCity 2006 News

Nottingham, UK to host Richard Jacques gig, Into the Pixel and more.

05 Sep 2006

Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz: New Screens News

We REALLY love bananas!

29 Aug 2006

Sonic and the Secret Rings: Wii Title Confirmed News

Full SEGA Leipzig line-up detailed inside. Plus arcane Sonic ramblings.

17 Aug 2006

SEGA Mega Drive Classics on your PSP News

And on your PS2, should you so wish.

11 Aug 2006

Latest Screens and Info on Sonic Wii News

Working Title – Sonic Wild Fire. Due next March.

01 Aug 2006

Virtua Fighter 5 – new gameplay video inside News

Meet El Blaze and Eileen.

17 Jul 2006

Ex-Sega President on Japanese Communication Issues and the Evolution of the Giant News

Astounding, no-holds barred interview – details inside

14 Jul 2006

The Charts: Nintendo One - Football Nil News

Liberty City Stories hangs onto top slot.

11 Jul 2006

Sonic and Full Auto 2 confirmed for PS3 launch News

Sega fully on track for November launch

03 Jul 2006

Rare Yuji Naka Titles Celebrate Sonic at 15 News

Girl's Garden and the Sonic series with Knuckles!

26 Jun 2006

Virtua Tennis Screens. PlayStation 3. Joy. Launch. News

Seminal Sega rally game returns

22 Jun 2006

UK Charts: Record Five Soccer Games in Top 10 News

The previously unknown game of ‘soccer’ is a phenomenon!

19 Jun 2006

Sega. Football. World Cup. News

The glorious hat-trick. Details inside.

14 Jun 2006

Sega serves up ace Virtua Tennis 3 trailer News

Earth’s finest tennis game. Gameplay footage inside.

12 Jun 2006

You’re a Gaymer - Gay Gamers Surveyed News

SPOnG’s gaydar fairy lights are a-flashing

12 Jun 2006

Outrun 2006: Coast to Coast - PC screens News

Releases later this month

09 Jun 2006

Football Manager 2007 - First Details News

Football stocking filler.

08 Jun 2006

Sports Interactive: The SPOnG interview News

Jacobson spills on Football Manager 2007, Sega and cracking the US.

02 Jun 2006

Videogames: The Strangest Moments News

The strange, the weird and the downright rude

01 Jun 2006

Exclusive: Sega Driving Studio at Work on New IP News

Pre-production started - announcement looms

31 May 2006

SEGA Goes Ape on the Internet News

New Monkey Ball and Medieval II sites up

19 May 2006

SEGA to Return to Past Glory News

So says UK bossman.

19 May 2006

Sonic 360: Hands On + New Screens News

Sega's true blue mascot continues to tease.

17 May 2006

Day One In The E3 House News

All the best of the things we've managed to find time to see.

10 May 2006

Wild Sonic dashes to Wii News

Wii-exclusive Sonic game

09 May 2006

FIFA World Cup from EA Sports Still UK’s Top Game News

It’s this week’s charts!

08 May 2006

Virtua Fighter 5 PS3 Exclusive First Screens News

Footage this week.

08 May 2006

SEGA Announces Bizarre Third-Person Shooter News

Bizarre Creations’ new project.

05 May 2006

Full Auto 2 – First PS3 Screens News

SEGA’s Sony-only car mangler sighted.

03 May 2006

Charts: FIFA Scores Number One News

World Cup Fever officially takes hold.

03 May 2006

Sonic Rivals – SEGA Announces PSP Racer News

Brand new handheld Sonic title.

03 May 2006

Hitler on SEGA Promo T-shirts News

SEGA Japan displays shockingly poor taste.

02 May 2006

SEGA - Full Auto 2 is PS3 Exclusive News

Environmentally destructive racer waves goodbye to 360.

02 May 2006

Sega Rally. Next Gen. First Info News

Info and enthusiasm inside

28 Apr 2006

Sega's E3 Striptease Day 3: Awesome Letdown News

Pool game. Not Jambo Revolution. Still bears love

27 Apr 2006

Virtua Tennis 3 – First Screens News

The drip-feed commences. Advantage Sega.

25 Apr 2006

Sega. E3. Striptease. News

Like the layers of the onion. Just about Sega

24 Apr 2006

Charts: Easter and Eidos Boost Sales News

Lovely Lara rules the roost.

19 Apr 2006

Publishers Buying Developers - A Good Thing? News

Are consolidation and creativity mutually incompatible?

13 Apr 2006

Charts: Tomb Raider Sells Lara, Lara Copies News

More than any Tomb Raider title to date.

11 Apr 2006

Next-Gen Super Hang-On Likely News

Sega patent spells rebirth of moto racer

07 Apr 2006

SEGA’s New Helicopter Game News

In a real helicopter!

05 Apr 2006

Charts: Godfather Muscles into Top Slot News

Marketing vs. Originality. Marketing wins.

04 Apr 2006

SEGA Buys Britsoft Legend Sports Interactive News

Plus developer Secret Level

04 Apr 2006

Next-Gen Sonic Due This Year News

SEGA’s Mike Hayes spills the magic beans.

03 Apr 2006

Told Ya! MegaDrive and Genesis Back Cat for Revolution Confirmed News

Iwata adds PC Engine to the mix too

23 Mar 2006

Sega to Release Sega Dogs for DS. Not a Joke News

However, these dogs live in a cup of tea. Not a joke

21 Mar 2006

Sega's Yakuza Involvement Spreads to Europe and the US News

Ryu Ga Gotoku confirmed for western release

23 Feb 2006

Exclusive Access: Outrun 2006: Coast 2 Coast News

PSP hands-on and screens for Xbox and PS2 versions only here

16 Feb 2006

Xbox 360 Userbase Splits: Football Manager HD Required News

Thing that had to happen, happens.

10 Feb 2006

Outrun 2006: Coast 2 Coast Website Launches News

Plus! SEGA registers ‘Yakuza’ game title.

06 Feb 2006

Japanese Publishers Outline 360 Plans News

Famitsu magazine quizzes major players.

30 Jan 2006

London’s Arcade Show Highlights News

Virtua Tennis 3 on Sega’s Lindbergh: First Look

25 Jan 2006

Rez on PSP Rumours News

Mizuguchi’s cult classic ported to handheld?

23 Jan 2006

Super Monkey Ball Spin-Off on the Way News

It's called Adventures, and is a bit of a mystery...

23 Jan 2006

OutRun: Finally, It's Worth Buying a PSP! News

OutRun 2006 butterflies – first look!

11 Jan 2006

EXCLUSIVE Screens from Football Manager on PSP and LMA Manager 360 News

Like waiting for a bus – they all come along at once!

15 Dec 2005

Sega. Weird. Official... News

Recon Dreamcast units go on sale.

14 Dec 2005

Sega announce must have robot iFish pet for Xmas News

Its Sega! Its fishing! It’s a robot!

13 Dec 2005

Outrun for PSP, PlayStation 2, PC – See the official release right here News

Final word on the drift legend for SCE platforms

08 Dec 2005

Sega Announces PlayStation 3 Game for 2008 News

And it’s a sport title too.

05 Dec 2005

New Treasure Product to Get Excited About, Then Not Actually Buy! News

Sega reveals Treasure Box compendium.

25 Nov 2005

Virtua Golf Revealed! News

Like the other Virtua things, but about golf.

17 Nov 2005

US retail lets slip new Outrun details News

Xbox release in the works

07 Nov 2005

New Virtua Tennis, New Reason to Live News

Lindbergh gem revealed in full glory mode.

03 Nov 2005

Virtua Fighter 5 Shows Lindbergh Strength News

New images ignite obsessive fuse.

02 Nov 2005

Afterburner: New Shots, New Hope News

SEGA legend reborn – PS2 takes to the sky.

02 Nov 2005

SEGA Rally to Return to Arcades? News

Three trademarks applied for by SEGA.

25 Oct 2005

All the Games You Can Play: Less Than £10 a Month News

GameTap launches: motherlode for emulator-illiterate SEGA nostalgists.

17 Oct 2005

Make Jokes About Ejaculating Again With Seaman 2! News

New platform, no details.

12 Sep 2005

Sonic Riders Site Goes Live News

More shots to fuel re-ignited hedgehog love

09 Sep 2005

Sonic Sprinting onto 360 AND PS3 News

SEGA spill plans for double whammy revival

09 Sep 2005

Next-Gen Sonic: Revealed tomorrow – 100% Confirmed News

Double blow sees Riders and Next-Gen fully outlined

08 Sep 2005

Monkey Ball DS - First details! News

Wireless multiplayer, minigames and more…

08 Sep 2005

Sonic Riders – First details! News

Multiplatform skateboarding revealed

08 Sep 2005

New Super Monkey Ball. For Nintendo DS. Playable at TGS News

It must be good Sega news day

07 Sep 2005

New Sonic Confirmed for TGS – Trumpet-blowers in for fall? News

Title revealed – Playable within days…

07 Sep 2005

100% Lindbergh update: Hi-res screens and Sonic TGS expected News

Sega shows E3 show reel hand

05 Sep 2005

Have a Closer Look at Where Babies Come From… News

Project Rub II: screens and more.

02 Sep 2005

Sega Lindberg: VF5, HOTD4, Virtua Tennis 5, more… News

Stop everything. Read this.

01 Sep 2005

Sega Brain Trainer Portable for PSP – Images, Details, Apathy, a Girl... News

But does slow news have to be boring?

30 Aug 2005

Sonic Team new project: Project Hedgehog Rescue! News

Naka. Why do we never make Knacker jokes anymore…?

25 Aug 2005

It’s not Shenmue 3 – But what is it? News

Something called Ryu ga Goto Ku, we think…

23 Aug 2005

Sega Games – European Schedule Best in a Long Time News

Shadow, Sonic, Monkeys and more…

18 Aug 2005

Street Fighter 4 mooted for JAMMA 2005 News

Rumoured Sega arcade line-up also emerges.

15 Aug 2005

New Outrun Confirmed! Xbox 360 Offering Mooted! News

Coast 2 Coast ignites our dreams.

12 Aug 2005

Shenmue Offline? News

SEGA thinking better of MMORPG license cash-in?

08 Aug 2005

New Project Rub 2 Screens News

Playing footsie, that's where babies come from

08 Aug 2005

Where Do Babies Come From? News

It's the name of the sequel to Feel the Magic!

27 Jul 2005

More New Sega Hardware Revealed News

Let your iDog see the stars!

27 Jul 2005

Sega: No Console Plans for Virtua Fighter 5 and HOTD4 News

Famitsu highlights current thinking.

26 Jul 2005

Sega’s secret Revolution News

Old games, and new, loom

25 Jul 2005

Virtua Fighter and House of the Dead 5: Not 360-Based News

But very much alive. Except for HOTD, which has 'Dead' in the title...

20 Jul 2005

House of the Dead 4: New arcade platform confirmed News

It's called Lindbergh - And that's about all we know...

12 Jul 2005

Rumourgasm: New images of House of the Dead 4 show 360-based Chihiro 2? News

SPOnG - Your bedsock for those embarrassing rumour spillages

11 Jul 2005

World Tour on Horizon News

Virtua Tennis pro line-up named

08 Jul 2005

What is SEGA up to? News

Afterburner? PSU? 360 rumours abound.

08 Jul 2005

SEGA Classics to come to PS2? News

Japan gets Panzer Dragoon, Gunstar Heroes!

06 Jul 2005

The Pain of Shenmue 3 for Xbox 360 News

Fans teased – announcement looms…possibly.

01 Jul 2005

Japanese Game Executives on all Things Next-Gen News

Especially money…

29 Jun 2005

Sonic the Hedgehog Lies Revealed News

‘Streets of Rage my arse’

24 Jun 2005

Sonic Gems to see Streets of Rage trio bonus? News

According to Internet gossip, the answer is yes

17 Jun 2005

Sonic the Hedgehog Online RPG to be Announced? News

Speculation and cryptic hints – hooray for the Internet!

06 Jun 2005

SEGA Next-Gen at E3 – The Exclusive Behind-Closed-Doors Preview News

SEGA shows its hand, offers a glimpse of the future.

24 May 2005

Sonic is Back! News

SEGA stalwart speeds back onto consoles present and (dare we hope?) future!

19 May 2005

Sega Delivers for PSP, Announces Virtua Tennis News

Glory of glories. Dreamcast legacy refuses to die.

10 May 2005

Next Sonic Retro Batch to go ‘Cube Exclusive? – DS Version Confirmed, PSP Mooted... News

The blue one spins again! Get the latest inside.

05 May 2005

Xbox 360 Japanese Support Gathers Pace News

Sega and From confirmed backers.

21 Apr 2005

New Phantasy Star Game Coming in 2006 News

European debut for series on PlayStation platform.

11 Apr 2005

New Sonic Spin-off Causes Fanboy Uproar – First Details, Screens News

Shadow takes lead. With an Uzi.

09 Mar 2005

Sega Management and Development Structure Outlined News

Sega fan? The big questions finally answered.

28 Feb 2005

Sonic Questionnaire Blows Lid on Sega’s Thinking News

Serious market research shows wider character exposure plans

21 Feb 2005

SPOnG Discovers the Greatest Thing Ever! News

The true genius of Sega is revealed in iDog

21 Jan 2005

Nintendo Gets Sonic the Hedgehog Double Love News

DS and GameCube exclusives promised. And we're going to France!

19 Jan 2005

Sonic Set for Next GameCube Outing News

Sega strengthens commitment to Nintendo as DS game also readies for launch.

18 Jan 2005

Review of the Year: March News

Beware the ides of March

29 Dec 2004

Sega Oguchi-san Interview a Strange Thing Indeed News

Acquisition confusion and more inside.

16 Dec 2004

Outrun 2 Japanese Version - Confusion is Sex News

Something is not quite right – Sega’s manoeuvrings detailed inside.

15 Dec 2004

Sumo debunks SP tracks for Japan chatter News

Japanese reports undone by UK developer

16 Nov 2004

Outrage as Japan gets beefed up Outrun 2 News

SP courses confirmed for Eastern release – Xbox Live offers hope

15 Nov 2004

More Outrun – latest screens from SP version News

Special Tours direct grabs shown

08 Nov 2004

Sega Alters its Beast News

It’s a brilliant pun about Altered Beast being canned Stateside!

02 Nov 2004

Sega promises 4 new PSP titles - speculation begins in earnest News

Sports, RPGs, graphical adventures and virtual pets

22 Oct 2004

Super Monkey Ball Deluxe rolls into Europe next spring News

Bargain monkey malarkey for PS2 and Xbox

21 Oct 2004

Conspiracy booted as Sega Ages beefs up News

More games, direct from Sega - All good

13 Oct 2004

Warhammer Online: The game that wouldn’t die News

Climax confirms MMORPG resurrection

12 Oct 2004

Nintendo DS: Complete third party round-up - screens and details inside News

The first crop of games for the approximated launch window

11 Oct 2004

Tenchu: Fatal Shadows heads to PS2 via Sega - first screens inside News

K2's stealthy ninja shenanigans resume

05 Oct 2004

Mizuguchi’s REZ Tetris crossbreed revealed News

Former Sega UGA boss lifts lid on mystery puzzler

22 Sep 2004

Matrix Online Slips In Favour Of Simultaneous Worldwide Release Date News

Which will be 18th January 2005

17 Sep 2004

Sega Announces Secretarial Favourite - The Typing Of The Dead Confirmed For PS2 News

Caps-lock and load for zombie wordsmiths

17 Sep 2004

Stop Press: Sega Rally 2005 – First images! News

PlayStation 2 exclusive emerges from the dust.

16 Sep 2004

Sega Rally fever engulfs PlayStation 2! It’s happening tomorrow! News

First details expected within days – seminal Sega racer rises!

16 Sep 2004

Super Monkey Ball DX – First PlayStation 2 Screens! News

And really, really small they are too!

15 Sep 2004

Red Entertainment Gives Sega Samurai Policemen News

Shinsengumi Ookami Den revealed

10 Sep 2004

On the DS and hallucinogens – Naka gets arty News

Sonic Team’s corruption at the hands of UGA continues apace

09 Sep 2004

Sega Seeks Fresh Script-Writing Talent, Backs The Short Film Consortium News

Once upon a time there was a little blue hedgehog...

31 Aug 2004

Daytona 2 Tracks To Resurface In Outrun 2 News

Sega’s drift siblings to be united

23 Aug 2004

Natsume export Sega flavoured fish to North America News

Behold Finny The Fish and The Seven Waters!

10 Aug 2004

UK Charts: Summer Famine Takes Toll News

Sales slump and fetid stagnation sets in.

10 Aug 2004

Three new episodes announced for Sega’s Shining Force series News

Resurrected RPG to stretch to fourth episode.

06 Aug 2004

Shenmue Online becomes a reality - First screens inside! News

Sega's surprise MMORPG pictured within.

05 Aug 2004

Sonic Mega Collection Plus expands with classic MegaDrive rarities News

Comix Zone, Flicky, The Ooze and Ristar join the Sonic library.

04 Aug 2004

Sega sets camp in Shanghai and poises to conquer China News

PC Online gaming drive takes shape.

04 Aug 2004

Sega Shock - Shenmue Online revealed! News

Yu Suzuki's legendary RPG goes online in Asian territories.

03 Aug 2004

Eidos Reveals Championship Manager 5 for Consoles News

Top-selling footie management for top-selling machines.

02 Aug 2004

Virtua Fighter 2 pushes SEGA Ages series back into the ring News

SEGA AM2 to re-work classic fighter for PS2.

30 Jul 2004

All-New OutRun2 Revealed: Special Tours - First Images! News

Sega to release rework of Chihiro racer.

19 Jul 2004

Outrun 2 US: Nothing to do with Sega News

Title confirmed – Sega not involved.

14 Jul 2004

Sonic Team only Sega studio to survive? News

In name at least – Key brand set to live on

06 Jul 2004

Sega as studio consolidation approaches - High-level walk-out rumours abound News

Amusement Vision and Hitmaker close

29 Jun 2004

DS bags Monkey Ball, Castlevania and Silent Hill? News

Big name developers to adapt popular franchises.

24 Jun 2004

Climax Explains Cancellation of Warhammer Online News

Fantastic MMORPG hits the anvil.

23 Jun 2004

SEGA’s New Mini-Megadrive Exposed News

6-in-1 16 bit splendour.

18 Jun 2004

New Super Monkey Ball Confirmed by Nagoshi News

Deluxe takes shape.

18 Jun 2004

Virtua Fighter Cyber Generation New Art and Screens News

That wouldn’t be a Phantasy Star texture set, would it?

15 Jun 2004

Take 2 and SEGA Sign Exclusive Contract News

ESPN games to benefit from mighty corporate teamwork.

08 Jun 2004

SEGA Toys are Coming! News

Fill your house with unnecessary, girl-scaring SEGA paraphernalia.

07 Jun 2004

Advance Guardian Heroes – First Official Screens and Art News

Saturn's prodigal son returns in miniature form.

07 Jun 2004

Revealed: Super Monkey Ball Deluxe for PlayStation 2! News

Amusement Vision simian-balancing to return.

07 Jun 2004

It's time for some 'rubbing' jokes! News

Sonic Rub screenshot glory

01 Jun 2004

Sega AGES Re-shuffled News

Last minute content re-think.

28 May 2004

SEGA unveils new PSO: Blue Burst News

Phantasy Star Online is back again.

26 May 2004

SEGA AM2 Reveals Headshot Frenzy News

Ghost Squad big gun coin-op shown.

24 May 2004

New SEGA handheld revealed News

Industry insider leaks top-secret 'work in progress'.

21 May 2004

The Truth at Last: Sammy Buys Sega in $1.5 Billion Take-over News

After months of denials, Sega is assimilated by pachinko giant.

18 May 2004

Football Fever Grips as EA Claim Top Spot News

Ronaldinho may not be playing, but it seems everyone else is.

18 May 2004

Plug’n’Play Retro a Go-Go News

News of neo-genesis.

17 May 2004

Sega’s Spikeout: Battle Street News

Folds five fingers to fight.

14 May 2004

Altered Beast Growls at E3 News

I’m a tiger, hear me roar!

14 May 2004

Outrun2 Screens Gather Pace News

But has it burnt out?

14 May 2004

Virtua Quest Unravels News

It’s still a bit weird though

13 May 2004

First Batch of PSP Titles Confirmed News

Mainly from Japanese developers...

13 May 2004

SEGA Shows the Way for Eyetoy News

Sega Superstars and more...

12 May 2004

Sony PSP Developers Confirmed News

Matching Nintendo’s 100-strong DS support.

12 May 2004

E3 2004: Sega Preview News

Something old, something new and something blue (and spiky)

11 May 2004

Sega to co-publish Matrix MMORPG News

The saga continues online.

10 May 2004

Exclusive: Sega Ages rejected for release by Sony: Double pack replacements loom News

Sega falls foul of SCEA's policy shift - follows SNK…

06 May 2004

Sega's E3 announcement "of little interest to fans" News

Breath not to be held - Segaton set to disappoint.

06 May 2004

OutRun2 Confirmed News

SEGA addresses the issue – details revealed.

30 Apr 2004

World Exclusive: Outrun 2 Console Version to Show Next Week! News

Speculation ends – game dated inside.

28 Apr 2004

SEGA SuperStars head for EyeToy News

Samba over to E3 for a taste of things to come from SEGA.

26 Apr 2004

New Sega Game Revealed News

Ghost Squad title registered.

15 Apr 2004

First New Sega Game Revealed: Phantasy Star Update Looms! News

Expected game deluge this month: new PSO slated.

08 Apr 2004

Massive Sammy Roll-out From Sega Looms News

Early reports suggest software deluge within months.

31 Mar 2004

Mizuguchi's Handheld Rez Dream Revealed! News

Arthouse classic pseudonym re-emergence.

30 Mar 2004

Sega Pays up in $600,000 Game Tester Race Case News

Memories at the ready – Filipino scandal laid to rest.

29 Mar 2004

Revealed: Sega Poised to Unveil 'Massive Amount of Brand-new Big Name Software' News

Retail briefing for Japan dated – fans in excited panic!

24 Mar 2004

New Sega Hardware Announced News

High-end arcade plans allay AtomisWave fears.

19 Mar 2004

Hilarious Sega Theme Park Revealed – Must Read! News

Devoted entirely to football too! Amazing news inside.

11 Mar 2004

Afterburner II Sega Ages Screens Show Coin-op Joy News

Sega Ages shows the good, to go with the bad and ugly.

09 Mar 2004

Eidos on the Attack! Championship Manager 5 Offensive Begins News

Best game yet, by all accounts.

03 Mar 2004

SpikeOut Extreme playable at E3! Outrun 2 Debacle Continues! News

Nagoshi makes fighter pledge as fresh hint at Outrun 2 emerges.

01 Mar 2004

PC Phantasy Star Online beta testing begins News

Popular RPG set for desktop revival.

27 Feb 2004

Sega and Capcom Team Up News

Steel Fang set for PC this year.

25 Feb 2004

Final Fantasy X-2 Claims Top Spot News

Plus! Someday your Prince will come. And! A gentle reminder to be good to your PC.

24 Feb 2004

Sega Bears Up News

New franchise raises eyebrows.

24 Feb 2004

Virtua Fighter 4 Final Tuned – First Artwork! News

Third revision of fourth series instalment - first look.

23 Feb 2004

New Virtua Fighter 4 Revealed! News

Virtua Fighter 4 Final Tuned exposed - Full details inside

20 Feb 2004

Sonic Advances Again News

Hedgehog on a roll in 2004.

18 Feb 2004

Sega reacts to Sammy invasion - Statements inside News

Cautious Sega accepts fate.

17 Feb 2004

Full report - Sega appoints Sammy CEO Satomi as chairman - Must read! News

Sato ousted as Pachinko man brings new threat at highest level.

17 Feb 2004

Sega execs make brief Nintendo DS comments News

Nagoshi and Naka dual comment good vibes action.

16 Feb 2004

Revealed: Sammy is house built on sand as crisis stock offload emerges! News

Sega buy spree plunges Sammy into financial chaos

13 Feb 2004

Sega Europe triumphs as Sonic Heroes takes top spot News

Belief in hedgehog IP shows through

09 Feb 2004

Sega Pledges Support for Nintendo DS and Sony PSP News

Full portable program this year.

09 Feb 2004

Sega to release Shenmue Underwater With Cast of Fish - Screens Included! News

It's Uo Nanatsu no Mizu Densetsu no Nushi!

05 Feb 2004

Japanese trademark overload! Banjo for Xbox? New Square Enix game and more inside! News

More goodness from the Tokyo patent office.

03 Feb 2004

Amusement Vision throws weight behind Xbox News

Nagoshi makes Microsoft commitment.

30 Jan 2004

Outrun 2 further away than ever as Sega fears rental market News

It is an arcade game. Like Sega said all along…

28 Jan 2004

Virtua Fighter 5 confirmed! News

Sega fans hoping AtomisWave is not platform of choice.

28 Jan 2004

Sega Takes Blow: Key European Head Jumps Ship News

Sherlock walks…

28 Jan 2004

Sammy Planning Managerial Changes at Sega News

Reports suggest dreaded shake-up sooner rather than later.

27 Jan 2004

Secret Sega Games Named Inside! News

Today shall henceforth be known as Japanese Patent Office Day!

21 Jan 2004

Outrun 2 for Xbox and PlayStation 2! The Dream Lives! News

Sega denies, retail sources confirm – world of confusion inside.

20 Jan 2004

Monkey Ball 3 Online in 2004? News

European gossip spawns fresh world of hope and pain.

12 Jan 2004

Sega Plans New Online RPG and Fresh Genre-Busting Title News

Intriguing plans afoot.

08 Jan 2004

All-New Initial D Almost Here News

Arcade Stage Ver. 3 to see PlayStation 2 global release?

05 Jan 2004

Shenmue III: Digital Rex torture continues - New artwork News

New website, new art, new feeling of helplessness.

24 Dec 2003

Sega Signs EyeToy News

Coin-op placement spells third-party roll-out?

22 Dec 2003

Sega Arcade Restructure – Sammy Execs to Take Charge, Named Exclusively Here News

Focus now blatantly changing at Sega of Japan, as coin-op reshuffle jangles nerves.

19 Dec 2003

Sammy invasion sees first casualty - Nakagawa resigns News

Sega Japan on the defensive as fans' worst fears realised

18 Dec 2003

Sammy Speaks News

New focus for Sega?

12 Dec 2003

Exclusive Details: Assimilation of Sega Begins. Sammy Executives Already Poised for Top Jobs News

Shareholder meeting next week to see pachinko bigwigs take the reins.

11 Dec 2003

Sammy Poised to Make Cancellations at Sega? News

‘All possibilities’ talk breeds fear…

09 Dec 2003

Sega Merger Canned, but Sammy Splashes the Cash News

Huge chunk of Sega acquired – all eyes on coin-op.

08 Dec 2003

Let's Make Some Crazy Money! News

Sega sues for patent infringement.

05 Dec 2003

Virtua Fighter Quest: The Most Crushingly Disappointing Sega Game Ever? News

Fans outraged as VF Quest fails to impress.

02 Dec 2003

World in Shock! New Virtua Fighter RPG Revealed – Not VF Quest? News

Sega makes incomprehensible announcement.

01 Dec 2003

Sega’s Ollie King for Xbox? Plus: New Yu Suzuki game sees wall of silence News

Predictable Chihiro chatter emerges

25 Nov 2003

Sega backdated love set to delight Europe News

SEGA AGES confirmed for Sega’s PALs

25 Nov 2003

Outrun 2 for PlayStation 2 News

Can it really be true?

24 Nov 2003

Sega Game Canning Shock - Screenshots Included News

Vectorman doomed – studio reshuffle blamed.

21 Nov 2003

Sega Makes Strategy Climb-Down, Commits to Europe – Throws Doubt Spectre Over VF Quest News

Reversal of plans sees US and EU support bolstered.

20 Nov 2003

Ollie King is Nagoshi Game! First Images of New Sega Game Inside! News

Good news, as F-Zero dispatch sees fresh skateboarding coin-op.

17 Nov 2003

New Sega game – first look News

Ollie King flips onto Naomi 2.

03 Nov 2003

Nagoshi: Xbox SpikeOut not canned News

F-Zero focus blamed for media blackout

31 Oct 2003

Virtua Fighter Quest – The GameCube dream lives on! News

Big head RPG still underway – Sega makes commitment.

24 Oct 2003

Sega fires up the clown music, flogs the PSO horse… News

Another bullet, aimed right at the foot.

23 Oct 2003

Astro Boy developed by Treasure! News

Party time as hardcore gets mainstream tickle.

17 Oct 2003

Xbox Outrun 2 and Virtua Cop 3 doomed! News

Japanese press kills dreams

10 Oct 2003

Vibrator Man leaves Sega! News

Rez creator and general legend Mizuguchi departs.

08 Oct 2003

Sega names joystick man as new US president News

A new king in the US as fresh Japanese face takes reigns

02 Oct 2003

Monkey Ball lives – third game planned! News

We really love bananas!

01 Oct 2003

Exclusive: Sega speaks on Virtua Fighter Quest Tokyo Game Show future News

It’s definitely not there. But then again…

24 Sep 2003

The curse of Sega Sports hammers shares again News

Investors wary of Sega: Sega Sports to blame.

22 Sep 2003

PlayStation 2 Astro Boy confirmed! News

More Sega love-justice info blast of joy!

19 Sep 2003

See Sonic in Billy Hatcher! News

Look, there he is!

10 Sep 2003

Afterburner PlayStation 2 confirmed! News

The seemingly endless joy factory that is Sega Ages triumphs again.

03 Sep 2003

New Sega games shown – no Virtua Fighter Quest. Yet… News

Ninjas, Puyo and more.

03 Sep 2003

Latest Outrun 2 Details Emerge News

Plus a wealth of new screens

27 Aug 2003

Sega ups Nokia cash shakedown News

Money eh? Sure, help yourselves!

20 Aug 2003

New Sega characters revealed: First images inside! News

You know you’ll read this…

19 Aug 2003

Whisky-powered Monkey man on F-Zero News

Nagoshi speaks.

15 Aug 2003

Sega ditches videogames, turns to bicycles News

This whole merchandising in Japan disparity is starting to rile us!

15 Aug 2003

Does Sega restructure point to Shenmue 3 online? News

Oguchi's brave move looks to plug cask-leaks

31 Jul 2003

Suzuki and Ishikawa on Outrun 2 - Brand new details inside! News

Gears decision clutched by Sega

31 Jul 2003

Sega Consolidation revealed: Suzuki gets new studio News

The fight for profitability continues

25 Jul 2003

Sega fortune rollercoaster still on rails News

Oguchi to double sales, lead with strength

23 Jul 2003

Shenmue III shows Sega's newfound cunning News

Fan letters mix with AM-2 newsletters as Suzuki manages hype

22 Jul 2003

More Shenmue III details emerge News

Japanese chatter tells of Suzuki announcement.

21 Jul 2003

F-Zero AX-GX connectivity for Japan only! Plus GX delay explained News

Lukewarm feedback and western memory card blackout revealed inside.

16 Jul 2003

First Golden Axe 3D screens emerge! News

SEGA Ages shows classic remake.

14 Jul 2003

Virtua Fighter 10th Anniversary exclusive details News

Secret game details inside.

14 Jul 2003

First Outrun 2 screens spew forth! Gameplay details inside! News

Chihiro screens of truth and justice.

11 Jul 2003

New Sonic for GameCube revealed! News

Loose lips sink ships. Or at least break embargo dates…

10 Jul 2003

Another massive Sega reshuffle. Suzuki hands over AM2 News

R&D consolidation begins in earnest.

09 Jul 2003

Sega AM2 line-up revealed? News

Japanese sure of Suzuki’s future plans.

02 Jul 2003

Sega bases game around real-life town? News

HitMaker game talk emerges.

01 Jul 2003

Microsoft poised to move key driving sim away from Sega News

Kudos and history not enough to challenge Polyphony.

01 Jul 2003

Sega president Oguchi: Sammy merger talks still underway News

New boss speaks on future.

30 Jun 2003

Shenmue III petition attracts 12,000 signatures News

Suzuki masterwork sequel in demand.

24 Jun 2003

Microsoft closes door on Sega News

Ballmer again in talking mood.

20 Jun 2003

Get married in Phantasy Star Online! News

Sonic Team provides altar for digital lovers.

11 Jun 2003

Sega voice-activation games loom News

Toshiba deal to incorporate voodoo child chatterings.

11 Jun 2003

Sega pulls the plug News

Dreamcast ends seminal era.

11 Jun 2003

Super Monaco for PlayStation 2 revealed! News

SEGA AGES brand ups a gear.

09 Jun 2003

First SEGA AGES Phantasy Star and Fantasy Zone images released! News

There’s a spelling mistake in there somewhere…

09 Jun 2003

SEGA buy-out re-emerges as Electronic Arts deal is announced News

CSK cash cow drained, will Sega look to EA?

27 May 2003

Ai-Ai Boo! No Monkey Ball 3! News

Nagoshi banana skins fan dreams

20 May 2003

SEGA Return to Form News

Out of the red and going it alone.

19 May 2003

Super Sonic News

Sonic Heroes goes multi-platform

14 May 2003

John Woo and Sega Unite News


14 May 2003

Financial world queues up to kick Sega – EA rumour rides again News

Mismanagement blamed for merger fall-through.

09 May 2003

New Virtual On title revealed News

One of Sega’s secret TGS titles leaked.

08 May 2003

Update: Sega dumped by Namco News

It’s all going the way of the pear…

08 May 2003

Sega shocks – Crazy Taxi 4 and new NiGHTS scrapped News

Strangeness abounds, key IP’s left to rot.

08 May 2003

Sega, the eternal harlot, dumps Sammy News

Escape from Pachinko slavery made good.

08 May 2003

Exclusive: hands-on with Worms 3D News

Watch out for falling concrete donkeys!.

02 May 2003

Sega Has Worms News

Team17's legendary franchise is picked up by Sega

02 May 2003

Sega looks to Namco as way out of Pachinko slavery News

Namco confirms Sega link, gives dates

01 May 2003

Next Nintendo home machine to jump the gun? 2005 rumours spew forth News

It's everyone's favourite 'next-gen console race' story!

01 May 2003

Deee-Lite sues Sega over Space Channel 5 News

Ulala copy of Lady Miss Kier?

30 Apr 2003

Sega E3 line-up not complete News

Treachery on high as Sega releases half list

29 Apr 2003

Virtua Fighter Evolution Stupidity News

Online reports, rubbished by the proverbial horses mouth

25 Apr 2003

Sega announces sequels to past hits News


23 Apr 2003

Sega saga takes a new twist News

Namco step into the picture.

17 Apr 2003

Virtua Fighter 4 Speculation ends News

Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution lands on PlayStation 2.

16 Apr 2003

Exclusive: Sega to show extensive MegaDrive portfolio at E3 News

GBA ports and more for key LA show.

15 Apr 2003

Naka’s Egg hatches News

Billy Hatcher makes us scared.

15 Apr 2003

GBA hails Crazy Taxi News

Let's make some (more) crazy money!

09 Apr 2003

Sega GT Online Xbox exclusive game of glory! News

Not a surprise, but hugely warming. Like a birthday. Or something.

08 Apr 2003

World Exclusive: Super Monkey Ball 3 chatter emerges News

Simian magic to expand with spin

04 Apr 2003

Initial D gets a wheel! News

It's kinda like saying Street Fighter gets a joystick, but great news all the same

04 Apr 2003

Sega Leak plugged with release commitment News

UK release dates set

03 Apr 2003

More F-Zero slippage News

Anxiety increases as life without game becomes unbearable.

02 Apr 2003

Exclusive: New Outrun at E3 – Suzuki’s online arcade link-up dreams revealed News

Sega Japan insiders talk of massive reinvestment into key IP.

31 Mar 2003

All-new Shinobi looms following Sega rethink News

Overworks takes a sideways glance at valued IP.

27 Mar 2003

Get ten free Sega games! News

Sonic Adventure DX – The amazing truth.

25 Mar 2003

Free Sonic games hidden away in Sonic Adventure DX News

GameGear classics enhance DX.

24 Mar 2003

All-new Sega games emerge on leaked document News

Sega Europe release schedule leaked – new titles revealed!

24 Mar 2003

F-Zero AC and SVC Chaos dated News

Coin-op heaven this summer.

24 Mar 2003

Sega to spin Sonic News

Investment in company mascot picks up pace.

19 Mar 2003

Sega future to be decided soon as CSK prepares bombshell News

Sonic in balance as finances push towards Sammy.

12 Mar 2003

Sonic, Sega, Pachinko and more. Sega and Sammy find their feet News

First details of merger revealed.

07 Mar 2003

Sato rejects latest Microsoft/EA speculation News

‘It’s all lies!’

03 Mar 2003

Sega lays off 90 staff News

20% cut in workforce as Sega prepares something big?

03 Mar 2003

CSK expected to fight Sammy merger News

Sega deal expected to bring cash fight from major stakeholder.

03 Mar 2003

Sega looks to EA, Microsoft as a way out of Sammy? News

Speculation rife as merger seems increasingly unlikely.

28 Feb 2003

New F-Zero screens News

More goodness from Amusement Vision

27 Feb 2003

Sega and Sammy on the rocks? News

Gossip from Japan tells of management rift as shares continue to slide.

25 Feb 2003

New TriForce game revealed News

GameCube link expected for Keys of Avalon.

24 Feb 2003

More good to be European gamer shocks News

Free Shenmue: The Movie DVD promised for our PALs in Europe.

24 Feb 2003

Sammy president to head up new company News

Shock as Sega top brass edged out.

17 Feb 2003

Sega Sammy merger widely questioned News

Full reasoning still undisclosed

14 Feb 2003

Latest Merger Revealed News

Sonic Pachinko?

13 Feb 2003

Hey baby, wanna cyber? News

PSO goes Valentine mad.

11 Feb 2003

F-Zero release date set News

Public appearance of finished game looms.

11 Feb 2003

Sega cans GameCube Sports support News

New phase to hit grown-up consoles.

10 Feb 2003

World Exclusive - Sega Mobile plans the future News

Virtua Fighter to get full scale mobile support.

06 Feb 2003

Sega bucks Xbox Live News

PSO to cost extra, revenue model rejected.

04 Feb 2003

Shenmue III power confirmation News

Speculation over - Shenmue III for Xbox

31 Jan 2003

Full Sonic the Hedgehog update at E3! News

Fans rejoice!

29 Jan 2003

Massive Sega restructure rocks world News

Kayama: ‘This is the New Sega!’

28 Jan 2003

Sega's European PlayStation 2 withdrawal News

Super Monkey Ball and Space Channel 5 Part 2 go AWOL

28 Jan 2003

Microsoft-Sega buy-out rears again News

VIP tours, with posh water and everything.

28 Jan 2003

Sega re-releases the Saturn! News

Panzer Dragoon powers nostalgia frenzy.

28 Jan 2003

Shining Soul 2 confirmed News

Europe in 'well-treated by Japanese company' shocker

23 Jan 2003

Nagoshi on F-Zero and the year ahead News

Sega’s in-house creative consultant and AV chief speaks on growing up.

22 Jan 2003

Dumptruck full of cash, Peter? News

Don’t mind if I do! - Moore joins Microsoft!

21 Jan 2003

F-Zero AC shown for first time! News

Secret Tokyo unveiling for future racer.

20 Jan 2003

Peter Moore in resignation shocker! News

Fans and industry reel as popular Moore departs in mystery.

20 Jan 2003

Sonic Adventure DX in ‘containing appeal’ shocker! News

New details and screens bring feelings of happiness.

17 Jan 2003

Sega to make Square-style blunder? News

Shenmue III CG 'movie only' chatter emerges.

13 Jan 2003

Arcade update News

Virtua Cop 3 details and TriForce rumours inside.

10 Jan 2003

‘New’ Sonic game disappoints News

You will not believe this – good and bad inside!

10 Jan 2003

Suzuki: “VF Quest will be completed this year” News

RPG attains mythical status as wait continues – Sega spy update inside.

09 Jan 2003

Sega GBA remakes unearthed News

Jet Set Radio and Crazy Taxi boil washed!

28 Dec 2002

Sega signs Michael Crichton News

New Sega game from Sci-Thriller master announced!

28 Dec 2002

Crazy Taxi 3 High Roller to go online News

Arcade version spells Live link-up?

28 Dec 2002

Sega confirms Euro plans News

Kayama bigs up the UK!

28 Dec 2002

The Dreamcast lives on! News

Sega squeezes Dreamcast online functionality into PS2 and GameCube.

28 Dec 2002

Sega and Microsoft move to quash buy-out rumours News

Sonic remains independent despite parental distancing.

28 Dec 2002

Playable F-Zero looms in January! News

Long awaited remake emerges sooner than thought

23 Dec 2002

Shining Soul causes American jealousy News

Infogrames powers Sega RPG UK release.

18 Dec 2002

Nintendo announcement looms today? News

Frenzy! Nintendo UK in Germany. World holds breath.

17 Dec 2002

Sega Burns out News

Plans to publish Criterion racer ditched

16 Dec 2002

EA Sports enough to power Nokia handheld? News

Strong start for Nokia as negotiations begin

11 Dec 2002

Fourteen new reasons to envy the Japanese News

Sega AGES PlayStation 2 line-up revealed.

03 Dec 2002

GameCube Phantasy Star discontinued? News

Full explanation inside.

28 Nov 2002

Sega shares take a nosedive News

20% loss as EA takes US market.

28 Nov 2002

Nokia launches ‘GameGear 2’ News

Sega and mobile firm team up for Game Deck.

28 Nov 2002

Exclusive: Planet Harriers disappears News

Amusement Vision popularity edges out Suzuki remake.

28 Nov 2002

Future of Shenmue hangs on US Xbox success News

Already released in Europe, Shenmue 2 sales are vital for series.

28 Nov 2002

Sega rethinks exclusivity – Sonic and Virtua Fighter for all platforms News

Share downturn triggers platform rethink.

21 Nov 2002

Sega announces PC game list News

Though it appears to be a decade late.

19 Nov 2002

Aero Elite: Combat Academy comes to PlayStation 2 News

“You be Val Kilmer, I’ll be Tom Cruise”

18 Nov 2002

World’s least organised games company gets its act together News

Sega finally put running structure into place, plus: new arcade development tools complete.

30 Oct 2002

Acclaim bridges Sega gap as Sony goes AWOL News

PS2 releases of Dreamcast oldies next year.

29 Oct 2002

Sega resurrects the Dreamcast News


28 Oct 2002

Sega-powered Xbox now surely irresistible News

Bundle confirmed for Europe at £160!

28 Oct 2002

Sega hit with new lawsuit News

Racial discrimination claims filed.

28 Oct 2002

New publisher created by Sega and D3 News

Cheap Sega games for all!

28 Oct 2002

PSO GBA link-up details revealed News

Goodies! You don’t know the half of it!

25 Oct 2002

World exclusive: Sega go self-publishing in Europe News

Third-parties out of the loop as Sega prepares aggressive Euro front.

24 Oct 2002

White Xbox announced! News

Hopes of a Western release swell.

22 Oct 2002

World exclusive F-Zero AC details News

It’s bigger and badder than expected.

22 Oct 2002

MS bundle sees Sega share nose-dive News

Bad news for Sega and Microsoft as bundle interpreted as desperation

21 Oct 2002

World Exclusive: Sega Rally update looms for PlayStation 2 News

Incredible news sees cross-platform online Sega racing league go head-to-head!

15 Oct 2002

Sega Formula 1 connection revealed News

Sato leads Japanese courtship of premier racing series.

14 Oct 2002

Sega classics loom for Xbox News

When Bill got there, the cupboard was far from bare.

09 Oct 2002

Sega unleashes the dragon News

Panzer to make 2002 in Japan.

24 Sep 2002

JAMMA Show report News

Chihiro, TriForce and Naomi 3 in Japan.

20 Sep 2002

Xbox arcade hardware looms News

Sega to co-develop MS coin-op: It's a funny old game...

17 Sep 2002

Panzer Dragoon slips News

All the way to 2003!

16 Sep 2002

New Yuji Naka game in the works News

This time for PlayStation 2!

16 Sep 2002

New Japanese game show emerges News

Osaka to see consumer event

16 Sep 2002

Tokyo Game Show titles revealed News

See what our sushi-loving gaming brethren will be playing!

10 Sep 2002

Rallying again pushes GBA limits News

Sega Rally ups the stakes

06 Sep 2002

New Crazy Taxi film details News

It’s time to make some crazy movies.

28 Aug 2002

Sonic Mega Collection screens released! News

Naka’s 2D masterworks rolled together for GameCube.

28 Aug 2002

Dreamcast broadband adapter goes back into production News

Huge demand forces Japanese rethink

23 Aug 2002

Shenmue the Movie to be freebie with Xbox News

Thanks Bill!

19 Aug 2002

Sega gets its Monkey out News

First Sega Mobile game sees Nagoshi rehash for SprintPCS

16 Aug 2002

Kentucky shooting case dismissed again News

This time at appeal stage.

15 Aug 2002

Sega offers emulated software to PC users in industry first News

If you can’t beat ‘em, and you have no reason to do so, join ‘em and charge ‘em.

13 Aug 2002

Super Monkey Ball canned for PlayStation 2? News


02 Aug 2002

GameCube Skies of Arcadia details emerge News

RPG rehash for GameCube only

02 Aug 2002

Activision to publish new Sega PlayStation 2 title News

Plus: New Kathy Vrabeck quote inside!

31 Jul 2002

Xbox live status confirmed for Amusement Vision’s latest title News

Colossal online rumble planned for Xbox.

30 Jul 2002

Latest Panzer Dragoon shots released News

Smilebit dragon shooter the best-looking Xbox game yet.

29 Jul 2002

Sega unveils first solo TriForce title! News

But will it ever see a European arcade?

28 Jul 2002

Brand New Ferrari F355 Challenge PlayStation 2 shots! News

Yu will love this. Sorry.

25 Jul 2002

Virtua Fighter on the Xbox? News

What’s the deal?

24 Jul 2002

Microsoft in SquareSoft buy-out yarn News

Listen. Can you hear echoes of the Sega saga?

23 Jul 2002

Naomi 3 arcade hardware crops up at Sega News

What? You mean there’s more?

23 Jul 2002

Hands-on with Sega’s latest arcade offerings News

Machines flown into to Heathrow for evaluation.

17 Jul 2002

Latest Sega GT images released News

Sega reveal a racer that’s more than a GT clone.

17 Jul 2002

GameCube Sonic Mega Collection details released News

And it’s all good!

15 Jul 2002

First Sonic Advance screens spin into view News

Flagship Sega icon regenerated in 2D. The way he should be.

12 Jul 2002

Phantasy Star Online Episodes I and II slips News

Sega extends testing-time, worries gamers.

11 Jul 2002

Sega to begin acquiring other games companies News

Bellfield confirms next stage of Sega transition.

10 Jul 2002

Virtua Fighter 4 hammers competition News

Tekken and DOA feel the power!

04 Jul 2002

"Driving a Ferrari is very pleasurable!" News

Latest build of Ferrari F355 for PlayStation from Yu.

03 Jul 2002

New Virtua Striker outing looms News

Nagoshi readies shin-pads once again.

02 Jul 2002

Sonic to be Nintendo-only News

GBA and GameCube updates soon!

01 Jul 2002

First GameCube online pricing revealed News

Can you begrudge cheap online gaming to a people who pay £10 for a pint?

28 Jun 2002

Jubilation in a Monkey Style! News

Tons of new Super Monkey Ball 2 screens just for you.

26 Jun 2002

‘New’ Sega racer disappointment News

Sega Grand Heat turns out to be Burnout re-release.

18 Jun 2002

Sonic for Xbox! News

Yet another reason to own a big black box.

18 Jun 2002

Exclusive: Sega GT 2002 completely rebuilt News

Initial version scrapped as Sega steps up to the challenge

13 Jun 2002

New Virtua Fighter game revealed for arcade News

Yu Suzuki 4th instalment evolves

12 Jun 2002

Yu Suzuki Pack announced for GBA News

Hang On to your After Burner as Space Harrier Outruns handheld

10 Jun 2002

E3 award nominations revealed News

Let the arguments commence!

07 Jun 2002

Blackley/Sega connection clarified News

Bringing Hollywood to gaming as CEG pumps it up

07 Jun 2002

New Virtua Cop Next-Gen details emerge News

Plus, new Sega racer confirmed.

31 May 2002

E3 theft hinders Sonic Team development News

Why you little..!

31 May 2002

GameCube goes online tomorrow! News

Sega frog-marches GameCube all the way to the Internet.

30 May 2002

New Shinobi PlayStation 2 screens News

Please enjoy!

28 May 2002

Sega reveals its E3 line-up News

Mmmm! Sega…

28 May 2002

Shenmue 2 Xbox details News

New screens for super Japanese Sega sequel.

23 May 2002

Monkey Ball 2 Madness! News

Go ape! New screens from Sega’s party game sequel.

22 May 2002

Sega resurgent, massive profits in store News

Making the best games in the world for all formats generates cash. Well, who would have thought?

17 May 2002

Sega snaffles ESPN brand away from Konami News

New X-Games titles from Sega… Yummy!

10 May 2002

New Sega mobile details unearthed News

Monkey Ball and Monaco GP already underway!

02 May 2002

ToeJam and Earl! Bring it on baby! News

Polymorphous duo sent back to funk you up!

02 May 2002

Panzer Dragoon screens emerge! News

Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes!

02 May 2002

Yuji Naka talks PSO GameCube News

Sonic Team chief speaks on Phantasy Star future.

25 Apr 2002

Sega unveils Shinobi for PlayStation 2! News

Surely some of the best games news of all time!

22 Apr 2002

Stunning Japanese sales figures see the Dreamcast outsell the Xbox News

Can Microsoft continue to support its debut console in Japan?

17 Apr 2002

Panzer Dragoon X details News

Classic Saturn shooter revived!

15 Apr 2002

Sega crumbles in court News

Japanese gaming giant says sorry to Nike.

11 Apr 2002

Skies of Arcadia comes to GameCube News

Sega offers another for GameCube.

10 Apr 2002

New Treasure Shooter Confirmed for Dreamcast! News

The Dreamcast lives on…and then some.

08 Apr 2002

F-Zero Confirmed for E3! News

Arcade and console versions on show in Los Angeles.

03 Apr 2002

More F-Zero Details Emerge News

An update on the games and their names.

02 Apr 2002

Strange Virtua Fighter game announced for GameCube! News

It's not what you thought...

02 Apr 2002

Joyful Sega news for Today News

Monkey Ball, Phantasy Star and Crazy Taxi confirmed for GBA!

27 Mar 2002

Xbox to Host Sega Classics News

Microsoft's new machine is the next piece in the jigsaw for old Sega titles - now everyone can play!

26 Mar 2002

Virtua Fighter for GameCube? News

Sega CEO Tetsu Kayama comments that the company might just release a Virtua Fighter game for Nintendo GameCube.

21 Mar 2002

Crazy Taxi 3 first look! News

It's time to make some cer-rraazy money!

15 Mar 2002

Columbine games lawsuit thrown out of court News

Games companies not to blame for shootings

07 Mar 2002

Dreamcast production is no more: And this time it’s for real News

The last 'cast drifts into the past

05 Mar 2002

Typing Space Harrier first look News

Type fast, shoot stuff, get confused

05 Mar 2002

More TriForce details emerge: Arcade hardware has never been this good! News

Sega release pleasingly specific details about TriForce, the GameCube-based arcade hardware developed jointly between Nintendo, Sega and Namco.

01 Mar 2002

Microsoft confirms UK launch plans: Full game-list inside! News

Microsoft has finally put the cap on its plans for the launch of the Xbox in the UK.

28 Feb 2002

Huge TriForce update: First game revealed! News

More news on the GameCube offspring.

28 Feb 2002

AOU 2002 Show: TriForce Unveiled! News

New arcade technology gets first airing.

27 Feb 2002

New arcade joint venture from Nintendo, Namco and Sega News

GameCube based coin-op platform looms

19 Feb 2002

PlayStation BB third party line-up revealed! News

Details have emerged concerning third-party support for Sony Computer Entertainment’s dedicated PlayStation 2 broadband network, PlayStation BB.

14 Feb 2002

Fifth Annual Interactive Achievement Awards Nominees Revealed News

The Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences (AIAS) has revealed the nominees for the fifth Annual Interactive Achievement Awards.

11 Feb 2002

Nike takes Sega to court News

Commercial copying gets legal

08 Feb 2002

Sega to distribute content to 13 companies via broadband network News

Sega dedicated to online success through innovation

08 Feb 2002

Sega demonstrates commitment to arcade gaming, strengthening business News

Five into one in the world of the coin

06 Feb 2002

Sega makes complete withdrawal from ISP business News

Sega backs away from online front

25 Jan 2002

Coming soon: European Arcade Expo and Medal of Honour producer interview! News

Next week, we will be most busy, doggedly tracking down the best gaming news for your enjoyment.

18 Jan 2002

Microsoft Courts Square for Further Development Opportunities News

Just how big a role will Xbox play at Japanese launch, February 22?

18 Jan 2002

Exclusive Sonic Advance screens: Here and only here! News

Seen these before? No, I didn't think so.

10 Jan 2002

Sega Rally 3 confirmed at last! News

And will go into production soon

04 Jan 2002

Sega GT 2002 delay update News

Still no release date. Playable build promised this month

02 Jan 2002

Sega is best performing Japanese stock, seeing massive increase in value and market confidence News

Stay at home entertainment boost sees Sega soar

31 Dec 2001

Sega GT 2002 canned? News

Strange goings on at Sega Japan

28 Dec 2001

Sega Europe committed to online Dreamcast, releasing new browser and pledging continuous support! News

Plus, multi-platform online Sega gaming for Europe looms

28 Dec 2001

Sega expands into movie business News

Intriguing news about company’s plans inside

19 Dec 2001

Dreamcast price falls again, this time to £69.99! News

A must-buy? Must be!

12 Dec 2001

Namco unveils Smash Court Tennis for PlayStation 2 News

Warning - Not Virtua Tennis

12 Dec 2001

Sega hits GameCube delays News

Too much too soon? Sega delays revealed...

11 Dec 2001

Sega signs new online game distribution deal News

Episodic download program coming soon?

05 Dec 2001

Sega’s Bellfield speaks on GameCube gaming, the death of Dreamcast and Electronic Arts rip-offs News

Frank talk shocks all. Bellfield puts us all straight

28 Nov 2001

Sega-Microsoft merger talks confirmed! News

We've heard plenty from Peter Moore recently. He's an interesting fellow, so here's some more news about him.

28 Nov 2001

Sega Banks on Monkeys to Power the Cube News

Sega of America has announced to its board of shareholders that it expects Super Monkey Ball to be its best-selling game this year.

28 Nov 2001

Amazing news: Dreamcast production to continue! News

Production facility up and running once again

27 Nov 2001

Portable Dreamcast is revealed! News

Watch this space!

27 Nov 2001

Sega up for parent company buy-out as games business proper unfolds News

Branding and faith in future technologies give Sega a strong foothold

22 Nov 2001

Sega to relax online Dreamcast usage - Choose your own ISP! News

SegaNet to wind down in Europe

22 Nov 2001

Sega Console price hits Rock Bottom News

The last Dreamcasts at less than 50 dollars a pop in the US.

21 Nov 2001

New Sega titles emerge! Plus: Bonus crazy Japanese arcade-type thingy inside! News

Even your granny would like this. It's bingo-tastic!

20 Nov 2001

Shenmue 2 for Dreamcast in the US News

There are reports emerging that several major US retail chains will be importing and supplying European copies of the Dreamcast version of Shenmue 2.

16 Nov 2001

Shenmue 3 revealed by Sega News

You know, that game, that you played, on the day it snowed…

12 Nov 2001

Sega set to storm PC with killer ports News

Tennis and Taxi revealed with more to follow

08 Nov 2001

Peter Moore issues official Shenmue 2 apology to Dreamcast gamers News

Wait and see is the message from Sega chief

05 Nov 2001

Sega is Japan’s best performing stock! News

Massive gains for Sega shareholders revealed as Sonic leads the way

31 Oct 2001

Become a Zombie and appear in House of the Dead 3 News

Sega and Microsoft are offering you immortality, giving you the chance to become a character in the forthcoming Xbox title, HotD3.

26 Oct 2001

Sega financial rollercoaster continues News

Some good news and some bad news. We're sure it will all work out fine

25 Oct 2001

SegaNet plays its first hand in the game of online gaming supremacy News

Sega prepares for the weigh-in against Square and PlayOnline

25 Oct 2001

The future for Dreamcast shapes up as new development program from ChunSoft is announced News

The Dreamcast will live on as developers seek cheaper options

24 Oct 2001

The demise of the Dreamcast and Shenmue 2: Bellfield breaks his silence News

Sleepless nights... our hearts are bleeding. Sega of America boss wriggles

23 Oct 2001

Hands on with Sega GT 2002 for Xbox News

Can Sega topple GT3? Full report inside

22 Oct 2001

Propeller Arena canned! News

Last of the big titles crashes out

22 Oct 2001

Sega leads game company revival on the exchange News

Games bounce back to the relief of shareholders

22 Oct 2001

Cool music promised for Jet Set Radio Future News

It's the music that triggers some kind of response.

19 Oct 2001

Body Parts Wanted News

Don't worry, it's only a game, and in the weeks before release, there are mini-games galore on its website.

17 Oct 2001

Jacko in Space Channel 5: 2 – New Game Details News

Sega of Japan has released new information on its upcoming PlayStation 2 music and rhythm game Space Channel 5 Part 2.

16 Oct 2001

Next Spring Golden for Xbox as Sega Concretes Dates for Killer Apps News

Sega of Japan has today given the first indication of when its hotly anticipated Xbox titles will be complete and ready for release.

16 Oct 2001

Sega sees the last of its hardware reach 10 Million units and Celebrates in Style by Cancelling a plethora of Japanese DC Titles News

Sega of Japan has announced that it will have shipped 10 million Dreamcast units across the world by the end of this month.

16 Oct 2001

Skies of Arcadia for Gamecube Revealed! News

Today Sony, tomorrow the world (well, Nintendo actually).

16 Oct 2001

Microsoft Unstoppable as Arcade Plans are Revealed News

Microsoft and Sega have jointly announced that they will be producing a new arcade system to be released at some point next year.

15 Oct 2001

Shining Soul confirmed for Game Boy Advance News

Sega of Japan has announced that it will be releasing a new game in the Shining Force series for Game Boy Advance called Shining Soul.

15 Oct 2001

Skies of Arcadia Confirmed for PlayStation 2 News

Sega Smilebit has announced that it has begun development of a PlayStation 2 version of its Dreamcast RPG Skies of Arcadia.

15 Oct 2001

New RPG in the works at Sega? News

Shining Force series to be dusted off rumours hit the web...

12 Oct 2001

GameCube Game Boy Advance Sonic link up confirmed! News

Details of latest killer announcement for Sega inside

08 Oct 2001

Pinball of the Dead looking nasty-cool News

How many spin-off games can Sega make from one property? Well, here's another one!

03 Oct 2001

Sega confirms TGS line-up demonstrating its multi-platform prowess in full effect for the first time News

And it will not be the last: Pure quality across all platforms from Sega

27 Sep 2001

WonderSwan update could lead to release in the West? News

Sony and Sega both back Bandai handheld

26 Sep 2001

Videogame share prices continue to fall News

Sell, sell, sell, Buy, buy, buy.

24 Sep 2001

Propeller Arena Gets a New Date News

Chocks away!

20 Sep 2001

Sega 'Isolated Employees' Case Comes to a Close News

You may remember that we reported a while ago on a case from Japan in which Sega employees were suing the company for not letting them do any work.

19 Sep 2001

Sega postpones release of Propeller Arena News

Will this title ever see the light of day?

17 Sep 2001

Famitsu Rates Gamecube Launch Titles with Surprising Results: Luigi Celebrates News

Famitsu, the Japanese gaming bible, has released its scores for the launch line up of Nintendo’s GameCube console.

14 Sep 2001

Dead or Alive producer talks of Virtua Fighter 4 and Tekken 4, slamming Namco News

Battle for real as Tecmo man unleashes shocking attack on competitors

11 Sep 2001

English version of Shenmue 2 complete! News

Dodgy. Voiceacting. Returns. In Yu Suzuki's latest monster. Title.

10 Sep 2001

Sega announces sales projections News

Sega to tripple size in the next three years

10 Sep 2001

Sega share rollercoaster gathers pace: This time on the up! News

Support for Sega as a major software house is evident on the stock market.

07 Sep 2001

New Dreamcast Bundle for the UK News

Dreamcast bundle too good to resist.

31 Aug 2001

Sega Goes Mobile News

Japanese publisher joins forces with wireless multimedia guru.

31 Aug 2001

Sega confirms online development plans with Microsoft News

Sega's knowledge put to the test by Xbox creators

29 Aug 2001

Shenmue 2 ready to roll out in Japan News

Monster game event planned by AM2

29 Aug 2001

Canned Dreamcast game of the day: Candy Stripe News

Another one bites the dust. This time, it's probably for the best

29 Aug 2001

Sega confirms Sonic for GameCube News

Nintendo confident of supremacy over Sega’s finest as Sonic hits the GameCube

22 Aug 2001

Sonic for GameCube about to be unveiled? News

Can Nintendo stand to be upstaged at SpaceWorld?

15 Aug 2001

New Virtual On Force Screens to wet your bed over! News

Big robot basher type game almost complete. Console version as yet unconfirmed

15 Aug 2001

Sega consolidates position as developer, scaling down European operations News

European office safe as Sega president speaks

14 Aug 2001

Phantasy Star servers still under attack as Sonic Team comes out fighting News

Enough is enough as inernational police move to protect game servers

14 Aug 2001

Puyo Puyo! It’s a Japanese Puzzle game! News

Without the fat animal trapper at last!

14 Aug 2001

Sega to go up for sale? Plus: bonus ‘most Japanese quote ever’ inside! News

Credible waffle from the Interweb

14 Aug 2001

Dreamcast price tumbles again. Sega makes it rude not to buy one Stateside News

Yet another price cut Dreamcast in the US. Is Europe next?

13 Aug 2001

Canned Dreamcast title of the day: Commandos 2 News

Not the worst news but still, every cancellation is a body blow to Sega's dying console

09 Aug 2001

ToeJam and Earl for Dreamcast canned News

More bad news for Dreamcast as the strange ones take a platform side step. We are funny sometimes!

08 Aug 2001

Sega confirms two for GameCube at SpaceWorld. Argh! It sounds weird! News

Sega prepares for GameCube launch at SpaceWorld

06 Aug 2001

Tekken 4 to duke it out with Virtua Fighter 4 in Japan News

The battle continues between Sega and Namco

01 Aug 2001

Shenmue to remain Dreamcast exclusive News

The game is too specialised to move platform. Straight from the horses mouth.

01 Aug 2001

Sega boss speaks on Sonic in Melee and Nintendo RPG link News

How easy going is this guy? We like his tongue-slippery!

30 Jul 2001

Dreamcast price to fall again? News

Free Dreamcast in about six months. Only joking!

25 Jul 2001

Virtua Fighter 4 ready to go News

The best looking arcade game ever is gearing up.

25 Jul 2001

Columbine publishers move to quash case News

Trial put into doubt. Poor reason given.

24 Jul 2001

Sega makes more Internet moves, outsourcing online operations News

The future takes shape at Sega

23 Jul 2001

New Monkey Ball Shots! News

Super Monkey Ball, no less!

19 Jul 2001

Virtua Fighter Shenmue 2 disc details emerge News

3D fighting preview free with Shenmue 2

18 Jul 2001

Sega confirms further Dreamcast support News

At last, a bit of good news for a change!

18 Jul 2001

Good news for Music fans as Ferrari F355 Challenge plummets from charts News

Bum rock takes the backseat in music poll

17 Jul 2001

Sega gears up on-line pay to play. A glimpse of the future? News

Counting the cost of on-line play

17 Jul 2001

If you want a Dreamcast, you best get a wriggle on News

The global Dreamcast mountains are running out

16 Jul 2001

Sega confirms new president News

More changes at Sega Europe HQ

28 Jun 2001

Sega and Sony strike a deal as Dreamcast and PlayStation 2 link up News

DC Vs PS2. The war between players has begun

28 Jun 2001

Sega gearing up a pay-to-play model News

PSO version 2 to be subscription based

28 Jun 2001

Biggest selling PS2 game in the States is Sega game News

Good news for Sega, Sony and Us.

28 Jun 2001

Golden Axe and Streets of Rage confirmed for Game Boy Advance News

Sega confirms GBA remakes

26 Jun 2001

More strange Sonic cameos News

It's his birthday so why not?

25 Jun 2001

Sega Games To Be Published By Sony News

Enemies become friends.

21 Jun 2001

Sega’s non-gaming strategy announced News

Cartoons it is!

20 Jun 2001

Iizuka, lead producer of Sonic 2 tells us what it’s all about News

New details for the Blue One's latest

19 Jun 2001

See Crazy Taxi 2 running! New Videos! News

Hitmaker show us the goods!

15 Jun 2001

Sega about to announce something strange? News

Sega to reveal non-gaming related project

11 Jun 2001

Sega consolidates cross platform gaming plans News

See the new "everyone play together" system

06 Jun 2001

Sega talks of online arcades News

Play across the world from you local kebab house!

06 Jun 2001

Japan votes on all time favourite Sega tunes: Oh my god! News

Japan, a country well known for its high musical standards, votes on all-time favourite Sega music...

30 May 2001

Sega talks of GameCube Sonic News

Sega of America talks openly of the future

28 May 2001

Segagaga withdrawn due to name confusion News

Unpleasant name causes outrage

28 May 2001

Sega confirms GameCube strategy News

Sega games on Nintendo platforms is starting to seem normal

24 May 2001

New Super Smash Bros Melee screens News

The GameCube is a wonderful thing

23 May 2001

Sega’s E3: A closed booth and a different attitude News

A new ethos, a new Sega

23 May 2001

Phantasy Star Online for GameCube later this week? News

Now is the time to become a role-playing addict.

14 May 2001

Sega GT for PC! News

On it way to you soon?

07 May 2001

Sega cuts a tenner from Dreamcast game price News

Do you feel guilty yet?

30 Apr 2001

Sega still fully behind Dreamcast announcing show and release list News

Sega shows off its Dreamcast line-up

28 Apr 2001

Sega accused of bullying as twelve employees forced not to work on the job News

Do nothing all day and get paid! work for Sega!

28 Apr 2001

Sega’s Xbox Games Running – See Them Now! News

See the Sega Xbox games running

28 Apr 2001 cuts worry Dreamcast owners News

Is Dreamcast online gaming under threat?

26 Apr 2001

Fantastic New Shenmue 2 details! News

More details from deepest Japan

25 Apr 2001

Sega licenses out Mega Drive games to third party News

Sega endorses Mega Drive in a controller device

25 Apr 2001

Sega reaffirms its commitment to restructure at the expense of staff News

It's not a good time to be working for Sega

24 Apr 2001

Cosmic Smash Too simplistic for European gamers News

We don't care if it looks simplistic, if it plays well.

17 Apr 2001

Sega announces a strange Sonic Advance twist News

Sega games on Nintendo platforms? We could get used to this.

17 Apr 2001

Sega brings Europe up to Speed with Sonic Adventure 2 release News

Sonic 2 to launch everywhere at the same time.

11 Apr 2001

You are all rubbish gamers. It’s official News

You suck and everyone is better than you.

11 Apr 2001

Sega winds down Dreamcast online support News

The beginning of the end...

07 Apr 2001

New DC model for Japan News

Funny old Dreamcast eh?

07 Apr 2001

Sega Announces New President and Chairman News

The world keeps on turning.

30 Mar 2001

Virtua Fighter Vs Tekken is about to Become a Reality News

Strange newspaper happenings in Japan hint at new fighter

29 Mar 2001

Videogame manufacturer league tables published News

The sales have been counted... how did they do?

28 Mar 2001

Daytona European Version will be offline – Confirmed News

Confirmation of Daytona USA 2001 to be offline only

28 Mar 2001

Former Sega Execs form new online gaming company News

New high-bandwidth gaming promised by ex-Sega boss

28 Mar 2001

New Virtua Striker 3 Screens News

More soccer goodness from Sega

28 Mar 2001

Phantasy Star servers under attack News

Evil power hungry hackers try to

28 Mar 2001

Sega’s Crackdown on Virtual Cheats News

No cheats allowed in Phantasy Star

28 Mar 2001

Virtua Fighter 4 screens News

Resist the temptation to sell your Grandmother, resist.

28 Mar 2001

Sega’s E3: A closed booth and a different attitude News

A new ethos, a new Sega

23 Mar 2001

Sega’s E3: A closed booth and a different attitude News

A new ethos, a new Sega

23 Mar 2001

Tetsu Kayama, Sega’s new President talks on revitalising the company News

Sega come up trumps with another top-flight boss

21 Mar 2001

SEGA announces 8 PC games for Tokyo Game Show. News

Sega's support for the PC increases.

20 Mar 2001

Sega President and Benefactor Passes Away At 74 News

A sad day for Sega.

16 Mar 2001

Yu Suzuki Speaks on Virtua Fighter 4 for Dreamcast News

Only if it can handle it is the word.

14 Mar 2001

Shenmue Shows it’s all About Culture. Innit! News

Showy Shenmue racks up a new accolade

13 Mar 2001

Sega comments on Daytona USA 2001 offline shocker News

Sega explains the Daytona mystery

12 Mar 2001

Phantasy Star Online swells in every way News

More to do in the crazy world of Phantasy Star

12 Mar 2001

Crazy Taxi 2 bound for Xbox and GameCube News

But not for PS2?

07 Mar 2001

Sega apologises and Promises something amazing while dusting off the Saturn! News

Sega boss talks of dead and dying consoles with slant on resurrection

28 Feb 2001

Sega backing out of the hardware market? Not on your nelly News

Get singing with new Dreamcast hardware

28 Feb 2001

Sega boss makes massive multi-billion dollar Yen donation to company News

Sega chairman looses arm in deep pockets

28 Feb 2001

Sega slams EA and gives praise to Microsoft News

Sega reply to EA's comments from last week

28 Feb 2001

Europe takes centre stage as Sega and Pace finalise details of set-top DC box News

Full spec on Sega's new set-top box thingy! No discs required!

28 Feb 2001

It’s in the game News

Electronic Arts has every reason to be scared of Sega's sports titles.

28 Feb 2001

Sega to release middleware for PlayStation 2 News

Sega to share it's development tools with other third parties.

28 Feb 2001

Crazy Taxi 2 Screens. First Look News

The nice blokes at Sega have released some screens of the upcoming Dreamcast game Crazy Taxi 2.

27 Feb 2001

AOU Amusement Expo report News

Coin-op leads the way forward in Japan

26 Feb 2001

Sega to Sue K-Mart over unpaid DC bill News

Sega's Dreamcast problems continue to mount

26 Feb 2001

Daytona USA 2001 Will Be Offline Only. Exclusive! News

If you own a Dreamcast, you might not want to read on...

20 Feb 2001

Dreamcast Gets a Break as Unreal Tournament Goes Gold News

It's a royal flush of FPSs on Dreamcast as Unreal Tournament goes gold

19 Feb 2001

European Dreamcast gaming under threat Exclusive News

Online gaming under threat in yet another blow to Sega's loyal fans

19 Feb 2001

In addition to Saturn games to making an appearance on the PlayStation One, Mega Drive games will appear on the Game Boy Advance News

Sega's multi-platform idelogy extends to retro games on next-generation platforms.

17 Feb 2001

Dreamcast to sell for £99.99 – It’s official News

Sega dropped the price of the Dreamcast console today, to less than £100.

15 Feb 2001

K-Project – a Musical Game? News

Sega continue to develop for Dreamcast.

14 Feb 2001

Fantasy or Phantasy ? News

It’s a big time for role-playing fans, as two of the biggest ever get almost simultaneous European launches.

12 Feb 2001

Sega and Square team up News

Sega consultant Tetsu Kayame, has revealed that the company is working with role-playing giants Squaresoft to develop “something huge”.

12 Feb 2001

Sonic gets into bed with Nintendo News

Sega have announced details of their first game for former arch-rival Nintendo’s Game Boy Advance.

12 Feb 2001

The Japan Entertainment Software Awards – the nominees News

Nominees for the 5th CESAs (Computer Entertainment Software Awards) have just been announced in Japan.

12 Feb 2001

Crazy Taxi the movie: Confirmed News

More game movie news...

07 Feb 2001

New Crazy 2 and 3 details emerge News

Sega give out details on cross-platform manic taxiing action. Let's get radical!

06 Feb 2001

Sega announces Game Boy Advance titles in development News

In depth details of the Sega games to grace the amazing Advance.

02 Feb 2001

The very first Sega games for PlayStation 2 announced News

Dance, monkey girl Dance! The Sexy Ulala is to star in Space Channel 5 on the PS2!

01 Feb 2001

Electronic Arts dis Sega’s new strategy News

Electronic Arts has publicy criticised Sega because all of a sudden Sega is a massive threat to them.

01 Feb 2001

Sega’s Stock price Skyrockets News

If only we could go back in time a few weeks and invest millions into Sega.

01 Feb 2001

Price drop announced for American Dreamcast News

Keep your eyes peeled for a bargain as the price of a UK Dreamcast looks set to plummet like a lemming.

31 Jan 2001

The Dreamcast is dead, long live the Dreamcast! News

Pace and Sega bring the set-top dream to life

30 Jan 2001

Virtua Fighter X on Xbox? News

If this turns out to be true sales of the Xbox will skyrocket.

29 Jan 2001

More classic arcade racing from Sega News

Annother Sega racer gaets a Dreamcast update

28 Jan 2001

Sega to release new WWF Royal Rumble Naomi title News

New Naomi WWF title uncovered

28 Jan 2001

Virtua Fighter X to debut at AOU Arcade Show in Tokyo News

The AOU arcade show is a long standing feature of the Japanese gamers’ calendar. The Virtua Fighter series fathered the 3D-fighting genre

28 Jan 2001

New Shenmue 2 information News

Follow-up to the amazing Shenmue to be released in Europe in 2001

28 Jan 2001

Sega commit to further retro gaming News

Dreamcast to get a selection of MegaDrive golden greats

28 Jan 2001

Sega bid farewell to pirates News

New Dreamcast hardware to make piracy harder

28 Jan 2001

New York Times damages Sega’s stock News

Financial speculation about Sega's future causes stock volatility

28 Jan 2001

Sega’s Dreamcast saga: We split fact and fiction News

We bring you THE most conclusive report anywhere on Sega's plans for the future. Also - how this whole mess happened

25 Jan 2001

Some unexpected Dreamcast sequels announced News

New titles for Dreamcast. Way cool dude!

25 Jan 2001

The Dream is Over, The Dreamcast is no more News

A sad day in video game history

24 Jan 2001

Sega to pull a no-show at the TGS News

Sega's snub asks some serious questions

22 Jan 2001

The story goes on…Shenmue 2 News

We have new images of Shenmue 2 taken from the recently released trailer and it looks amazing.

19 Jan 2001

A Dreamcast in a PC? News

Sega has intentions of shrinking the Dreamcast architecture and placing it on PC PCI cards.

12 Jan 2001

GameGear to resurface? News

Will we see the GameGear on our shelves once again?

11 Jan 2001

Sega’s broadband adapter hits America News

High bandwidth for the Yanks a reality

11 Jan 2001

Japan sells out of broadband adapters for Dreamcast News

Broadband goes well in Japan, but yet to come to the UK.

09 Jan 2001

Phantasy Star On-line sooner than expected News

On-line role playing game bucks long established industry tradition and hits the shelves early.

09 Jan 2001

Sega Dreamarena Offers Hope To The Opel-Less News

Get your mind racing and win a Vauxhall VX220.

22 Dec 2000

Sega Europe CEO quits News

Internal management reshuffle imminent

18 Dec 2000

Jet Set Radio Ban In Milwaukee? News

Council passes resolution asking Sega to cancel graffiti game release.

15 Dec 2000

Political Satire Goes Interactive With Ready 2 Rumble Boxing: Round 2 News

Players won't be using joysticks to outwit each other in a debate over the surplus. Think boxing gloves. Think the President and First Lady.

28 Nov 2000

Happy Birthday Dreamcast! News

Sega Europe is proud to announce that Dreamcast, its record breaking, next generation, online gaming console has reached all first year sales targets.

13 Oct 2000

ChuChu Rocket! And The Luck Of The Irish News

Ireland Conquers all online at The European ChuChu Rocket! Final

21 Sep 2000

ECTS Award Winners Announced News

The winners of the most prestigious awards in the European interactive entertainment industry were announced in London yesterday at ECTS.

05 Sep 2000

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